[Free Talk Friday]

[Free Talk Friday]

What's the craic?

Should have known today's FFT would be chaos

There's now about 5 and a half hours to Jose Mourinho's press conference. In that time, we can watch the Yanmar Despacito video about 232 times.

Well that was a delightful slumber.

A vehicle i'd recommend is the new Sanchez F5. It's in high demand currently and pretty reliable too.

Get back on that F5 button lad

Have you considered getting the new YANMAR tractor?

Started my first (not badly paid) job a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying. I’ve always had really bad anxiety when it comes to jobs but I don’t with this! Also looking to get a new(ish) car, any recommendations?

Tough competition for muppet of the transfer window award.

We all know that there's only one way Sanchez can top Mata's helicopter signing arrival - let him arrive riding a Yanmar tractor with Despacito playing in the background.


Implying he didn't pass out with his finger still on it

Just want to say, it's been an honour F5'n with you lads. Hope we get it resolved today.

I just going to leave this here, that my mate sent me. Dunno where he got it


Takes awhile to get one.



We're getting one delivered in from London. It's second hand, but the previous owner didn't do that much with it anyway.

Landlord decided yesterday that the whole flat needs freshening up (which it does) with new bathroom, flooring throughout, electric updated, ceilings dropped for new lighting, pretty much everything. Like a muppet I just nodded my head and grinned glad that it's costing him and not me.

Then last night painters, joiners, electricians and even a roofer started calling wanting to come out today. So now i'll probably have to find somewhere else to live for a couple of weeks while it's all done and quick fucking smart. I'm such an idiot sometimes, it never even occurred to me to ask him when he planned on starting lol.

Oh and... Sanchez.

Only in Rojo.

Only in a bare chested Rojo.




Just checked and apparently he doesn't have to provide the accommodation, it just says the "Landlord may provide". It does however say "refund you the cost of any alternative accommodation" and that i don't have to pay rent on the period it's unlivable.

I don't expect any problems from him mind you. He had another company looking after the place for a couple of years who were absolute murder to get anything done, they'd say they'd send someone round to fix whatever it was needing fixing then no one would show up and I had to keep chasing them sometimes for months. He got rid of them and just sorts stuff out himself nowadays, if i have a problem he shows up an hour later to check it then has someone out by the next day. As landlords go i probably couldn't get better.

Been here going on 11 years and still never had a rent increase either. Going by the price of the other flats here he could be getting 50-75% ish more but seems more concerned with keeping tennants that are no hassle. Can't complain.

I need this deal to wrap up soon so I can get some work done! Haven't done a single thing at work except f5, shuffle papers then say fuck it and f5 again lol

Pls don't fire me

Quick maffs

If your place isn't habitable while the landlord getting all this work done, don't they need to provide you with other accomadation? Like not your fault your house now a building site