Forcing kid to masturbate for cops in sexting case was wrong, court finds

Forcing kid to masturbate for cops in sexting case was wrong, court finds

When this bizarre effort was unsuccessfully attempted, Abbott then obtained a second warrant authorizing police to escort Sims to a hospital for an "erection-inducing injection." This injection ultimately never took place after massive public outcry.

Abbott committed suicide in December 2015 when officers came to arrest him on separate charges relating to pedophilia.

After all of that, the cop was a pedophile. That's fucking insane.

What the fuck is with those judiciary decisions to grant those warrants??? Jesus Christ those judges need to be removed.

I feel like that point should have been self evident DURING all that, not after.

If you want to be really outraged, read King's dissenting opinion on this case.

To Judge King all police officers have a moral duty to uphold the sanctity of every court order without hesitation, and there's nothing unconstitutional about forcing a 17 year old to jack off under duress in front of a bunch of grown, armed men.

Our justice system, ladies and gentlemen. That was the opinion of 1/3rd of the judges who decided this case.

Edit: Victim was 17 y/o, not 15.

Time to search the judge's house to see if he's a pedophile too.

What's really insane is that a judge issued a warrant to authorize an erection-induced injection. That judge should be disbarred.

pedophile cop tried to use the courts to legally take pics of a teen masturbating, failed, got busted as a pedophile on an unrelated event and committed suicide. court now says the teen can sue his estate.... what in the fuckity fuck... good he can sue but that is some crazy shit.

That shit is crazy, but i guess it does make sense that a pedo would go want to see a kid's dick.

If i was that kid's lawyer, id' also be going after the judge who issued the initial warrant and the one who ok'ed the idea of sending him to a hospital for an erection shot. None of that is OK.

That judge should not just be disbarred, but fucking prosecuted and thrown in jail.

So the judge says “I was just following orders” is a moral imperative regardless of the situation?

You find out your 15 year old daughter is sexting a 17 year old and you call the cops. It's just two kids in high school, fuck off and do some parenting

Maybe his coworkers thought he was just really, really dedicated. /s

This is disgusting on my part, and kind of shows how my mind works, but this story and your comment reminds me of a South Park episode. The one where one of the leading detectives becomes so zealous at busting Johns that he goes undercover as a prostitute and spend the episode blowing and being buggered by customers and then arresting them, leaving his colleagues confused and wondering about his dedication.

Abbott then obtained a second warrant authorizing police to escort Sims to a hospital for an "erection-inducing injection."

The judge who approved this should be tarred and feathered. I dont usually advocate for out-of-band justice, but seriously, fuck that judge.

The same ones that make teens register as sex offender for sending nudes to one another. They act as if they're some big moral compass deserving of praise when they're really just ruining teens lives

And the prosecutor who gave the cop the go ahead and the other three officers in the room and the supervisors that that didn't put a stop to it.

Anyone else pissed off at the mother for calling the cops over a 15 year old sexting another 15 year old?

It is the perfect place for one. All that "trial evidence" in the basement for safe keeping

As well as the prosecuting attorney. He is just as disgraceful, if not more, than the judge.

Lawyers representing the Abbott estate argued that their client was shielded by "qualified immunity," the notion in American law that generally protects law enforcement officers in gray-area situations from legal liability

How the fuck is this a "gray area"?

In a 2-1 majority opinion, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals found Tuesday that the initial warrant against Sims was an "obvious, unconstitutional violation."

I'd like to imagine after the vote, the two people that voted majority looked over to the third guy and were like, "the fuck man?".

Easier to call the cops than do some actual parenting.

Life in prison.

You don’t fuck around being a judge. You can’t be that demented. Who knows who and what else this man has damaged.

Life in prison.

This. Why on earth were the fucking authorities brought in the first place? These are horny teenagers doing dumb shit. I get Mom was pissed. But calling the cops? She had other options before the law needed to be involved. One should not go to police everytime you get pissed off and demand immediate vindication. There can huge unforeseen and horrific consequences when the law gets involved for somethings that could or should of been resolved privately. That being said, that cop would still be destroying children's lives if she didn't call the police. Not to diminish the disgusting and reprehensible behavior of the cop, the prosecutor, the judge, and the like, but this is extremely rare to find the investigating cop a pedophile who has to prove his suspect is a sex predator all the while getting off on said suspect's naked body and forced erection. Thankfully, this all came to light. It could have ended much worse and the boy branded a sex offender for life and the cop still doing his evil shit. This Makes me believe there is still some cosmic karma still floating around there.

The whole thing is just surreal and it saddens me that a bunch of adults who cared more about getting a conviction than what is right let it go so far.

The female, who had sent nude photos to the male, did not testify and was not charged.

