Former Trump Adviser Paul Manafort’s Bank Records Sought in Probe

Former Trump Adviser Paul Manafort’s Bank Records Sought in Probe
Former Trump Adviser Paul Manafort’s Bank Records Sought in Probe

The guy who's name is written on a weird Ukrainian ledger with "12 million dollars" written next to it, that we've confirmed he got? I'm sure he's clean....

Eventually the dominos will fall. Mark my words.

"You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly," - his daughter

Mr. Manafort’s spokesman, Jason Maloni, said: “I don’t know anything about a subpoena. But if someone is leaking details of a confidential investigation, that is a serious crime

Subpoena what subpoena?? Never heard of it. Who told you by the way? That person broke the law by telling you about it, which shouldn't matter with it not existing and all but I still need to find out who that person is cause reasons

It will be longer than any of us wants, but I do agree with you. It will happen.

This, unfortunately, is just the very start of it.

Yeah, we're committing the crime, not you, Mr Manafort.

This is common bullshit with the GOP now. It's like the congressman I saw on TV today. He was asked if it was ethical for Trump to fire the man investigating his campaign and ya know what he said? Apparently, the real injustice is law enforcement gathering information from foreign agents that identify American citizens in contact with them. "If they can do that to these people, they can do it to any American." Yeah, thanks to the Patriot Act your party wrote and signed and all the usual laws that law enforcement uses to do its job... Did Trump break the law when he threatened Comey, or if he's been recording conversations, or for obstruction of justice? Oh no, not at all. But the investigators doing proper, legal investigations that turn up Trump people and Russians? Apparently, those are crimes. This has been a theme repeated by Sean Spicer and nearly the entire GOP over Susan Rice and others.

So what's the deal? The GOP seem awfully complicit. Is it that much greed? Or is it something more? Did the Russian hack of the RNC, which they completed but never divulged on wikileaks, contain dirt they are using to force these people to comply? Are they also on the Russian payroll maybe? The fact that the GOP and the Russians have the same talking points every day is surely not a fucking coincidence...

Source for that and other damning quotes

If only Manafort, Page, and Flynn go down for this, I'll certainly feel short-shrifted.

If you are reading this and you voted for trump: FUCK YOU

Poor girl. I can't imagine understanding that my father was responsible for the slaughter of innocent people. She must hate him.

Former campaign manager*

If that's as far as the evidence leads, then that's that. The crucial thing here is that we have rule of law and that the law is applied well and consistently. But given the bizarrely large number of people associated with Trump and his campaign who have done things like lie unnecessarily like Jeff Sessions, it's likely the problems go beyond these few possible "fall guys."

Sanders isn't a populist and he didn't take bribes to split the base. If anything trump used Sanders platform to help himself capture some of the disenfranchised.

Good. Trump gets impeached now that leaves three years for pence to make this chaos a distant memory. Drag it out, let the chaos disrupt the gop agenda and impeach him part way through year 2 so the wound is fresh.

How stupid do you have to be to get caught by a law YOU signed?

Reads like she hates herself for still putting on the mask every day.

I always get a kick out of Trump supporters calling people snowflakes. He's a thin skinned man child. He is quite objectively the grandest snowflake of all.

Username checks out

i have a feeling there's actually three different russian scandals. there's carter page doing stupid shit on the side that no one really authorized or cared about, there's flynn doing his own maneuverings thinking his foreign agent lies will never be uncovered, and then there's trump, manafort, and the big money, big scandal that is tied in with maybe rex tillerson where trump actually encouraged the use of russian misinformation campaigns to fuck with the election.

shit's gettin real

Rumor is that the top GOP folks were laundering Russian funds into the GOP campaigns. At this point it's just rumor, but it would explain a lot. I've also see rumors of incriminating stuff from the RNC hack.

It is kind of exciting to watch though I wish it was over with.

