Fox News Fans Smashing Keurigs to Support Hannity

Fox News Fans Smashing Keurigs to Support Hannity

Because nothing attracts new advertisers like openly attacking past advertisers. Great strategy.

Let’s remind everyone that the fans are all doing this to support a pedophile.

A pedophile. To support a pedophile. A pedophile who was banned from an Alabama mall because he was ultimately trying to molest underage girls. They’re all making a stand to support a pedophile.

That can’t be said enough.

If only we could convince them that oxygen has dropped hannity.

They can torch their Volvos now too. Idiots for even watching that propaganda.

Regardless of the reason, Keurig should be "smashed".

It's an extremely wasteful form of brewing coffee. I'm speaking of course about the individual packaging of each cup.

I'm guessing you just missed the election where things like, oh... I don't know... Bob Marshall who has held onto one of the most conservative districts in the entire country (Virginia 13th) for 25 years lost to a transgender woman...

Fox new watchers are making a public stand against a company that is pulling advertising over someone saying pedophilia is OK. Let that sink it. Family values party.

Hey Hannity fans! Do you know what would really bring the liberal tears? Appropriating their culture by voting for democrats! You know they get triggered by cultural appropriation, their core culture is voting democrat, so appropriate the shit out of it!

We drink coffee. Keurig is for people that don't drink coffee.

lol, I promise you, in a handful of those videos people actually bought Keurigs just to smash them in protest.

It's like when book burners buy all the copies of a book at a bookstore and throw them into a fire...

Like, you didn't think that author wanted to sell as many of those books as possible? Sure, they may prefer that you read them, rather than burn them, but you still increased the demand for more...

Sales are sales.

Again, Reddit sticking up for people who get off on children. You’re fucked in the head if you think that’s ok.