FlyQuest completes academy roster with the additions of Keane and Shrimp

FlyQuest completes academy roster with the additions of Keane and Shrimp

rooting for keane and shrimp to fight for those starter spots

At least FlyQuest doesn't toy with our emotions and just releases their rosters... I'm looking at you 100 Thieves!

If Saint is on the coaching staff, it's only a matter of time.

They could have Score as a jungler and Shrimp would somehow end up starting

Rumors are rumors, but Prolly has said that they wanted to make sure Aphro was comfortable with the ADC and didn't start talking to them until after Aphro was signed so that they could get his input.

I'm sure the plan is Cody Sun, but that's why the delay and also theres rumors they have been looking at Rikara but we dont' know if that's for the Academy team or not.

they've also been scouting the current rank 1 homegrown adc

Keane is good enough to be a starter, but still glad to see him on a team.

Adding a starting-caliber NA mid to the org should at minimum provide flexibility if they want to replace Fly Fly with an import at another position in the future. Regardless, I’m excited about both the LCS and academy rosters FlyQuest has put together; a lot of fun players with potential.


His son signing for FlyQuest might be all he needs to return to his old job

This makes for a really weird power dynamic within the team. A 3 player majority from Toronto playing under a 6(?) Split veteran and an import who have their own synergy. I haven't heard how vocal Keane and Shrimp are though or what kinda out of game role they've played on teams. Those seem more work with our LCS Jungler mid signings than help coach up these fresh academy kids.

Also Shrimp signed, if that doesn't spell Academy Coach Saint idk what does.

I honestly think keane will be starting halfway in

Hell yeah.

sucks that keane isnt on a starting position for any team

its just a meme that saintvicious ends up starting shrimp or bringing him onto any team he coaches

was basically much better huhi

Players change over time, for better and for worse. For the past two splits Huhi improved immensely and was definitely better than Keane. Not a knock on Keane, Huhi is just really good.

not sure if its an unpopular opinion but i think moon is better than both anda and shrimp. especially shrimp actually