for real tho

for real tho

Malaysia Airlines

$300 a month on cable

what the fuck


Which rational person pays $300/mo for cable?

HBO and the 80 other premium channels don't cost that much

The type of person who doesn't need to cancel cable to buy a plane ticket.

$300 a month for cable? Yall niggas not broke, I dont believe you anymore.

I pay $98 a month just for internet and it's 10mb/s down and 1mp/s up

The real MVP



I mean first off, 300$ a month on cable is extreme.

Plus they aren't factoring in living costs, hotels are pricey too and unless you're grocery shopping where ever you go, food is going to get pricey.

Seems like a bad idea.

Ouch I pay 120 for TV phone and gigabit internet

Yeah 30 Netflix accounts for your girl friends who see you as a brother.

The real title is always in the comments, but we really need to stop upvoting bad titles.

Check this shit x_x


They had a plane disappear over the ocean two years ago. Sad tragedy, lots of lives lost.

Bikini bottom is at the bottom of the sea.


oh my god

Does such a subscription even EXIST

Or spend 8 bucks a month on Netflix.


Good ping at least.

Nah, you just live under a rock.

It's one banana Michael. What could it cost? 10 dollars?

Why are you so loud for?

No, this is Patrick

The type of person who doesn't care that it's $300

TIL I'm stupid

And the fact that you have to take time off work.

Or save 8 bucks a month and torrent

for real tho

For 300$ a month I better be in the damn show



You better tell that nigga to go buy a fire stick and put kodi on that bitch

surprised no one knew about this before, I been flying Malaysia Airlines connects to Bikini Bottom for time now.

Can't play league

191 will be noticeable when gaming but you can get used to.

Not only is $300/mo for cable a stretch armstrong reach, but where the fuck you gonna go for $300? Grab a plane ticket then not have any money for hotel/food/entertainment/transportation/etc.

How's that afterlife treating you?

delete this nephew

It really irks me when people say shit like this. Yeah you can get somewhere for 300 but what about food, shelter, transportation, and everything else?

The only people that say "don't worry about money, it's not that expensive to travel" are people that don't have to worry about money in the first place

The weed up heres trash.

And daddy didn't raise me at all

I don't know, I have DECENT internet and pretty much basic cable with no movie channels and that already is costing me about 140.00 😒

There are so many options for lodging that aren't hotels. Hostels, couch surfing, even air BNB is cheaper that staying in a hotel. If you do some research into those areas you can sleep for a lot less.

The price for hotels gave me the biggest wake up call the first time I planned an adult trip. I was so amazed at how cheap Lane tickets were. I really thought air travel was out of my reach. Then I began looking for hotels after I booked the tickets. I saw a fantastic hotel in lower Manhattan for like $300 and thought "Wow! That's so cheap for the whole week. Let me book now!" I was so shocked when I discovered that was the price per night. I cried a lot that night fearing I had made a mistake. But getting there and having a place to lay my head only set me back $1k...

I'm more prepared for the realities of long vacations by myself now.

The trick is to get drunk enough each night to wind up in the drunk tank, hell you might even get Gatorade and breakfast in the morning before they release you.

Mama didn't raise no thief

With no regard 4 human life.

Streaming "illegal" videos is legal as long as you don't distribute (upload) in the US. Which is why a lot of torrenting is actually illegal but streaming the same thing from the web is legal.



.191 seconds

It was in 1998 at hell in a cell, I remember it vividly

I guess it's bundled a lot of people still have cable for sports


standing ovation

I have 200Mb internet and my roommate refuses to give up HBO. And I like watching sports, plus HD, plus boxes for our bedrooms, and it's $230/mo when he doesn't rent on-demand movies for $8 a pop.

Wavy mofo, I see your username

Is 191 ms bad?



yOu ArE NoW oN a LiST.

$300 dollar plane ticket right to my parent's house


Christ on a cross man. You're brutal


I stream, but I used to torrent. Torrents are way better quality, streaming is way easier.

Lmao. God help you

10mb/s? That sounds horrible.

Someone who doesn't know how to torrent.

"Niko, its your cousin Roman"

Fuck man that doesn't sound worth at all, why not just cancel?

Bitch, I got 1mb/s down and like.... .36mb/up.... Shit sucks. Took me 12 hours to download CS:GO. Wow takes about two weeks of on off downloading.

I actually rage quit league for a while cuz of my shit ping. Still relapsed tho

In Canada for unlimited internet and cable with sports and HBO is like 240

"Mom, how much is your cable bill? Asking for a friend."

For torrents?

But that's not cable...

Sounds fake to me. Any sources of this phenomenon of multiple months of saving?

I don't get it. Somebody explain

kickass is a terrible tracker and torrenting is very much alive

Shut up

Too soon?

Shit, man I'm sorry. Do you live in an area where a monopoly exists?

Or you might get robbed and raped. Worth it I guess.

I'm a gamblin' man.

Kodi itself doesn't let you watch pirated movies, it's the addons

I have top tier internet and like fifty channels for $60. Budget better.

Shit, on Megabus the world is your oyster as long as your world is like ten towns

Yeah it's definitely an issue with how his Kodi or his files are set up

Australian laughter sobbing


Lol I get a 900kbs with spikes down to 400kbs quite frequently. I just download my games overnight. Most of the time however (triple a games) it takes 2-3 days to download a single game. I have great ping though like 27 when playing league. I live in the US. My family who lives in Mongolia has better internet than me.

Did you also reverse the Hs?

Well, they were only off my an entire order of magnitide. Close enough, right?


for you

It's OK, I hear heaven is legalizing medical use by 2020