FPS drops after White Noise

FPS drops after White Noise

We have received many reports about FPS drops after the deployment of Operation White Noise.

After requesting PC specs and additional information to affected players, the team has been constantly working to find the root of the issue but we still need more cases and info to be able to reproduce this problem consistently.

We are looking specifically for players that use desktop PC's at the moment.

Version of Windows:

If using Windows 10, is Fullscreen Optimization on or off:

*Keep in mind that if you updated Windows recently, fullscreen optimization could have been enabled automatically.

V-Sync Enabled:



Please submit a support ticket here with your DxDiag and gamesettings.ini. After you have done this, provide us with your ticket number so that we can pull the logs more quickly and get them sent to our Devs that are managing this issue.

I had some constant fps drops before the white noise update and they happened after I installed nvidias latest driver. Couldn‘t play white noise but I already had these fps drops in Blood Orchid with the last driver nvidia released last week Maybe this could be it?

My support ticket # is 05535066.

I've found out that changing the Display setting from "Borderless" (Which is the one I've always used) to "Fullscreen" then back to "Borderless" after loading into a map fixes the low framerate and awful stuttering for the duration that the game is open, as in, I don't get the framerate issues again when loading into a new map or leaving a match, going back into the menu then loading a new map again.

It's only a temporary fix, though, as the FPS issues are back until you change the Display settings again if you quit the game then start it again.

Windows 10 is not the root cause, I'm on Windows 7 and still have this issue, and I didn't do any Windows updates recently. The only update I've done is download the White Noise patch.

Win 7 64 bit, Vsync OFF. Geforce 1060, Intel i5 2500K. Never dropped below 60 before the patch, now I fluctuate between 25 and 60 with reduced settings. With the same settings the game almost dropped to single digits the first and only time I've tried it.

i dont think so , i felt my game freezing for almost a full second numerous times last night , got better when i turned the AMD drivers recorder off , but it was still there and only hapenned after the lastest update, white noise.

100% CPU usage bug got worst?

Yes Huge Difference Of Fps.. i was Getting 210-250fps Now I am Getting 110-150-180 Flactuating too much. But I cant Feel no lag as Before.. Before Update CPu Usage was 70-80% now CPU usage 55-65% Max Reach TO 70% now..

Windows 10 full screen optimization? Im on the latest update and never heard of that, same as game dvr?

For those who are wondering how to disable Full Screen Optimisation.

How to disable Full Screen Optimisation.

One is enough to push that at 1080p

The game ran better for most people pre BO honestly, I think all they need to do is take that into consideration but maybe I'm wrong

I say better in terms of stability and general framerates