Fox/Disney Rumor Megathread

Fox/Disney Rumor Megathread

Use this thread to discuss all rumors/posts/news about a possible Fox deal. All other threads (except for a confirmation post that it's actually happening) will be removed.


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Thank you Jesus, this exists.

heres my theory ... Captain America dies ...and becomes the HUMAN TORCH eh eh??? hire me marvel!

From my thread from last night

Copy Pasted, and this is very important:

Disney/Fox merger may foreclose anywhere from exactly one year, to a little over two years from w...

For those that don't understand what that means: If the deal is announced next Wednesday, it's speculated on some accounts to be finalized and complete by next year in late 2018. On the flip side, Big Iger is extending his contract past 2019 from his original plans to retire explicitly for thi..., implying there's a probability things won't be finalized in 2019 or a little bit afterwards as things may get bumpy along the way

...and an acquiring company is legally prohibited in managing the pending acquisition, even though speculation is already rampant about which executives will stay and go

^ This means there can be no plans what so ever to include the X-Men into the MCU in any legal capacity until the sale is foreclosed and complete, as it is an antitrust issue for Disney to operate the property it's purchasing and make plans behind closed doors - Yes, even if it's Marvel Studios. Oh, and plans about which producers stay and go yadda yadda boring stuff

20th Century Fox and it's Marvel film rights will most likely remain in-tact with 20th Century Fox and will be produced on schedule, along with other Fox films such as Avatar 2 and Bob's Burgers for one more year at the minimum.

Will Marge Simpson be eligible for Disney Princess status?

If the X-Men rights do come back to Marvel, I really hope that they title one of the movies "The Uncanny X-Men"

Yay! Now all the fantasy casting posts have a place to go. I can't help but answer those...sorry :-(

DAE captain America and human torch look at each other and say "no shit Sherlock"??

Alright, Here's my wish list

I want X-Men to feel like 90s' X-Men with more bright and colorful suit! No more BLACK LEATHER OUTFIT!

Fantastic Four need to be in SPACE! They're NOT Earth's defender! That job is taken by Avengers! They're explorer and I want them to explore the cosmic side of MCU!

You don't merge it, you let Feige reboot it

I'm just sitting here waiting for the confirmation thread

Okay, here's a thought: When they do reboot X-Men, don't have Wolverine in it.

One of the issues that the X-Men universe for FOX had was how Wolverine-dependent it was. He even showed up in movies where you didn't really have anything to do with the plot (Even if "Go Fuck Yourself" is the greatest cameo in history). Many other characters suffered as a result, especially Cyclops.

Instead, start mostly with the basics: Charles, Cyclops (can we FINALLY have a good Scott Summers?), Jean, Beast and Iceman. Maybe throw in Storm or Jubilee to increase the diversity and make it less of a sausage party. Wolverine can maybe be hinted at (i.e., during a class somebody could ask "I read in a book once that Captain America and the Howling Commandos fought alongside a Canadian soldier who couldn't die, was he a mutant?"), but don't make him show up. Build up other characters first.


These were literally the exact words I said aloud when I saw that this thread exists. Well actually, it was "thank fucking Christ this exists" So I suppose "literally" and "exact" are pretty hyperbolic, but the sentiment still is there.

Not gonna lie, I'd rather a Dr Doom movie than a F4 movie. It would be a spin on the MCU having an all 'Superhero' slate of movies, and would set Doom up to be a reoccurring (not necessarily overarching) villain.

Edit: Are there any villains you think could carry a movie/trilogy like Dr Doom could?

Please tell me this includes all those "Galactus for next big bad? F4 fancasting! Do you think we'll see Wolverine in the MCU? This is how you explain mutants!" type posts. They are getting the most tiring.

Literally, the most informative piece of information I've read about this potential acquisition so far. Thank you.

Good, I don't really want them here. They have shitty taste in superhero movies

Calling it now! Avengers 5: A vs X Fade me fam!

No, Marge would be Queen and Lisa would be the Princess.... We are getting away with Homer being a King

Mods, will you guys be acquiring /sub/marvelatfox or something?

Do you already have a banner ready for the day when they finally confirm it?

Just wanted to say that Spider-Man was first announced for the MCU on February 9th, 2015. We didn't get our first look at him until Civil War trailer 2 which released on March 10th, 2016, and we only got that because Marvel had to put Spidey in right way. When this deal is announced, we're going to have to tamper our expectations because this thing will take a while. It'll be alot more characters this time around than just Spider-Man. The prospect of it is so exciting though!

DAE want Captain America and Killmonger to look at each other and say "Flame on!"?

The X-men films are a jumbled mess imo, I think that if they gave them the MCU treatment would help them back to former glory.

DAE Korg and Thing meet and both say "rock"???

Everyone talkin' bout some proper Cyclops, I just want some properly done Rogue.

Fantastic Four Dream Cast 😩

Fantastic Four first villian should be Annihilus.

Well, on the plus side, this would open the possibility for Deadpool to take over for Stan Lee as the cameo in every movie, when he is no longer able.

Theory: Stan Lee will be the one to unite the universes.


One thing I hope the MCU keeps is trying to make obscure characters popular. They're going to have more characters then they could ever wish for with just the X-Men alone.

I hope they still try to launch trilogies for the lesser known characters of Marvel like Nova,Sentry, Hercules and Namor as time goes on.

Reboot is, without question, the best way to go with everything except maybe Deadpool. I'd be okay with Deadpool becoming the first movie to retroactively connect to the MCU as long as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead don't vanish into the ether.