It seems that if a girl does it, it's okay. I wish the girl had the book thrown at her so the mommy could see real justice be served - justice is supposed to be blind to gender, right?

If a teen girl was forced to masturbate for a bunch of cops (male or otherwise) this case would have garnered national attention and these guys would be in mortal danger and unemployed. Then the disgusting police department would get the heat it truly deserves and maybe these idiots/pervs would be replaced.

Edit: Just want to add for clarity that I honestly think this entire thing is fucked - just like most people in this comment section. Teens sexting consensually shouldn't be anyone's business but those involved (the teens). I personally wish the girl had been given the same treatment so the spotlight could burn a massive hole in the lives of the girl's mother, the police department, the officers involved, and the judges involved. (In a perfect world, the state would not be in any way involved in a sexting case between to mentally stable, consenting teens of similar age.)

Save the kids from engaging in consensual activities with persons of a similar age by having adults use and threaten violence to force them to commit sex acts.

I thought this was just an over-dramatic, sensationalized title. Then I read the article. Damn. That is messed up.

Yeah... that's sexual coercion and maybe rape.

"Do this sex act against your will or go to jail!"

"Do this sex act or I'll stab you with a knife!"

What's the fucking difference?

I vote for a slight tweaking of "The Aristocrats".

Butters bottom bitch

Couldn't even make up this crazy shit.

Judge, Abbot, prosecuting attorney and anyone else involved in allowing this to move forward should be removed from their jobs and a billboard showing what they authorized should be displayed in their hometowns and on their front lawn.

Everything that I said above is crazy, but is it as crazy as a cop asking to see a kids pee pee.

Teens become registered sex offenders by having a photo of their own body. That's, a criminal record and their futures ruined because they saw their own naked body.

In the meantime, there are cops looking at child porn all day. They possess it as evidence. In some cases, they're directly examining and photographing teenage boys' penises. Cops are just as prone to being sickos as anybody else... arguably more. Of course there's going to be pedophiles sprinkled into the police force. But in the meantime, they are literally the only people who are viewing, possessing, and creating child "pornography" with impunity. By policy, they are doing it. And if that detective didn't eventually get outed as a pedophile, I'm sure everything he did according to this case would stand and be defended by the system.

My point is, how fucked up is it that your 15 year old kid can get a criminal record and be labeled a sex offender for seeing his own dick and balls, but any 'ol detective can come along and say "We need to see this kid's erect dick and balls" and a judge goes "Okie dokie!"?

I think he was 17 and she was 15, right?

I can't believe the kid got probation over this. This is the most trumped-up, ridiculous shit ever. We portray sexual relationships between teenagers every day - fuck, our literature that we force kids to read portrays sexual relationships between adults and children (see The Crucible). Some of the most popular porn categories involve teachers and students, schoolgirls, etc.

How the fuck are we going to be mad when teens wind up engaging in sexual behaviors with one another, and how the fuck are we going to impose a penalty a kid for sexting someone two years younger than him when we've all but encouraged these behaviors on an institutional and social level?

it was spooky ghost!

Yes I understand what you are saying.

Sounds like something a Nazi would say! (Oh shit they did)

"thanks baby, you gave my hole quite the STRETCH!"

I read it first thinking the kid committed suicide and then saw the name again and was like WTF?!!

I'll take "Shit that doesn't surprise me" for $1000, Alex.

I can't imagine what it must be like having your life torn up by them..

the real killer is that i never thought i had committed a crime so i never had reason to believe the police would be after me. then one day they literally kicked in my door and stuck a gun in my face. i have constant anxiety attacks thinking the police are after me, because why wouldn't they be? real life has showed me already you do not need to have a logically sound reason to be after someone, you don't need to remember you broke the law to have broken it, nor do you even have to try or want to break it. I live in constant terror that I'm going to accidentally break the law and go to jail for my entire life and rarely leave my house.

thats not even discussing the pre-freudian methods (and THEIR long lasting effects I'm sure you can imagine.) employed in the sex offender therapy i was forced to attend as a term of probation even though i didn't need to be there.

That's my first thought as well. How the fuck did Abbott even got the warrant? What kind of judge would approve such a thing?

With inexplicable stains all over them....

Everyone involved with, and with knowledge of, this entire fiasco should be looking for a new job.

that happened to me and i have PTSD now :)

If porn has taught me anything, the Mom should have taught her daughter a lesson by fucking her boyfriend.

Bet he was a pedo buddy of the cop. Open an investigation into him.

I remember when this happened, Reddit was around, and I was fighting on here against people who were all "the law is the law" and " if put have nothing to hide show them it isn't your dick" and whatever.

Man, fuck you guys, if any of you are still around here.

