Found this gem on my fb. This child just turned a year old.

Found this gem on my fb. This child just turned a year old.

The full hand to the back of the head is what gets me. He looks like a soldier drowning An enemy combatant

Oh god, I thought it was a lot worse than it actually is.

That's exactly what gets me as well! It's a goddamn 1 year old how much force do you need to use!

That glass bottle perched precariously on the edge of the counter is bothering me more than the child abuse.

Well, at first glance it would like a pedophile situation. Upon a second look it’s not that bad

Dude. My kid turns 1 next month and I can't fathom doing that to him. We ordered cupcakes and he gets to eat at his own pace. Crazy ass people.

Wow. That is some serious child abuse we just witnessed.

Not sure you can tell how bad it is or isn't

Don't worry, they'll just use the babies face to clean the shards of glass up later.

I guess they don't quite know what a smash cake is supposed to be

They're using it to hold their phone to take a video of the situation going on. These people have skills, boy.

OH MY GOD!! That Taco sauce is about to fall off the counter!

I just went to a first birthday party. She daintily scooped the frosting up and ate it. She barely had a speck on her. It was adorable. This is not.

He looks so sad.

Well when you were one what would’ve been worse? Your dad forcing your face into a cake or your dad fucking you in the ass?

Upon third glance, you notice the glass Ortega bottle about to fall and smash on the linoleum.

"talk you son of a bitch!"

When I was a wee stitch, my mom wanted the classic “messy 1 year old destroyed cake” picture. By all accounts I was very against this and wouldn’t smash the cake, so you know what she did? Pushed my hands into the cake, not my goddamn face.

My crotchfruit is turning 1 in a couple months and I can’t imagine 1.) shoving his face into a cake like this and 2.) standing idly by, with a gormless smirk on my face, while someone else did it.

So... the baby cries (of course), aspirates some frosting... fucked for life. These people are fucking assholes.

Very good choice! I think if you have to manually pick your child up, position them into a horizontal position, and push it's head down into the cake with the force of kratos, maybe it's not the time.



Definitely better than pedophilia! lol. The aftermath for the child wasn't so good though, had zero holes in it's face to breathe out of.

Update: This seems to be a tradition in this family. As you see here:

Their other son on his birthday this past summer. Captioned "boy loved his b-day cake" this family goes hard on the b-day for sure.

Ads these days are getting out of hand.

It's a special kind of soul crushing when your parents smash your face in a cake once a year.

Donald J Trump!

And father of the year goes to ....