We need to take care that this isn't scapegoated onto just Flynn and Manafort if there is real evidence that it goes further. During Iran/Contra, where Reagan and his administration violated the law and the constitution in profound ways, there was a fairly successful effort to pin everything on G Gordon Liddy and make him the fall guy.

Win the midterms in 2018. Start full-scale investigations and block Trump and the GOP's every action. Win the white house in 2020 and keep the congress. THEN prosecute and imprison -otherwise Trump pardons everyone.

Its a tall order, tho, especially with the large scale voter suppression on the way but it's definitely the only way to can these creeps.

And also, yes, we'll accept you back when all is said and done because this is still America and all... But shame on you.

relevant username

The most important thing, if this all comes to light, is having a pithy summary to plaster across the media.

I'm a raging liberal, and I'd like to think with a postgrad degree I've got a few brain cells to rub together- but even I'm pretty lost after a few paragraphs of laundering, kickbacks and acronyms!

I know instinctively it's bad, bad shit. But I don't need convincing. We need to get that message across to Trudy and Joe in the suburbs who "don't have time for politics" and vote straight ticket R like their mom and pop, or don't vote at all.

A colourful flowchart? A two minute video narrated by a celebrity? A fuckin' meme? How do we maximise the impact of these people's crimes to middle America without bogging them down with details?

Not all of us, I live in SC and am a highschool educated blue collar worker with a wife and two kids. A lot of people don't care but there are still us that do.

Maybe not in the real rural parts but in my opinion people are coming around. This stuff needs to just stay in the news.

In the game Rust I often surround my fort with bear traps and landmines. 9 times out of 10, I am the one who steps on them. I am not a smart man.

Lets be honest:

If you're an "average" American in the 30k-50k/yr range, the billionaire class is fucking you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

They're taking away your insurance, conspiring to make sure you don't get maternity/paternity leave, busting up the unions, taking away your healthcare, paying you less, making sure college leaves you with so much debt you're indentured, conspiring to gerrymander your district, sending your job overseas, all while asking you to thank them for the privilege.

The United States is a speeding train headed straight to megacorp cyberpunk dystopia town.

That recent FBI raid on a Republican fundraising office in MD is probably relevant to what you're looking for.

I really don't care. I do fine, there are some who do much better than i do but very many more who are struggling. I would have no problem giving a slice of my pie to a system that eliminated poverty and provided education and universal healthcare. The premise of donating ro the common good makes more sense to me than the shit show i spend my taxes on now.

So when the news broke about Comey being fired, it all had this sense of "we're not done yet" and I spent the whole rest of the evening waiting on the other shoe to drop. Then a closet full of them started falling!

It's been real. This is just another peg. Let's call it peg 569/100000. We have a long way to go before impeachment, if that ever happens. Just depends on 2018 and if people turn out to vote for DNC candidates in Congress (even if they don't like them) just to get Trump out. Young people are active online (see: reddit), but they don't vote. They certainly didn't in 2016 when it was Trump or Hillary. They may have wanted Bernie, but they chose apathy. Welcome to adulthood. It's the lesser of two evils. And if you don't choose, you will be given the worse of two evils. I didn't make the rules, no one did. This is just how it is. You want to change it? Fucking vote!

Check his past comments., it's some loser from t_d trolling on his alt account.

She's reached such a point that she's willingly giving her father up because she hates everything he's made her become and you know what? He probably doesn't even give a fuck.

... how can you possibly be okay with (what, 5 or 6 now?...) people lying about meeting Russian operatives, while under oath for security clearance and appointments? That's not something you "forget". How can you be okay with known money launderers and foreign operatives having been on our National Security Council, Campaign Managers for the President, and more? How can you be okay with the President being financially invested in foreign countries, such that they could find leverage through manipulating his pocketbook, instead of the option every other President has taken to fully divest into a blind trust? How can you rest at night when the President is appointing everyone in his family to positions of government, except the family he has still running his business that /s totally won't influence his motivations at all I'm sure.

