Frankie Muniz discusses memory loss, says he doesn’t remember ‘Malcolm in the Middle’

Frankie Muniz discusses memory loss, says he doesn’t remember ‘Malcolm in the Middle’
Frankie Muniz discusses memory loss, says he doesn’t remember ‘Malcolm in the Middle’

Listen to what Bryan Cranston said:

“I told him not to worry about what you remember and what you don’t remember,” said Cranston, 61. “They’re still your experiences. That will be my job. I will tell him, ‘Remember this? Remember that from ‘Malcolm’? What a life for you!’”

Between him and Muniz's girlfriend writing things down for him it sounds link Muniz has some good people around him.

TIL Frankie Muniz has forgotten massive parts of his life and hasn't bothered to seek medical attention about it.

Remember that time you forgot 6 years of your life and have to keep track of major life events by having your wife write a diary for you?

Yes? Then get that fucking checked. No? Then you forgot forgetting and should still get it checked.

Doctor calling you crazy? Go to another doctor. Crazy isn't even a medical term doctors should be using. Perhaps you thought you remembered going to the doctor but it was actually homeless Ted screaming at you from across the street because he thought you were about to set off a neutrino bomb hidden in your coffee.

I don't know why, but this really upsets me. Not angry upset, but sad upset. Frankie is one of the few actors responsible for one of the funniest and most amazing shows that has ever been made. It saddens me deeply that he doesn't remember his part in it.

God I love Bryan Cranston.

When asked if he remembered any filming of the series, he replied:

"Yes, no... maybe. I don't know. Can you repeat the question?"

He is the one who reminds

Muniz told People he hasn’t seen doctors about the memory loss. “I’m not a doctor person,” he said. “Every time I go to the doctors they just tell me I’m crazy.”

No, you're not going to doctors because you're afraid of what you are going to find out, just like millions of other Americans.

Maybe I'm just being insensitive here, but I really have a hard time sympathizing with people that self diagnose and report severe symptoms and do absolutely nothing about it.

If I'm going to give Steve Jobs shit for thinking homeopathic medicine would cure cancer, I'm going to give Frankie Muniz shit for having more than a dozen mini-strokes and not bothering to see a doctor.

*ITT anecdotes from people using bad experience with doctors as justification the entire medical industry is corrupt, completely worthless and there is no reason to seek medical treatment or have second opinions if something is bothering you.

Cranston: “remember when I loaned you $20?” Free 20s for the rest of Cranston’s life! But seriously, what an incredibly nice thing to say to someone. It’s very comforting.

Transient Ischemic Attacks are nothing to fool with. He seriously needs to stop the attitudes and find a doctor fast. TSA’s can kill. His attitude is foolish.

Why not get a brain scan to check for a tumour?

I've had 2 confirmed concussions but I'm pretty sure it's 3-4. I have problems remembering anything earlier than high school. I'm definitely and different person because of them.

Concussions suck.

I'm betting that the doctor referred him to a psychologist and/or suggested putting him on an antidepressant, and he's boiled that down in his head to "they just said I'm crazy". That could very well be part of routine diagnosis and treatment, especially if he's going through memory loss and likely has other complications as a result of these concussions and mini strokes. But I'm sure the doctors were not just dismissive about it, as he's implying.

That being said, I've sought treatment for what is clearly an autoimmune condition (still can't get a specific diagnosis, but at least now they agree that there's something wrong and it's autoimmune). I dealt with truly dismissive doctors for years, so I do understand the frustration. I've had doctors refer me to psychologists and other specialties (once speech therapy) for chronic pain, years ago before things like fibromyalgia were known. Nowadays, instead of psych referrals I get shrugs and a fibromyalgia diagnosis from the lazy doctors because that's easy and can't be disproven, but back then I was just a young kid with no insurance that everyone thought was trying to get out of school, and I lived in a place with notoriously bad medical care. I was legitimately dismissed. I understand the frustration and I know what it's like to be dismissed, and I absolutely sympathize with other people that experience this. But severe memory loss following trauma and mini strokes, in a young man that probably has decent insurance? Those doctors are going to take that seriously, and that's going to include evaluating his brain, both medically and psychologically. He just doesn't like what he's hearing.

Just keep Bryan away from his girlfriend.

We know what he does to girlfriends who occupy too much of his protege's time.

