Frances, whom I got when I was 13 years old (I'm now 34) enjoys a good Blep every now and then.

Frances, whom I got when I was 13 years old (I'm now 34) enjoys a good Blep every now and then.

Your cat is 21?! Wow!!

Not unheard of. That's about 100 in human years.

BTW, I wonder why their fur is all over the place like that on old cats. I guess it happens because they don't have the energy to groom themselves, but I'd like to imagine it's because of their skin having turned all weathered and old. Like the face of an old Shaolin Master.

My grandparents had a cat that lived to be 26. Oldest the vet had ever seen. Poor thing was literally skin and bones with some tufts of fur here and there. Still friendly and happy as could be till the day he died. RIP Elroy.

Frances does not groom herself properly, no. She gets knots in the fur on her belly often and I have to cut them out. She is on medication for her thyroid, but the vet says she is in great health. Thanks for all the kind words. I'll be sure to read each of them to her when I get home this afternoon.

Awww, I love Frances.

It depends. My parents have one who turned 19 in July. She still takes pretty good care of herself. However, she's a bit senile and seems confused sometimes. But she still eats and likes to be held and we're hoping she makes it to 20.

I know that feeling. My old lady cat passed away last year. After 17 years of her sleeping on my stomach, I had a hard time going to sleep for a long time.... I even catch myself putting my right hand down and snapping while I draw on my computer every so often, as that would always call her to my side and jump on my lap.

She had me well trained!

Take every day to tell Frances how much you love her, and her blep, and her friendship. These days are precious.

I think the barbs on their tongues start to dull with age (they don't regrow properly) so they can't "brush" their hair any more.