Folks This Is Some High Energy Next Level Shit Posting. At A Bus Stop Next To Google Headquarters In Venice Calif. Not Photoshopped.

Folks This Is Some High Energy Next Level Shit Posting. At A Bus Stop Next To Google Headquarters In Venice Calif. Not Photoshopped.

Goolag done goofed. Now the consequences will never be the same.

Lol. The I'm feeling fucked button is awesome.

We've backtraced them!


They've been reported to the cyber police

It's a nice touch.

Brilliant! I hope to Kek that someone on our side has the site. Now wouldn't that be too cool.

I clicked it

Proud Boys did this one.

All their memes are on a 24/7 lockdown until further notice.

I hope Goolag dies in a fire from smoke inhalation

Google's mistake was following the standard leftist doctrine of shamming, suppressing and firing anyone who challenges their Oto grease doctrines. It's all they know, and in their minds is the only solution to suppressing ideas they hate.

But you can't fight an idea with force or mockery. Only a better, stronger idea can overcome another idea. Fortunately for conservatives, the left is devoid of any productive ideas.

Sabo is a proud boy

Do a Google IMAGE search for white american athletes. Or just white athletes. Thought Police.

Did it lead to the Hillary timeline?

Duck duck go

This is Sabo, he's a master at this. Check out his art. He also did the Ted Cruz tattoo posters a few years back, and also some hysterical Oscars posters.

I liked this so much I made a donation. Gotta support the arts -- that I can tell you.

Good, they celebrate literal terrorist supporters and nonsense holidays like "national hip hop day," but nothing for Easter?

You clicked it too huh

So to be a patriot I have to get jumped in by a bunch of dudes while naming breakfast cereals? Wtf is this shit.

probably not have you seen the stupid shit they do?

final form you have to get a TATTOO? sorry im not going to let myself punched then go get a tattoo cause gavin said i have to.

I'm not a cuck.

I would hope even reasonable liberals would be equally concerned that a company with so much influence in our daily lives would be so brazenly working to stifle dissenting speech.

Preferably in an AIDS fire from HIV inhalation.

Wow, I almost cant believe it...

yea exactly, i would never punch or harm another supporter that is shit the left does to us, we should be protecting ourselves not HURTING each other.

Im a grown adult not some drunk college kid.

Oh I didn’t know what. That Gavin guy doesn’t want Sabo getting credit though, he wants it going to Proud Boys. They want their name to grow, I’m guessing.

Google headquarters is in Mountain View, CA.

I was thinking about that last night. Maybe whenever you search for something, it brings up results and starts blacking out and removing ones that are considered "toxic" while having a running circle or something that says "safe space constructing".

Haha I'm on vacation here in LA right now. I have to see this! Hopefully, it's still up!

We tracked their IP addresses in real-time with a gooey

Pool's closed