Frankie Edgar talks injury ahead of UFC 218, return to action: 'I almost wish it was a torn MCL or a torn shoulder or something where I could just put a fucking shot in there and get through it, but there’s nothing I can do about it'

Frankie Edgar talks injury ahead of UFC 218, return to action: 'I almost wish it was a torn MCL o...

I 100% believe that Frankie would never pull out unless there was absolutely zero chance of him being able to fight with any injury he sustained, which makes it all the more painful to lose this fight. For his sake and my sake as a Frankie fan, I hope Max beats Aldo again so Frankie can have his shot as soon as he’s recovered, and I have no desire for him to fight his kryptonite for a third time.

Top-5 toughest fighters of all time. I'm interested in what y'all think. Frankie's gotta be there, right?

Yeah iirc he tore his MCL and had to get an epidural in his back before the fight.

That fight really did hit pretty much all the boxes for a typical Frankie fight. Came into the fight with an injury, got a broken nose, got knocked down, pulled off a big slam takedown, showed tonnes of heart and as always, fought a much bigger guy.

I’m biased because Frankie’s my favourite fighter but I’d put him at #1. Most heart in the sport easily.

didn't he fight Stephens with a partially torn knee or something ridiculous

This is such a shame, him vs Holloway was one of the best matchups of the year. There's no guarantee they'll still give him the shot when he comes back either, he might have to face the winner of Cub-Ortega in a title eliminator.

Stephens made him look like a bantamweight which he probably could be

Crazy that he was the lightweight champ.

"Halo famer" made me laugh more than it probably should.

100%. You probably need to bring a prison shank in the octagon to finish him.

Bisping is up there too

I definitely don't put him over Frankie, but seeing him go out and win the 4th with blood pissing out of his face from that knee was pretty exceptional.

Fractured orbital bone

Oh a 100%. It was his Destiny, my man.

Faber fought a fight with two broken hands.

I was going to guess knitting but you're probably right.

Especially facing guys like Gray Maynard, they looked liked 2 weight classes apart.

And 5 rounds with one leg, but he the anti TAM circle jerk negates that apperantly.

Future Halo famer, easy.

I think unless Aldo wins, Frankie will still be getting that shot when he returns.

Pettis and Wonderboy are two dudes who you don't consider "tough" but who are undeniably so. Wonderboy gutting out of that guillotine and getting rocked in the first Woodley fight but never looking to quit...pretty amazing. Dude is SUPER gutsy, even though on the surface you think "point karate fighter from a great family -- not a warrior."

Don't forget how he looked against Benson too. I gotta suppose at least 20-25 lbs apart.

This will literally be the first year since he began his career is 2005 that he won't fight at least twice.

I believe he wanted to fight.

Assuming Holloway wins, I really hope they do Frankie a solid and give him another shot.

Did he ever disclose what the injury was the forced him out?

Frankie never fails to answer the Call of Duty

Im like wtf is a prison shark lmao

Bispings entire career is defined by heart, he lost every big fight of his career before his title win and he still kept going, he's not a monster and still has the most wins in ufc history, because he simply won't give up, that's real heart

Sense of achievement.

Getting punched or kicked in the face probably.

Man, I love Edgar, time to go watch Edgar versus Maynard 2 and 3 again.

There’s no reason for Frankie to drop down since he’s easily one of the 2-3 best in the division. But tell me I’m not the only one who’d love to see Frankie vs Cody, TJ, or Cruz.


The only reason he's never too underweight come weight ins is because of his massive balls

Frankie is the fucking man

you are not the only one

orbital bone

Ah, alright. So it was an injury we all are familiar with. "Facial injury" was such a weird choice of words in the original announcement.

Sir prison sharks are an endangered, minority, population. Please don't ignore their existence.