Found out how to get the insanity ending.

Found out how to get the insanity ending.

Once you buy Egg baby simply start the day, turn the computer off, and when turning the computer back on make sure to hold down the computer light. Once you do this you will see the blueprints and hear the audio file and then get the insanity ending. Here's some pretty pictures.

..................................... well shit

Finally, god your a hero, I feel so bad for Dawko though. He spent so much time trying to figure it out...have this certificate of Succession for your efforts

well I knew it was gonna be simple like this, but hey atleast I noticed the blue button to start us all trying to figure this out, well done for finishing it!

Get Dawko on this! Poor guy was looking for this on stream for 5 hours.

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He got to the blue light part. That counts for something.

Someone plz record this so that i can sleep at night knowing there was no bamboozle

Playing audio file HRY223...

Yep, is Henry

There /is/ one blueprint missing.

Most of the game machines don't allow you to play them after you got the secret, like in the maze one and the puppet one. Well at least I can't anyways.

But the car-mini game is still active in mine no matter how many times I do the secret there. There is something we are missing in that one.


I bet your feeling so dumb right now. XL

So the sound file of Henry also plays?