Well. He was going to go to the doctor, but forgot

Memory is a funny thing. I'm over 50, have had no brain traumas, and scarcely remember much of high school or prior. I think that, even with a non-injured brain, we forget a lot. I suppose the memories are filed away somewhere in my brain but accessing them doesn't come naturally. I don't think I could name more than a handful of teachers I'd had in all my years of schooling.

Yeah, he said he had like 9 concussions and a series of mini-strokes, TIAs. Or something like that.

Remember when that drug dealer killed your wife and gave you anterograde amnesia? I have this photo of the guy...

He says it’s from multiple concussions and trauma.

I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi Mark!

You're goddamn... er, line?

Not sure why people have rose colored glasses for her, but she sent Jessie down a dark spiral of addiction. Walt was selfish in his motives, but she was bad news for Jessie.

Memory problems like this often lead to depression, which can make a patient more fatalistic.

Not to this remember you went to high school right? Some vague memories of your classmates or teachers, a path you used to take, maybe just the trees you remember. But you remember something, not this void of years in your life with no recollection of anything

I thought he was enjoying his 30 million and dissing on a kid living in his parent's basement?

He drove race cars for a while. Did he crash a few times or something?

Just because he doesn't remember everything, that doesn't mean he doesn't remember anything.

Is this not normal? I have very few specific, firm memories of my life even from ~10 years ago. I have almost no specific memories of my life from 20 years ago, only general fuzzy thoughts.

-edit- and by fuzzy thoughts, I mean like I remember facts, but not details. I remember I went to school, I remember I enjoyed playing tennis and video games, I remember who my friends were. But I have no specific detailed memory of anything happening in school. I don't have any specific memory of playing tennis or games. I don't have any specific memory of anything I did with my friends hanging out.

He sounds like the guy from Memento.

I met Frankie Muniz in a small bar he was playing a show at. He sat in a dark corner talking to two druuuunk girls. My girlfriend and I tried to buy him a beer and introduce ourselves. He told us to fuck off and keep our poor money to ourselves. Fuck Frankie Muniz.

Life is unfaaaiiiirrrr....

She was bad for business

I'm sure that the TSA can kill, but I think you meant *TIA.

Yeah, I mean that's the point. They were co-dependent

People are all like, it was a morally right choice since he did it to save Jesse.

He let one druggie die so the other one could help him to keep selling drugs.

I mean, I'd have probably told you to fuck off too.

That was also a move to save Jessie's life. HE went full on junkie because of her. Jessie was going to wind up the same we she did and Walt did what he had to do. Not that it justifies what he did but that is part of the reason behind what he did.

Isn’t like the first thing you should do after you get a concussion be to see a doctor? Seems like some of this is from his own hubris. “Oh that concussion was bad! You should stop driving race cars and other risky activities!” “Imma do it anyways” “You’re crazy” “I will never go to the doctor again!”

I just turned 31. For about 2 weeks after I got my last concussion (I was 25 i think) I completely forgot I had bought a car. I definitely got scrambled.

wasn't she clean before Jesse showed up? wasn't jesse her problem?

Also a gilded comment from when this was posted a day or two ago.

I'm glad we can repeat this joke 100 times in this thread.

My uncle's car was hit by a train when he was in his 20's. He suffered a tramautic brain injury and was in a coma for 3 months. After he woke up he could remember all his college work up to the accident but couldn't learn anything new after. He spent the rest of his life living like a 20 year old 1960's college student and mostly kept to himself. After he died a few years ago my sister and I had to clean out his condo. There were notes to himself all over the walls and cabinets. Simple things like daily tasks, when to pay bills, appointments. You didn't understand how bad his memory was until you saw how he had to remind himself to do just about anything.

If he had not shown up she would've remained laying on her side and would've puked without choking. He pushed her and she rolled over on her back.

And Jessie was bad news for her. They were dependent.

Maybe she could have gotten clean too and lead a better life?

He needs to go see a doctor...

This is possible. Skimmed through the AMA and a lot of it doesn't involve any specific memories. Then he's asked about his favorite scene and says,

So when we filmed it, they expected I would hit some pins, so they told me to act like I didn't hit anything after the throw. So we filmed it, and I say the line and I throw the ball and I literally didn't hit a single pin. You can kind of see me smirk a little bit, ya know what I mean, cuz I was so excited that i actually missed the pins - and they used it because they would never get another take where I missed them all and then I stormed off.

So he does seem to have at least some very specific memories of filming the show unless his memory has faded in two years.

It saddens me deeply that he doesn't remember his part in it.