Denial? I can't imagine how you think you're not in denial if you think all of that stuff isn't a problem. Fuck collusion by Trump, all of that other shit shows the man can't tell a foreign operative if it lobbied for an enemy right in front of him... because they did.

I'm enjoying downvoting this garbage.

You aren't very knowledgable on the subject matter.

*assistant to the campaign manager

This is exactly what they need to do for all of this administration. Follow the money!!

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

Manafort is such a little Russian shit.

Wew lad.

Not everyone is as gullible as the redcaps. Try logic, reason and good faith discussions instead of this astroturf bullshit you're peddling.

Watch "Get Me Roger Stone" on Netflix. You'll want Manafort's and Stone's heads on a platter for 40 years of decimated American democratic elections. They have owned the Republican party (and in 96/2000 the Reform party) in one way or another since 1980.

Can you explain how pro-corporate policies are good for normal people like us?

Because thus far, that's the hand we've been dealt, and I'm pretty sure people don't like that.

I'm genuinely asking, and feel free to correct me on that second statement if I'm wrong.

Roses are red

You asked about information on this scandal?

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

billionaire class as having exploited common people.

And unlike Trumps insane xenophobia, this actually has quite a bit of truth to it. Lobbyists quite literally buy legislation to fuck over the common people.

...ok, timeout. I'm sorry, I know this is improv and I'm supposed to just keep the act going, but I gotta say, this character is not working for me. Do you maybe have "zany cat lady" or "bad breath coworker" in your repertoire? Feel like that might play better with his crowd.

I think you are totally right. The GOP will give the dems their pound of flesh, and then trump will bomb north Korea and the world will forget.


If you are reading this and you didn't vote, fuck you too.

Same. NC checking in. I give a shit.

Whenever somebody starts a tirade of nonsense with "False" Its hard not to read it in Dwight's voice lol

You can't. Honestly, middle America does not give a shit; in their eyes, the liberals/left-wingers will always be at fault. You just can't win with those people, they're uneducated and brainwashed by right-wing media.

Follow the money through a thousand shell corporations, you mean. I was reading something earlier about how Trump layers Delaware based LLCs to purchase things. It's so convoluted that I imagine it would take years.

Excellent! You can be sworn in as a GOP member at your earliest convenience!

There's no way this is serious

He isn't wearing socks in the interview video that plays.

I find that so off-putting.

Denial of what?


Real niggas do real nigga shit.

This started right after Christmas. It started when Obama threw those Russian diplomats out of the country. They have been investigating them ever since. It started when Sally Yates went to the prez with evidence that Flynn was trouble and the WH buried it for 2 weeks.

This is a new version of the Pro-Trump hideaway troll. This one is atleast interesting and pretends to be disenfranchised by being obscenely franchised. Pretty cool new troll model, It makes for a good bot.

*whoos name

Get ready for a North Korean missile test folks, this is getting pretty hot for the Trump regime.

Been looking at it like this: There's no way around it, Trump supporters made a choice that was dumb, insensitive, and flat-out dangerous.

Have I made dumb / insensitive / dangerous choices before? Yes, all of the above. And I don't think those choices define me, and I hope I've been forgiven for them.

Just for the record my cousin works in a factory and he owns two houses. Did it ever say how much Sanders houses are worth? It's not like real estate is that expensive.

She's still taking the money, soooo...

It's funny because King_Douche989's username is very applicable to their comment. beep bop if you hate me, reply with "stop". If you just got smart, reply with "start".

Do you really think a trump supporter is going to read this?

I don't ever think I've seen them hold the mental capacity to read more than 10 words.

Why do you think they choose short phrases like "lock her up" and "drain the swamp" and "build the wall" and "hitler did nothing wrong" etc etc?

