Found this gem on Instagram.

Found this gem on Instagram.

Always convenient that someone nearby always gets the reference. You never hear these stories where no one gets the reference and the person has to lope off sounding like a moron

To be fair would you tell anyone if you looked like a mental person?

You know those joke lists that roam around the internet that noone will ever perform because they are stupid as fuck? That's one of the jokes inthere. She couldn't even make it up.

Ugh! Always someone with a hard-on for Doctor Who as well. Is it mandatory in these fake stories?

Yep. Yesterday morning me and my buddy got up at like 4:30 to get ready to work an event and on the way we stop at a gas station to get some redbull since neither of us got much sleep.

I go in, get my stuff, pay, and then I go and stand next to the door while he pays. I start looking out the glass door and scratching my head completely zoned out staring at a pair of cats that were chasing eachother. This persisted for what must have been a solid two minutes while my friend paid.

My friend gets his shit and we walk out and the first thing he says is "Are you retarded? Everyone was looking at you like you were fucking crazy."

As it turns out, the front door had a little electric chime that went "ding" literally every time I moved in front of the door or scratched my head, so for the entire two minutes I was there the front door was just going dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding and the people in the store must have thought I was doing it on purpose because I was easily amused or something.

I never even noticed.

Good times.

I used to really love Doctor Who. Still do tune in when it's on. But, God the fanbase makes me cringe sometimes!

Doctor Who is a great show with a largely terrible fanbase. Tumblr seems to get the worst of it though, the subreddit is pretty chill (except for the occasional circle jerk)

Why do SuperWhoLock fans think the world is equally as obsessed as they are?

It's also convenient that the kid was 9 and remembers the companion that left like 6 years prior.

Haha like the stupid pranks and stuff like a cart full of condoms and Gatorade in a windex bottle?

Oh god, I did the cringiest thing in the world last week. I was trying to get people from my class to sign up for a group chat thing, and I saw this kid sleeping on a bench with his headphones in so...

I have no idea why, but I pulled the headphone out of his ear to get his attention

I have no idea why I did that, I'm not usually so socially awkward. It's literally keeping me up at night now

An entire fantasy built around the idea that she thinks she looks like Billie Piper.

I love that they never know how to write for kids - a 9 year old might have got the reference but certainly wouldn't mix it up with reality.


2 hours ago, my friend called me and i zoned out at the end, so he said goodbye and my reply was "uh-huh"

My biggest problem with these stories is how kids are always so innocent and responsive.

Ending that post with ”Good times” is a little ironic. I’ll just leave it at that and hope that someone other than me gets the reference.

Yeah I was into it for 3 seasons or so. Then I realized the stories and enemies pretty much always just repeat themselves and quickly lost interest.

I unsubbed because it was more than just occasional. I couldn't bring up any opinion without it being twisted in my mouth and used to invalidate any and all of my thoughts on the show, the writing, acting, directing, effects,...

Of course there was a lot of good, but I grew tired of the "discussions" that happenee 3 comments in anything I wrote.

12 years, actually. Kid is a fucking time traveller.

These posts are so fucking hard to upvote. God forbid someone didn’t know the sub and glanced over at what I was reading.

My former friend was dating a grad student who was teaching a course. On one of the last days of class, she ran in and shout "Troll! There's a troll in the dungeon! Just thought you should know." then ran out of the room.

Nobody laughed. It was awkward af. It should have stayed as one of those fake online stories. He was pretty mad.

They're not together anymore, but that's mainly because she is not a, well, let's say palatable person.

I couldn't even finish it once they brought in Doctor Who.

She heard a 9 year old clearly and audibly say that whole sentence whilst she was running, with enough time to turn around and wink?


My favorite episodes are the ones that adhere to the monster of the week formula, but screw with the format or have truly terrifying monsters, fridge horror scenarios or interesting time travel shenanigans.

Of course that means there are gonna be a lot of duds, but I'll take them for episodes like Blink or Listen.

oh shit it's been 4 years since 2014.

Because it's hard to judge correctly when you're 13

I had to unsub because of those "occasional" circle jerks.

Rose Tyler was like 2003/4 era Doctor Who, so unless this 9 year old is really into his vintage Doctor Who, I don't know how he'd know anything about her.

2005-2006 you pleb

If it makes you feel any better I admire the boldness of your move. Introverts have to stick together.

If it's actually worth the time of transferring your Gatorade to a different bottle, you have too much Gatorade.

That’s really outgoing of you to show support

Is she one of the typical fangirl-type people who are overly obnoxious and just has to squeeze a nerd reference into something even if the conversation or situation doesn’t call for it?

In that case, we're all time travellers.