Food's gonna be Poppin'

Food's gonna be Poppin'

Pffft, Pop has been hosting the cookout for years now.

Yeah, came to say this... He's been a real one for a long time now.

Pop is just an all around good guy.

In my opinion, this puts Pop above Belichek in the “best coach in sports” talk. Most people have them as equals, but Pop’s ability to connect and understand his players on a social level as well as connect to their background speaks volumes.

For example, Patty Mills (Spurs player) is an Indigenous Australian basketball player, and Indigenous Australians are often looked down upon in Australia. On Indigenous Australian Day (holiday observed in Australia, called Eddie Mabo Day), Pop pulled the team together for a meeting and explained to them the importance of it regarding Patty’s heritage. Patty didn’t tell Pop about it. Pop was WOKE enough to research it and explain it to the team.

Eddie Mabo day is important because it finally gave Indigenous Australians land rights in 1992...... even though their ancestors were in Australia way before the whiteman were.

And this was during the 2014 Playoff run.


Source without paywall I believe:

Is he invited to the quinceanera and bat mitzvah too!

Side note: we should start a rite of passage ritual to signal black children’s transition from adolescence to adulthood?

I mean, they're reporters. I'm all for protecting journalism, but sports reporting is only a notch above the paparazzi. There are a few good reporters and then a cascade of clickbaiting idiots.

Like during interviews and such? I mean hes a man of few words, honestly its what I like about him.

Why can’t we have more white folks like Greg Popovich? I love these kinda white people!

Have to respect his honesty, speaking the truth and saying this publicly.

It's two for 1 coupon night at the nudie bar.

There are more Greg Popovich's out there than there are "Donald Trumps".


Acknowledge the change that is needed in a positive way and more will follow in its wake.

I absolutely love how succinct his statement was.

The cookout's defense is gonna be phenomenal

Correction: Whites WHO ACTUALLY WENT OUT AND VOTED preferred Trump by a 21 point margin.

According to the United States Election Project, nearly half of eligible voters (46.9 percent of approximately 231,556,622 people) did not vote in the 2016 election.Nov 9, 2016

Love the HEB commercials.

Cause some sports reporters usually want coaches and players to say dumb controversial shit that doesn't matter so they can get views and stir shit up. If you watch a few interviews you'll consistently hear terrible questions that have no business being asked.

Pop himself is known for being a smartass but usually gives insightful interviews. I think he's earned the right to do and say whatever he wants to the media tbh

And he also treats reporters that do good work well. I wish I could remember the journalists name, but when Pop wanted to talk about how upsetting trumps racist bullshit was he just called this dude out of the blue. He said “I need to get this off my chest, this is all on the record” and gave the dude a fucking huge story, in the sports world at least.

Maybe he just doesn’t like idiots asking why his team lost one of the 80+ games his team will play so he’s a smart ass to them?

never underestimate how far positive reinforcement can go

When Popovich wants a bitch

he drops his stick so thots can lick

hand job the dick till they pop the wrist

drop a kiss then call it quits


What about the werewolf bar mitzvah?

We observe Mabo day? TIL.

That title tho

I love that college basketball player last year who said “well, when you put the basketball in the hoop, you get points. When they do it, they get points. Their team put the basketball in the hoop more times and so they won.”

All that post analysis is 90% bullshit anyway. Unless someone was hurt or one team has just an awful coach the answer is usually: their team is better than ours. Unless you’ve got LeBron and he’s tanking so his GM has to rebuild before the trade deadline. Then the answer is: “the best player of the generation doesn’t like his team so he didn’t wipe out these east coast shit stains so we’d trade the midget.”

Bar mitzvah is for boys, bat mitzvah is for girls. I think


Nah, ABC News got it right bruh