Fox News gets a brutal denial.

Fox News gets a brutal denial.
let that sink in.

How is that brutal? I think you need to read the definition of brutal a few times and let it sink in

fox news MURDERED by SAVAGE twitter reply

That was my favorite part of this post as well. I don't know if a lot of people got what was going on, because it was pretty subtle...but nbc asked to use his video. He said yeah. But wait. HOLD ON. Fox News asked to also use his video, and he...guess. DIDNT GIVE THEM PERMISSION. I'm just glad somebody else noticed too.

Tonight on Fox News at 9.

/sub/murderedbywords it was not, but still enjoyable. I'll give it 3 smug chuckles.

Brutal in the sense that NBC was given permission and Fox wasn't. I know it is a stretch, but still a bit embarrassing for Fox.

You are right it is embarrassing, but brutal is a huge stretch

Oh yeah, right. You kind of have to read between the lines, but after both of you pointed it out, I was able to see it.

I also believe that one of the two news channels was Fox news. I can't be certain but I just got this feeling.

One of the definitions of brutal is this:

direct and lacking any attempt to disguise unpleasantness.

That's exactly what happened. Hopefully that sank in for you.