Force the Dark Side - xpost /sub/EmpireDidNothingWrong

Anybody else hoping he would have tilted it up?

THB I was kinda worried about the wooden floor.

and burning shit indoors.

The time alone to do this is impressive and the fact that it came out that precise is unfathomable to me.

My favorite part is that he's doing this on a wooden floor.

I for sure thought those were ants at first.

I was expecting him to turn into vader after the fire

My favorite part is when the fine art is created.


This is done with "Smokeless" gunpowder. Gunpowder not under compression or in open container just burns harmlessly.

awww man now its not funny

Like this guy?

EDIT: Looks like a woman was killed

I agree. If he drew Vader on the canvas, and then used a material that would burn cleanly away to draw Anakin on top of that, revealing the hidden Vader underneath, that would be boss. Still, way better than any artwork I've ever created.

Or maybe that's just a medium that he really enjoys? You know because artists do things they love.

I really wanted him to tilt it up.

He even threw in a plastic bowl for good measure.

Nope just an idiot.

EDIT: From another article I read he had just got his new lighter and wasn't sure how to use it. Ended up using to much lighter fuel.