food for thought

food for thought

mops the same corner furiously for 8 hours

Ya but now that corner is clean as fuck

Maybe drug test, but don't include weed? If the janitor smokes a bowl on his lunchbreak, no big deal. If he's shooting meth or heroin? There might be cause for concern.

Why is anyone being randomly drug tested? Isn't that a red flag that we do this with certain professions? We don't randomly drug test our politicians, lawmakers, and enforcers (police).

I'm pretty sure that's Adderall, not weed.

It's always the droid keeping it real.

Whats wrong with huffing a bit of spray paint before cleaning some toilets

We don't randomly drug test our politicians

The houses of commons and lords in the UK will all end up fired if we do this. Bunch of dirty paedo druggie cunts.

Police do get drug tested

Beep boop

It makes so much sense that the cleaner droid in Destiny is just high as hell all the time.

Good bot

Or coke

Custodian, dick!

Hell, they don't test for that.

Coke lasts for like 30-45 minutes so you'd have to keep redosing a lot to mop for 8 hours.

I dated a cop. He definitely got drug tested

Maybe they do it mostly for insurance purposes..

If the janitor smokes a bowl on his lunchbreak, no big deal.

At home only. I wouldn't want an employee to go to lunch, drink and come back sloshed for the rest of the afternoon.

XR coke

You’d probably love to join my cause: Joints For Janitors. This will certainly gain it some traction

That is one well paid janitor to maintain an 8 hour coke bender.

I thought looking and sounding high as balls was the point to recreational marijuana use. I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time

Brother in law is a sheriff’s deputy, he got drug tested. I don’t think they do randoms unless there’s an accident.

Janitor and weed smoker here....the corner is clean as fuck

I’m a military pilot and we definitely get drug tested. Additionally, the civilian pilots flying you around the world are also drug tested. Many can be gate checked as well to ensure a legal BAC level (no one likes a drunk pilot).

My brother is a Federal investigator. He gets drug tested randomly approximately once a quarter.

Absolutely you can have a corporate policy that makes distinctions based on job title or duties. You can't discriminate based on things like age, sex, etc. but you absolutely can say something like "all employees in safety critical positions are subject to drug testing".

No corner left, just a hole in the ground.

Is that an analogy to rappers?

Question: What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?


Mop drop

Not even close. Shit comparison

In Canada it's only legal to drug test for job where it's a safety concern, like if you're operating heavy machinery. That's the way to do it.

I get randoms with the National Guard all the time.

Barely, Adderall just makes you more alert if you don't take it regularly. Gives a bit more "energy" I suppose. The vast majority of people I know that don't need Adderall and take it anyway are weed users because you can smoke a lot and still stay active and alert, there's less "looking and sounding high as balls" when you take some beforehand.

All outdoor work is best done ripped.

That's military, they test.

He investigates crimes against children. I think it's as much about him carrying a weapon as it is also about making sure they don't develop substance abuse problems from the stress.

I'd hire a janitor on meth, the place would be the cleanest place ever.

Sure would. He'd clean out your office of computers and take the TV's off the wall, and on the weekend come back in the middle of the night to steal the copper out of the walls.

And the alarm would never go off because the janitor has the keys to the place.

Everybody can rag on janitors, but the fact is it's a position that involves a lot of trust.

Agreed. Doesn't matter what your job is that is unprofessional

I'm pretty sure you can smoke weed and not be on drugs when you go to work. Kinda like how I can go have a beer this weekend but that doesn't mean that Im taking shots on my way to work.

If you're trying to say that only menial jobs get randomly drug tested, that's not true. I worked at a government national lab and they have random drug tests going on every day. This is a place where 50% of the people have PhDs and they're still testing everyone, name drawn out of the hat style.

Because you can't have a corporate policy on drug use that exempts some employees. That's a slippery slope you don't wanna start on.

It's not about how high-class the job is, janitors generally get full access to buildings alone after hours.

Screening for weed is silly, but use of more addictive drugs is a decent reason not to give someone a master key and private access to equipment and possibly substances

The question still remains.

But it's OK to get fucking plastered on booze all weekend and teach some children.

So all those people who legally get their weed in Canada and the USA are associated with criminals.

Why are you commenting on an global forum when you don't even comprehend the rest of the world.

Our head maintenance guy makes over 100k a year.

I know right, my high school minimum wage job drug tested, but my post college full time job did not.

Lul, pissing in a cup is sooo violating to make sure the people keeping us safe arent high lmao

How is it super violating to want employees that dont do drugs? XD