At least he has the benefit of having tapes (including outtakes, interviews, etc.) of his life at that point. He might not remember, be he can re-exprience a lot of it and learn what kind of person he was then.

Relevant: Conan's concussion while live:

Scary stuff

Not op but I have huge empty spaces. I attribute it to not having a strong emotional bond to the memories or strong emotional cues that make me recollect them.

The 2 aren't really related... not sure why he had tias at such a young age but they don't necessarily follow from repeat brain trauma. He could be having little seizures that look like TIAs or he has some underlying disorder causing tias. 9 significant concussions in a short period could definitely cause memory problems. But if the tias are real there is some other process going on.

This is absolutey true. Usually if you have even a slightly decent doctor you can just ask "can we run some tests just to be sure?" And they'll be happy to give you an MRI and send you to a few specialists. I got that and I have a low tier hmo. This guy is a multi millionaire, so he could get it looked into it he wanted to.

Sure, some doctors clearly don't trust or care about you or think they know better. But they're not the ones who have a problem they have to live with. Make them so their jobs, it's YOUR body.

Which one? I forgot.

I was a passenger in a car accident that made me forget my address for several hours. The medics somehow got me to sign a paper to waive treatment during my concussion. I got home and discovered I couldn't receive benefit from the insurance of the driver at fault because of the paper I signed when I was a near vegetable.

Don't believe his lies.

I'd give more shit to the people around him. There's some serious enabling going on.

Other than purposefully letting her die?

Nine concussions and mini-strokes? Are the strokes causing the concussions via falling?

It’s almost like 2 years is a lot of time for issues to develop after 9 concussions and the occasional mini-strokes

That scene really angered me. Of course I'm sure that's the reaction the director was going for, but still.

I've recently gone back and rewatched the series on Netflix now that I'm an adult. It's hilarious.

Yeah she rolled over while he was trying to shake Jesse awake

The weirdest thing happened when I got home from the hospital after the first one. You know how your friends houses have a certain smell but you wouldn't be able to describe how your own house smells? When I got home I immediately noticed that my house smelled completely different, like I was in a strangers house. It took about a month before I got back to normal.

I also felt really uncomfortable in my bed for a few days and slept on the couch. Concussions are awful.

Dude that sucks, but seriously, see a fucking doctor.

Muniz told People he hasn’t seen doctors about the memory loss.

Oh, hey Johnny. What's up?

I think he is somewhat full of crap about the doctor thing. He is a wealthy celebrity who wants a doctor to treat him. Doctors work for this thing called money, I saw it once in my youth but with this you can buy goods and services. People with lots of money are called rich. When a rich person wants a doctor to do something, he gives them money and they do it (within reason, tests are definitely in the realm). I know a handful of doctors and not one of them will turn someone away who wants harmless tests done. It makes good money for little effort and if he wanted treatment he could get it.

What I really think is happening is he has a mental disorder related to his memory loss and strokes. He is actively avoiding doctors because he doesn't want to find out he has something much worse than he has seen. I totally get this and cannot blame him but I don't see a bunch of doctors saying "you're crazy". At the very least they would happily run some MRI's and such too see if there were a physical issue. He isn't joe the homeless guy, he is Frankie Muniz, famous millionaire. He could get treatment if he had no issues let alone one that they could find.

I am not a fan of Frankie but he seems like a very nice guy and I have heard nothing bad about him so I wish him luck in both the rest of his life and any treatment he may undergo. I would hate not remembering years of my life, especially at such a young age.

You make some points but on the whole I disagree, some doctors are too quick to just label things as anxiety and send you on your way

After thinking on it, and reading where someone else in this thread mentioned that his concussions were due to car racing, I can't help but wonder if a doctor recommended that he quit racing and told him, "if you continue to do this, you're crazy".

It's interesting that in the article he says that he hasn't seen a doctor because they just tell him he's crazy. That doesn't track. He either: 1) saw a doctor and was dismissed or heard something he didn't like, or 2) hasn't seen a doctor and assumes they'll just tell him he's crazy. I still suspect that he was referred to a psychologist, probably for a legitimate reason related to either his memory loss or other mental health issues, and didn't want to pursue that part of treatment.

What the the fuck happened in Malcom in the Middle after the first few seasons? Jeez, I remember it being a light hearted family comedy with an edge.

It sounds like this shit got dark faster than That 70s Show.

A person with a concussion is not in the best position to make rational decisions. The same goes for other conditions that affect the thinking process.

I don't think I've had any concussions, but I really don't remember much of my childhood. Like, I'll get flashes here and there, but I'd say everything below 16-ish is a blur.

