France outlaws texting while driving, even when you’re at a red light

France outlaws texting while driving, even when you’re at a red light

From Canada - is this not already law everywhere else?!

It is in Australia

Misleading title, and poor article.

It is already illegal to text while driving in France, and has been so for years and years like in most other western countries.

This article relates, I think, to a very recent court decision that interpreted the law as meaning that it is illegal to text or call even if the car is stopped and the engine is turned off as long as the car is on the road and not on a designated parking space.

I.e., it isn't allowed to stop on the side of the road, turn the engine off, then call/text. One has to find an actual parking space, park, turn the engine off then call/text. Or just get out of the car.

That’s....really dumb. What if you pulled to the side of the road for an emergency? You have to exit the car to make/receive the call? I get the red light part, but if the engine is off what the fuck is gonna happen?

Its a shame common sense has to be legislated.

even when you're at a red light

How would that make a difference? You're still driving the car.

And widely ignored.

Not by police. It is heavily enforced. But yeah people especially the young seem to not care. Actually it's been a long time since I have seen a young person driving without looking at their phone.

I'd have to wonder about other stopped-car behavior as well. Are you no longer allowed to grab something from the back seat? Reprogram your car clock? You really just have to sit there and stare at the light? I don't see how it's dangerous to be stopped for a moment when the light turns green. Seems a problem that could be fixed by a small honk from stopped drivers behind you.

I think in some countries you are allowed to check your phone at a red light. That is a relevant difference to the title.

Nope, also people dont care? here in FLorida I had a truck tailgating me at the highway on the left lane at about 70 to 80mph. and he had his phone on his face, i let him pass by moving to the right lane and the guy was still with the phone in one hand on his face in front of him and he kept going and changing lanes like mad.

I fear people more than any mechanical failure that might happen to my old car.

I think the law isn't really for those situations. It's to stop people randomly pulling over for non emergencies just to answer a phone. Pulling over to the side of a busy road is a hazard, in an emergency it's unavoidable, but you don't want people doing it all the time for no reason.

You don't have a horn to tap?

Blow jobs still ok, tho.

In Canada, it's definitely enforced. not that i would know

I think the difference is that texting and driving laws are legislated because it’s dangerous. When the car is not moving, texting ceases to be dangerous making this law seemingly one of convenience or revenue generation. Ok if constituents want that, but it does seem counterintuitive if the goal is simply safety.

Who cares, we have safety. Who needs reason or convenience?

That was exactly my reaction. Its been around 10 years now?

Edit: comfirm 10 years

The law is about being at a red light. You can try to pretend like you actually think texting at a red light is dangerous if you want. I’m not going to pretend with you.

That’s what the horn is for dude

I stopped checking my phone at red lights when I realized that I'd start going the instant I noticed it was time to move. If I caught a green light out of the corner of my eye or if I saw the car in front of me move, I'd put my foot on the gas.

The problem is that there's a half-second I have no idea how the situation's changed since I looked down at my phone. The most obvious danger I can think of would be a pedestrian crossing in front of me. I would definitely hit him because I'm not taking the time to scan the area.

Now, of course, I could remember to look around before I start moving, but reminding myself to remember something has never been one of my strengths.

That's really funny

Being in control of a car does not automatically make texting dangerous. If you can find any studies that claim texting while the foot is on the brake at a standstill is dangerous, please share them.

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Already in place in Canada, pretty simple, if driving no texty.

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I hope this becomes law and heavily enforced in the US. I'm tired of sitting 3-4 cycles at stoplights because idiots in front of me are too busy swiping through their feeds.

I think this is already the law where I live (Ontario) - you can't text if the engine is running.

Pretty much in place across the country

Hate it when they do it at a protected turn lane, when it really is important they get moving before the light turns red again