Yep, and here's some more insight as to how its being done

We need to stop making blanket statements that worsen the divide. I'm a lifelong democrat; a low income, white, blue collar worker in a flip state that went red, and I and many people here are trying hard to oust the GOP. Now would be a great time to extend a hand to any republicans, moderates, independents willing to question the current regime. What puts them off, I've noticed, is being called stupid and ignorant.

We need to expose the people in power and keep it in the news, and also welcome back into the fold anyone who didn't vote or went red and regrets it. The GOP has so much power right now, we need the people on who's backs they're standing to buck them off and shake their comfortable torpor.

Sweet jesus if a RICO case brought down a significant portion of the GOP and tainted the party I would feel like all this was worth it.


Eventually the dominos will fall. Mark my words.

Not while Sessions is AG. Sessions, McConnell and Nunes will allow some meaningless Mickey Mouse investigations to happen for kabuki theatre, but they will block any investigation that would lead to uncovering a smoking gun, supposed recusal or not.

edit to add: This is why an independent prosecutor/committee is an absolute necessity. There is zero chance of getting to the bottom of the conspiracy without one.


Fake news! His records aren't being sought! There is no probe! I never heard of him! I have a certified letter saying no one named Paul Manafort exists on the entire planet! The entire planet! Certified! Fake news! Also, he's not my advisor! He's Hillary's advisor! Hillary is under probe! Manafort's records for lyin' cheatin' Hillary's campaign are sought in probe!

My only question is how would any of them conducted such business without the knowledge of others once they were near/in the WH?

You're thinking of Oliver North. Liddy was part of the crew that broke into Watergate.

I mean, there seem to be two or three major developments a week, every week, so it's not unreasonable that you missed it for the day or two it was a headline. It's a good one though right?

I'm just saying what you seem to be designed to say.

If Trump could ever keep his mouth shut Twitter quiet.

I don't know if the whitehouse needs any more bear traps and landmines, I think Spicer was hiding them in the bushes earlier.

I wouldn't be surprised if the person wasn't being primed as we post

It's a little something I like to call "priming the pump". You probably haven't heard of it because I invented it.

I think you double negatived yourself by accident though.

"Uh, he might have assisted the assistant to the manager for a limited amount of time in a limited capacity."

tldr his net worth is not crazy considering there are grandmas out there with similar because of real estate purchases they made decades ago.

I don't know why they are trying to push this narrative of him being stinking rich. Houses were cheap as fuck and appreciated like crazy, especially in cities like DC. He's also 74 and has had quite a while to collect assets and invest.

They will all be imprisoned.

Don't be so sure. Reason to believe that multiple persons inside the GOP were aware of what was going on. NYS investigation is rumored to be a RICO case. Very possible Pence will be caught up in it for having known and covered it up. Same for Ryan and McConnell.

Huge grain of salt. Time will tell on all this.

Trump naked? Why are WE being punished?

If you have valid evidence that exonerates (proves one's innocence) Senator Sanders, we would all love to see it ;)

Exonerates him of what charge?

Is their a way that we can mount all of their heads on spikes along Pennsylvania Ave. as a nice backdrop for Trump's naked "Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!" walk?

The crowds lining the streets to spit on him would easily be bigger than the crowds he believes came out for his inauguration.

Among the bushes, please.


Trump voters would mostly fuck their own daughters if they knew it would upset someone else.

80k people in three counties, nice try with that stale narrative.

Hilary should've taken her ass to a few battlegrounds instead of sucking up donor money at $10k a plate meals

Excuse me but what the shit

You've forgotten last week already? GOP members saying in public they didn't read the healthcare reform they were signing...


Pro corporate policies have held back progress in just about every available instance. Its fucking hilarious that progress be attributed to the very thing that tends to halt progress.

Sowing dissent is all you've got. Double down.

That's what an investigation is, bud.

I wanna watch this, and actually started to last night, but as soon as I heard trump's voice in the opening I swear some sort of electoral PTSD kicked in and I just couldn't do it.

Under no law would an American be protected if they're having a phone conversation with an enemy foreign agent.