He starts quoting the Federalist Papers...I couldn't read anymore laughing too hard.

Because it was a court order, which means the court found it to be lawful at the time.

This happened in real life with our very own President Roosevelt - The Newport Sex Scandal

The Migram experiment is still very relevant it shows that this type of thinking is extremely common in all people.

People extremely capable of rationalizing their evil acts as being the fault of an authority rather than themselves.

Did they investigate the judge for pedophilia?

Wait what? Did I read that right? The cop who tried to force the teenager to masturbate in front of him and his buddies committed suicide because they were going to arrest him at a later date for pedophilia?

Doesn't absolve them of responsibility.

An accomplice

An explanation isn't necessarily an excuse.

Judge King is a Clinton nominee, believe it or not.

"We cannot perceive any circumstance that would justify a police search requiring an individual to masturbate in the presence of others,"

and yet a judge approved and signed the warrant...that's how it works. the cops make a request and a judge decides if it's legal, reasonable, and where's the accountability for the judge?

The American legal system is full of so many catch 22s I am beginning to think it's intentional.

I am just picturing one officer saying

"Hey guys, I think this guy might be a pedo."

And everyone else going,

"... no, that doesn't seem right"

Then officer A hopefully started to investigate.

many years ago when i was freshly out of all that mess i considered it and was denied and my post removed because it "wasn't unique"

A jail houses prisoners, a knife cuts things.

...and it takes a court of fucking law to FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT?

But weren't the cops the ones who asked for the court order in the first place?

Judges rarely actually read warrant applications. It's one of the areas of our justice system that needs massive reform. Judges are supposed to be a check on the ability of law enforcement to search people's homes/possessions/cars/whatever, but are instead little more than a rubber stamp.

...Pedophile cop commits suicide after child pornography find.

At first I was like:

"Eeeeeverybody, eeeeeeevrybody, everybody wants to be a cat"

And then I was like:

"Oh no. God no. No no no no no"

Maybe not - but we should write up the case like "Did you know your neighbor, $NAME, abused his position as judge to assist pedofiles?" then deliver it to all the neighbors.

Another comment in this thread goes into how ridiculous that judge is.

Yeah, when I first read that, I was so sad that these evil people made this kid kill himself. Then I realized it was the cop who committed suicide, and I was glad.

I know that's not a very Christlike attitude, but that was my initial impulse. I hate when the wicked take advantage of the innocent or weak. My sense of "justice" trumpets, and I imagine a world without selfish, evil people who prey on others. I'm trying to rid my character of said impulses; but, for now, it remains.

Daddy I did good. I did real good. Can I have a smiley face sticker?

That whole scene cracks me up.

meant sue

I grew up in Manassas. There was a local Sheriff's deputy who lived down the street from me. He was arrested for possession of child pornography. I know his name and everything. Manassas is a fucked up place. They were the first locality to pioneer the kind of policing that made Arpaio (the Arizona policeman Trump pardoned) infamous in the first place.

Why isn't the judge's named mentioned and why isn't he also being sued?

The judge is expected to have more legal knowledge than an investigator I would imagine, and would think that the judge who signed the warrant would be at least as liable as the officer.

Either way, pretty insane stuff.

Bitch don't you want to start making some real fuckin money?

Or do the same as Abbott.

Never call the cops.

pedo cop just wanted to see the kids dick ...

That's prosecutors et al. for you

It's the one where Butters becomes a pimp.

Need to remove this current system.

And the judge was like "as long as I get to see the video"

It seems like judges are never held accountable.

This country really needs to take a deep breath regarding sex. We've become neurotic and puritanical about it, and it's become a cudgel to be abused.

Hm..... where have I heard this before?

removed? You are much nicer than me.

America is broken on every level.

You could just literally type is name into Wikipedia and find this out in 10 seconds.

At what point was this kid allowed to be alone with these guys without a parent. Wouldn't they need to consent to this?

Abbot can't be removed from his job, because he's dead. He committed suicide when he was being investigated for charges relating to pedophelia.


The Dollop podcast did an episode on it. Highly recommend.

definitely needs to be thoroughly investigated and ALL of his previous cases and rulings reviewed in excruciating detail. This is god, wow.

And what happens when we use number of convictions as the only metric for judging prosecutors.

I remember this. Totally sickening. We’ll never really know how many people he got to. I’m glad he’s dead, but would rather see him in prison.

He committed suicide when he was being investigated for charges relating to pedophelia.

What an unlikely turn of events! Are you seriously telling me that the police officer who tried to use the legal system to restrain a teenage boy and educe medical professionals to use prescription narcotics to make him aroused against his will so he could photograph it was a pedophile? I just can't believe it!

Maybe he was just eating a salad when reviewing them and got ranch everywhere.