Frank's Best Cross-Eyed Blep

Frank's Best Cross-Eyed Blep

This is pure beauty.

His eyes are beautiful.

His blep is adorable! Teeny tiny bleps are the best bleps.

Genuine rapture right here


He's the dorkiest of our three, but the most loving and accepting cat we've ever known. We call him "The Ambassador". Anyone new, be it a person, dog or cat, he will try to befriend. He's never hurt any other cat out of anger, pride or need to be the alpha. He just loves.

Don't tell anyone I have favorites, but this dorky, ADD little boy is mine. He can't sit still for long. He must lick when you pet him. He licks his legs till the fur is bare, but he's the sweetest beast in fur I've ever met.

How very siamese of him.

Oh, I love him. This picture is amazing.

Awww he sounds so sweet, you're lucky to have such a lovely cat

Awww, you see what I see. He can't see straight, but he's so loving and sweet to all he meets, it's just an endearing quality that makes me love him more. When he bleps, my heart melts.