Fox Sports anchor hit by car during live broadcast

Shots fired.

Well I mean it's not the worst thing that's happened during a live broadcast...

I thought it was a nice touch that the car backed up after hitting him..

"Oh, sorry, you were using that spot. Here ya go!"

too soon.

ITT people who do not understand that Fox news and Fox sports are not the same thing.

Since it said anchor I was expecting the guy at the desk to get hit by a car.

They're still trying to figure out the difference between Fox News and local Fox news stations.

He was standing in a disabled spot.

Driver thought that if he wanted to stand there, he should disable him.

"Fine, I guess I'll park somewhere else, then."

Why? It is a sad story, then you move on with your life. Most people didn't know her, the murderer wasn't on the run. Everyone thinks it is sad but we all have lives to lead.

Tripods are known for their non flinching properties.

That was much less dramatic than I had hoped...

I mean, I didn't want the guy to die or anything... but as far as watching people get hit by a car goes, it wasn't all that entertaining...

... god there is just no way for me to not sound like a psychopath in this comment, is there?

you have awaken me too soon executus

Ha, I thought the same thing. I was like "Now THIS, I have to see."

A reporter and her cameraman were shot dead during live TV conducting an interview for a local TV station in Virginia. Happened a few weeks ago.

Let me constantly think about all of the tragedies that are happening and have happened around the world.

Brain explodes

Source video:

Is Fox Sports really fair and balanced?

And Megan Fox.

Obviously sports reporting is going to be pretty bombastic and confrontational as a medium, but FS seems pretty honest in their reporting.

Its weird how everyone forgot about it the week after

Seriously though, couldn't the driver just go to one of the other 4 disabled spots visible in the frame that don't have people currently standing in them?

I completely forgot about that, too soon mate.

I'm disabled. Leg disabled.

No, you can hear him say there was a problem or technical difficulty with the reporter. Probably couldn't see what happened to him between reading a teleprompter and a live feed.

I can't really see much opportunity for lies and sensationalism

Since sports is so much about brands and personalities, sports reporting very easily falls into the trap of becoming sensationalized. Manufacturing controversy between players/coaches/teams, taking quotes out of context, creating storylines (so-and-so is soft/not-dedicated/can't win the big game) and then conveniently ignoring things that don't fit the narrative.

That's all very common with sports reporting, and all the big media outlets do it - even Fox Sports. They just seem to be better about it than big competitors like, say, ESPN.

how does a driver not see them?

I believe they underestimated it. If they overestimated it, they would have stopped short of him.

And Fox Mulder.

then he says "I hope everything is alright", I mean, he didn't just ignore what happened.


"Sorry we are having technical difficulties, as technically our reporter has been killed."

"Cuidado David" right as he is hit, then continues.

Fox sports isn't fox news

The cameramantripod didn't even flinch.

And Lucius Fox.

Not really, but if it makes you feel any better, I had much the same reaction.

It's a subtle point, but they actually misunderestimated.

It has better college sports coverage than ESPN's SEC cocksucking campaign.

That's not why these things happen


Fox sports and Fox news are not the same thing.


Bold strategy, Cotton.

Too soon

Is there a lot of dishonesty in sports reporting. Does that even matter?

Not trying to be a jerk, but outside of cases where sports meets crime, like steroids or whatever I can't really see much opportunity for lies and sensationalism.

... its not because its fox sports

Foxy Lady.


How did it happen?

They would.

ESPN has turned into TMZ and FS1 has turned into ESPN.

... Acid.

Am I the only who thinks this would be better if it were ESPN Ocho?

This phrase was in use for almost a decade before the game Hearthstone existed.


I have no idea what hes referencing, what was it?

Even 4chan is offended.

And Foxxy Cleopatra

So they overmisunderestimated it?

old people

He'll have to lower that tripod for his next report.

Seriously this. It's tragic, but if we keep thinking about the tragic things that happen around us constantly, it's going to severely depress you. We need to move on, or else we wouldn't be able to handle it. There are many days when I've gone through some tragic shit, read through a lot of tragedies on the news, heard about some depressing stuff that happened to other people ... and it really gets me down to the point where I think sometimes it's just not worth living. If I was reminded of every single tragedy everyday I'd have committed suicide by now

Buckle up, Buckaroo

Where's your wheelchair?

and Foxy Brown

i can smell you from here

and Fox Force Five

At least in México, where that video is from, they're unbiased unless the national team plays.

I don't think there's any way to avoid sounding like that because your message is still going to be "I'm not saying that I wanted him to get hurt, but I'm saying he didn't get hurt enough for me to enjoy myself."

You're trying to hedge between socially acceptable and personally honest, but the good news is this is reddit, and you probably could have said the sociopathic thing without a disclaimer and got away fine.

Lol too soon doesn't exist anymore

Do people realize Fox News and the rest of Fox Network isn't the same? Like, Simpsons used to be on Fox, Fox Sports is literally Fox ESPN.... Fox makes movies too................ people, are you getting that they aren't the same thing? Guys?

PS: I said fox too much now it sounds/looks weird. Thanks a ton.

Don't you mean ESPN 8: The Ocho?

yeah that dewrito mold scent suits you well

And they still have no idea what the Fox says.

And Mr. Fox.

With your car?

And Red Fox

or flinchless if you will

What are the chances?

Fox sports is better than ESPN, ESPN has sold out and is busy sucking the NFL's/draft kings collective dicks. You don't know shit mate and it's obvious.

Shows us one sentence..."To Read the Full Story, Subscribe or Sign In" Thanks Wall Street Journal.

Their van's probably right behind the camera. Driver pulled past the parked car and into the spot without looking.

Yeah I still say you just idle out of frame and let the guy finish his news broadcast.

And that's the WAAAAY the news goes!

I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. People are jaded and detached because this stuff keeps happening.