Found this on Instagram (please tell me the source if you know who made this and I'll credit)

Found this on Instagram (please tell me the source if you know who made this and I'll credit)

Those suits would translate nicely to the MCU...

Yeah... They are Fantastic...

say that again? they are? no... Fantastic? Yeah.. our name will be: fa-

Holy fuck nuts, those suits


He has watermarked the drawing?

I really dig those suit designs.

this is the same guy that made this drawing that I love . Really cool how this kinda made it into the movie and this way months before it came out.

“Why did you say that name?”


So that's it huh, we're some kind of Fantastic Four

Those are some dope as FF outfits, especially The thing.

If (when) the FF gets into the MCU, i hope that Johnny Storm is his late teens, so him and Parker could be best buddies.

Yea everyone is saying it but...

God damn those are some fine looking combat suits.

Are those from any particular comic?

The watermark is right there under spideys legs. Thats the artist who made it.

I enjoy this iteration of the Thing from this one fan made panel more than any of the film adaptations

The Thing: Hi, I'm Ben.


Geez, even Reed has a camel toe.


Those suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mart- I mean... Ben

Credit to :

He was in the future foundation actually, he's basically johnny storm but not as cocky

Amazing suit design

What a bunch of a-holes.


As I recall, back in the silver age, they basically hated each other as much as any two people could hate each other while still being heroes and conforming to the Comics Code.

No, when translating the costumes to live-action, garish spandex does not look good. You would not be able to take these characters seriously if they were in perfect recreations of their classic comic outfits. Turning the costumes into something functional gives them a purpose, allows people to take them seriously, and gives them a reason to exist in-universe.

Took me a while to notice Human Torch

Sue uses her invisibility to surprise people, and probably needs a specialized suit to turn invisible properly (based on the movies). Reed getting hit by something would shred civvies, plus they don't stretch like him.

Thank you!

Spidey never really fits in with any team