For those who thought that my last post about Five Guys was an ad here you have some Double-Double from In-N-Out [OC] [4697x2933]

For those who thought that my last post about Five Guys was an ad here you have some Double-Double from In-N-Out [OC] [4697x2933]

So, two ads now?

This post is obviously just an ad disguised as a guy trying to prove he's not an adbot. You can't win me over with your delicious double-double animal style with whole grilled onion, animal fries well done and a Neapolitan shake. No sir

He works for both franchises. Obviously.

The truth behind my burger posts is that I love traveling with my wife and I really love trying different burgers around the globe. That's all. I have a lot of burger pics from countries like USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, Italy and of course, a lot of burger pics from Argentina, my country. I think that nothing can beat a good burger with good fries and a Zero Coke or a beer depending on the mood (that's my personal opinion). Some people may consider that a "simple burger" is not worthy to be labeled as "food porn". But in my opinion any food pic that makes your mouth water is food porn.


it's treason, then.

This isn't animal style, its too clean. Which is a shame because thats the only way to eat in-n-out.

It’s sad you had to explain yourself for being a food lover. You think most people are intelligent and can decipher things for themselves and be normal. But no. Most people are pretty smart and funny on here; but you’ll just get those sociopathic, narcissistic people who just need to cause an issue to fulfill their need of annoying someone. I never thought your picture was an ad. It looked good and I post all food from everywhere I travel and what I cook. Keep doing the same. I love seeing food from around the country and world. It’s true art.

You mean double double agent?

I disagree actually. I love the animal style fries, but i prefer just a regular double double with cheese and pickles. So damn good and fresh.

Someone in marketing would never advertise for more than one company, that goes against their stringent professional ethics.

Have you ever heard the story of Jabba The Hut?

don't you mean Pizza The Hut?

OP’s more treacherous than the Verizon guy...

No animal? You animal!

Dude I’m already broke and overweight stop posting

I think the reason people hate in n out fries is because you can tell they used to be potatoes.

That's why I like them.


Me too. I love the grilled onions on fries, but I like regular onions on a burger, which give a stronger flavor. Also, animal style means they grill mustard on the patties, which some people may not like.

Zero Coke

What do all these joints have in common? I'm on to you!

Delicious! No go find yourself a Shake Shack and order a Double Smoke Shack to complete the trifecta.

I have an In n Out and Five Guys right next to one another. I usually grab a Double Double from In n Out and a med fry from Five Guys. Goes well together.

Easy. He’s a contracted fast food social media marketing guy

God the fries look as shitty as I remember.

No, that's conflicting. He leveraged his job and abilities from Five Guys and got a better job at In-N-Out.

But marketing-ethics is an oxymoron.

United States. That's a fact. The best burger I ever tried I had it in San Francisco. The place was called "Burgermeister". It was sooo perfect.

I’m glad for the clarification. It’s annoying to see obvious advertisements, and honestly that earlier picture looked so good I honestly could’ve seen it being one. Carry on the good work OP

In N Out fries can't be salvaged without dramatically changing their procedures.

Fries taste best when fried twice, at different oil temperatures. Keeping the fries in longer, at the same temperature, doesn't accomplish the same thing.

And since you have to choose between limp or dry fries anyway, might as well douse it in cheese or animal style toppings.

good fries


Something doesn't add up here... But please do continue posting food you find visually appealing, including hamburgers!

I have the pic of my Shake Shak burger! I was about to post it but since so many people talked about In-N-Out I decided to post these. Great burgers in Shake Shack.

So the Dominoes have started to fall.

You can get both onions if you ask


In the time that OP took the picture, the fries got cold and tasteless.


TIL fast food qualifies as foodporn

The only way i can way in n out fries is animal style. Imo their fries are terrible.

Something must be wrong with me because In n Out fries are my favorite fries even though everybody says they suck. Meanwhile, I can’t stand McDonald’s fries which all of my friends considered blasphemy.

With well-done fries

the one in back appears to have the sauce on it, but doesn't appear to be full animal style.

sacrilege if you me!

it is an ad, even if this guy isnt being paid to do it this is an advertisement "a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy." By naming the company that sells it and posting it in a positive light as food porn I dont see how you could say it doesnt count as advertising

shit you could even say the entire sub of shower beers is random beer advertising as most users show the labels and arent like "this shit sucks!"

He's the wendys Twitter guy obviously.

In-N-Out has hot peppers!?!?

Not even gonna lie. That shit looks terrible.


I mean it's a good picture. I'm just not a big fan of fast/junk food.

Good point. But since he got double burgers at both places, does that make him a double double-double agent?

I will add "put my hdd in the microwave" to my testament.

I love them because they pair so well with the burgers, but I agree you can tell they were once potatoes (and sometimes see them getting sliced in the drive-thru).

You can also get "whole grilled" which is how I like them, the best of both onions.

so what is the problem? is there an issue? let the man and his wife enjoy their burgers in high con-fucking-trast.

Whether or not you are an ad, remember this - delete your browser history before your heart attack.

Well too bad we don't have in-and-out outside of US. My side only has PHut, KFC, Wendy's, McD, Popeye, swensen's, BK and subway...

We have Mc, Wendy's, BK and Subway here in Argentina. Luckily "gourmet burgers" is a trend here so we have a lot of local burger joints opening every month.

No more five guys near me, they all just got shut down for tax evasion :(