It needs to build up just like Civil War did, at least a few years. The MCU doesn't want to make the same mistakes the DCEU did.

Peter Dinklage as Wolverine!

All I want is an Annihilation movie after Infinity War

Reed Richards: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sue Storm: Teresa Palmer

Johnny Storm: Channing Tatum

Thing: Brendan Fraser

Doctor Doom: Leonardo Di Caprio

Storm or Jubilee

Why not both?

Feige wouldn't give X-men to TV. At least not the main characters


Fegie has said he loves what they did with Deadpool so I doubt he’ll let anyone change it

Anyone else ok with Disney keeping X-men Universe separate from the MCU, but of course putting F4 in the MCU? Assuming of course the deal goes through

Deadpool was already divorced enough from either X-men timeline to the point where crazy fan theories speculated that it was actually set in the MCU because it had no direct ties (excluding 4th wall stuff) to the established universe. The depiction of Colossus in Deadpool completely contradicting how he is in the previous movies would suddenly make sense if he was MCU Colossus the entire time. If the decision were made to retcon him into the MCU, you could make it work pretty cleanly.

I'm a little annoyed that not many people want the X-Men in the MCU.

Like, flying brick with the thick southern accent Rogue? The Rogue with the skunk-stripe in her hair? I'd love to see her on the big screen.

Fantastic Four need to be in SPACE! They're NOT Earth's defender! That job is taken by Avengers! They're explorer and I want them to explore the cosmic side of MCU!

I've explained it elsewhere. But in essence...

The Avengers are Seal Team Six- the strike force, the ones you call in when it is a war. The Guardians of the Galaxy are the Star Wars rebels. The Rag-Tag bunch of misfits from different walks of life. The Defenders (as far as the MCU is concerned) are basically the world's most badass neighborhood watch. The X-Men are... well... the X-Men are the X-Men. But the Fantastic Four are The Incredibles meet Star Trek's Starfleet. Sure, they are more than willing to fight if needed, but their job is one of science and exploration. Before he made the FF with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby made a team comic for DC called Challengers of the Unknown, who were basically the FF without powers. That is what the FF do- they challenge the unknown. And they are a family- with all that comes with it.

For the Fantastic Four I really want to see Hulk and Thing fight, Spiderman become bff's with the Human Torch, I want Doom to rebuild Sokovia as Latveria and work his way up to becoming an overarching big bad that all the heroes have to fight.

For X-Men I'm a little torn. Unless they can somehow merge deadpool into the MCU like maybe his movie was canon all along it just happens after mutants happened. Also cast a short wolverine and have him wear his classic costume for once (But with some modern modifications obviously. Just have them look like they do in the comics for once.) And then for stories do House of M or something.

OR have them both in the 60s cuz that could be cool.

Nice!! But when are we getting Hulk v Thing baby!!!

Hah! The upvote quote was "Language!"

Nooo, Deadpool would be great in the mcu. They don't even have to come up with some bullshite reason just have him acknowledge that he is in a different world now

I agree with this so much. Especially the point about Cyclops.

I never understood why he got shit on in the Fox movies so much. Dude shoots fucking lasers out of his gaht damn eyes.

Plus, imagine what they could do to with this costume? That would look so sick in live action.

Plus, I don't think Wolverine was much of a focus in the X-Men comics until the movies happened? I haven't read much X-Men so I don't know if that's true.

I agree with this so much. Especially the point about Cyclops.

I never understood why he got shit on in the Fox movies so much. Dude shoots fucking lasers out of his gaht damn eyes.

Plus, imagine what they could do to with ? That would look so sick in live action.

Plus, I don't think Wolverine was much of a focus in the X-Men comics until the movies happened? I haven't read much X-Men so I don't know if that's true.

This is Deadpool. Even in the comics it feels at times like continuity is just a suggestion.

Just have Deadpool walk on screen at the beginning of the movie to have a "heart to heart" with us, the audience, where he explains everything in the prior films happened. Except they didn't. So stop thinking so goddamn hard over this.

And just leave it at that. Deadpool's true superpower is that he's self-aware that he's a character. Just play up the angle.


Okay so first WEEEEEEEEEEE

Now to business. fuck Monopoly. Murdoch's are bad don't run Disney into propaganda for the alt right.

NOW on to movies.

Noah Hawley Doom. First villain centered film of the MCU. The story of him taking over Latveria from a small boy under an oppressive government to the mystic armored suited Doom.

Taika Watiti Fantastic Four. Pretty much speaks for itself. He can maybe inject some earnest family drama like his other films too. Kirby artwork at it's finest once again.

And look if you ARE going to put Deadpool in here then you're going to need to make the whole film about him trying to peice together his crossover being connected to the reality mess up from Infinity War. But I don't think he'll be included.

What do you guys think about a Sam Raimi directed Fantastic Four MCU movie?

/u/JonLuca can you make it so this thread is automatically sorted as "New"? Please and thanks? A lot of the top comments are just people praising the fact that this thread exists. All actual rumors and speculation won't be at the top for awhile yet.

Colin Hanks as Reed Richards.

Carey Mulligan as Sue Storm.

Ansel Elgort as Johnny Storm.

Kevin Durand as The Thing.

No. Marvel Studios will do a clean reboot.

About damn time.

Aw i wnated to post like seventeen more images of random X-men and saying "Can't wait for them to get to the MCU" :(

If Disney did Batman better than WB...