Free Update to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - PvP Versus Mode arrives tomorrow.

Free Update to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - PvP Versus Mode arrives tomorrow.
Free Update to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - PvP Versus Mode arrives tomorrow.

Interestingly, this was just a major theme of the recent AMA with the devs.

One of the goals of the AMA was so the devs could get feedback of what features people would like to see, and the top two ideas were a level editor, and PVP. I wonder if they were working on this already and just finished as a coincidence or if they actually changed their development priorities based on community feedback.

I do have to give the devs props. They made an amazing game that respects the IP of two vastly different properties and combines them in a way that makes both better. I don't think anyone expected this game to be as good as it is when the concept of "Rabbids x Mario RPG" leaked earlier this year.

They must have had it nearly ready, the AMA was like last week and I doubt they made the entire mode in a week. Nintendo's certification for an update takes longer than that alone.

Game just dropped to $40 MSRP too.

Which surprised me until I remembered that it's technically and Ubi title and not Nintendo.

I mean it was 2 months ago but that's pretty close to a week!

It....actually was a week ago. I was actually like the person above you and had thought it was much longer ago. Time is weird.

The MSRP didn't drop, it's just on sale at a few stores

There was definitely an AMA with Davide Soliani shortly after the game came out. There was also a feedback thread a week ago.

EDIT: Here is the original AMA thread:

Maybe I'm mixing things up. Could swear it was either this week or last week they were asking the community for feedback or something like that on the switch sub?

Wow this is all I ever wanted for this game! Single Player is already awesome, but multiplayer wasn't so hot. Now it gets the awesome multiplayer. I think now this game is a must have, not only an awesome Single Player game

One of the 3 games i'd consider getting a switch for right now (the other 2 being mario and zelda of course)

I think the answer lies somewhere in between your answer and /u/duffking 's answer. I frequent that sub alot and PvP has always easily been the most requested feature of M+R. I'm sure the devs knew this and held the AMA knowing what answers they would get.

I'm pretty sure publishers get to put their own games on sale though, even if first-party games rarely goes on sale.

Stuff like this is making me appreciate Ubisoft more. They still suffer from plenty AAA publisher problems, but they try; more than you can say of most companies these days.

Anyone adamant about buying from the eShop should really get comfortable with paying more since Nintendo feels sales diminish the value of games.

It's nice that you aren't required to have Mario in your party and that you don't have to have a rabbid in your party.

Thank god, I started to think I was going crazy. My search-fu failed me and I could only find the feedback thread. Thanks!