It kind of feels like my memory had a lossy data compression algorithm run on it... I can't remember very many instances or moments, but I have a general understanding of what the average of those moments was like.

TSA can totally kill you, if they wanted to.

They guy is worth $40 million

He can afford to find a good doctor.

he can be all three

That's technically correct, but the reason he wanted to save Jesse is because he needed someone to work with who he could always feel superior to. It's why he insisted on bringing Jesse into the lab over Gale (the perfect assistant) and the reason why he always belittled Jesse even when Jesse started to become a good meth cook in his own right.

Doesn’t seem to have much trouble remembering filming then. Publicity stunt?

Yeah, he even said that sometimes memories pop back into his mind on occasion.

Maybe thats thr only shot he remembers from it.

My multiple sclerosis went unidentified for over 15 years because I was dismissed over and over. Severe muscle and nerve pain? You just want drugs, get out of here. Seizure-like crying fits and horrifically intense panic attacks? Whoa there, crazyhead, looks like you got some of that borderline personality disorder stuff! Just find some bootstraps and stop being anxious and it'll all be fine.

Turns out that I have lesions on my brain-meat that make my body do weird things, like feel pain/muscle tightness, or cry for an hour while terrified out of my mind because a stray electrical impulse tickled one of my frayed neurons just right. By the time someone gave me an MRI and found the sclerosis on my brain, I had pretty much given up on getting medical help and was waiting for my brain to finally fry itself to a crisp inside my skull and kill me.

Well thats fucked up


Oh you have massive memory loss for some reason.

Don't worry. I'll just write stuff down for you.

Except trauma-induced carotid, vertebral, and basilar artery dissections which can definitely cause brain ischemia. There are several doctors who believe adults should not even ride roller coasters due to the forces applied to these tissues while on the ride.

You have an MRI

Here's his AMA a couple of years ago.

i mean there’s obviously something wrong with his brain

i wouldn’t expect total rationality in dealing with the problem

Can someone link to another article or something that website has a massive drop down advertising the story I'm trying to read. It takes up half the screen on a phone.

You have no idea why he's not going to doctors, but what he says may well be true. People with mental issues frequently get their health concerns dismissed by doctors because so many symptoms can be explained by anxiety or other mental issues. It's reasonable to think he really is not going to doctors because at this point he expects any concerns will just be dismissed.

Can you go after the parademics for forcing you to refuse treatment under duress?

Wait fucking really????????! I completely missed that shit.

But it's not like he deliberately tried to kill her.

Maybe he didn't plan on it ahead of time, but he deliberately let her die.

He knew what was happening.

Well, as they always say:

Life is unfairrrrrr.

Nearly every time Walt intervenes in Jesse's life, he is dragging Jesse back into his business or saving him from a crisis Walt created. Walt ruined many chances for Jesse to go off and live in peace. Jesse's life had problems outside of Walt, but Walt is the abyss.

Conan slipped during a skit and hit his head and forgot who he was and couldn't read text or knew the year

Yeah, it's been a while since I've seen it but, iirc, Gale was quite obviously being groomed as Walter's more easily cowed replacement.

everything below 16-ish is a blur

Wait is that not the case for most people? Can people really remember extended memory from when they were say, 11? Because I've got nothin.

I'm 32 and remember very little from high school. I remember some things I did outside of school but what happened during school time is basically little more than a blur for me. I probably remember about five events and can name about five teachers at the best.

To be fair, you were cockblocking his threesome.

You jerk. /s

I thought he wanted Gale out because he was too inquisitive and he was worried about his work being stolen again.

Quick, someone show him the Punk'd episode where it turned out he's a major douchebag IRL!

I feel like he saw Jesse as a son, more relatable than Walt Jr. He never seemed close to his own son. The only time there seemed to be any kind of bonding moment was when he bought those fancy cars for him. I imagine he couldn't relate to his own son anymore.

If by stuck it out you mean "had to be taken to the ER screaming in hysterics and muttering about my brain being on fire, oh god, it hurts" then yes, I stuck it out and the system came through in the end.

Krysten Ritter is never bad for business...

Nine concussions and a bunch of "mini strokes", no worries it's just "how his brain is".

Considering that it seems to have started in 2012, probably not.

Plus, google tells me he's 5 foot 5? That's pretty short for a guy but not circus freak short, seems within the bounds of normal.

I mean it did give us Bryan Cranston, so there's a plus.