Flynn delayed ISIS attack plan that Turkey opposed: report

Flynn delayed ISIS attack plan that Turkey opposed: report
Flynn delayed ISIS attack plan that Turkey opposed: report

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn pushed to delay a plan to retake ISIS stronghold Raqqa that Turkey opposed, according to a new report.

Flynn was under investigation for lobbying for Turkey during the presidential campaign without declaring it. He admitted earlier this year he lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government - and received payment of more than $500,000.

He was paid $500,000 dollars to, among other things, take it easy on ISIS? Trump knew Flynn was under investigation, and still appointed him.

No pardons. These guys have to do serious time.

Jesus is this whole thing going to be hourly stories now?

It is one thing he delayed the plan out of strategic concerns. It is another after he got paid for 1/2 million dollars. The guy has serious character issue. Like he stayed in the Armed Force for so long but had no sensitivity about conflict of interest? How is he different from those naval officers who are being prosecuted recently for corruption?

How do you think Kellyanne Conway feels? She's spinning so hard at this point, she's getting her own Beyblade spin-off

i can't decide what's worse, taking payments from an authoritarian government to alter our plan against terrorists, or colluding with an authoritarian government to influence our presidential election.

There's so many new reports I can't keep up. It's mentally exhausting.

Doesn't matter to me which is worse, I just want to see these men fall as hard as they deserve to.

Even if it was a totally rational decision to delay for other reasons, saying anything other than "I'm sorry, I have a glaring conflict of interest, I' can't be a party to this decision" makes him a huge piece of shit.

This is straight up fucking treason.

It's so much that Kellyanne Conway is cancelling appearances on Fox News that were initially requested by the White House. They don't even have enough time to make up proper deflections and alternative facts.

For the past two years Trump and Flynn were saying that Obama were weak on terrorism and Islam and now Trump's pick for National Security Advisor didn't want to attack ISIS because he was in the pocket of a radical Islamic government. This could be a great comedy if it wasn't real.

No wonder he wanted imunity.

I got zero references in that second sentence but I'm still upvoting after the mental image of conway ferociously spinning.

He's quoted saying if you're given immunity you've probably committed a crime.

Money goes in, influence comes out. Can't explain that.

McClatchy reports that former President Obama and his national security adviser Susan Rice informed then president-elect Trump of a Pentagon plan to retake the city of Raqqa, an ISIS stronghold, with the help of Syrian Kurdish forces.

And just today Erdogan's thugs went after Kurdish protesters on American soil.

Trump is going down with Flynn with this story. Not only was this guy paid to essentially aid ISIS or give them additional time, but he also told Trump he was under investigation, AND WAS HIRED ANYWAYS.

This thing is turning into a total shitstorm

Flynn aided ISIS for Turkish bribes. That's 'big league' treason.

donald trumps incompetence in the cover up leads to the intelligence community turn on him completely, trump fails upward because being rich is easy mode but even on easy mode trumps a fuck up, he lost so much money in casinos and etc

Donde esta la biblioteca

And she was going on Tucker who's most difficult question would be "just how hypocritical do you think Democrats are"?

Can you imagine the glimmer in autocrats' eyes worldwide when they saw Donald enter the primaries?

Cut the guy some slack.

It's just a little locker room treason.

Yes. Turks tend to call anybody of Kurdish or Armenian descent terrorists. Kurdish-Americans and Armenian-Americans were the ones protesting.

.....they called American citizens terrorists?

Hey guys, Flynn was always going to be he fall guy for this whole thing. It's why they kept him around even though they knew he was toxic. It was that toxicity that made him a believable fall guy. He went around to all the committees investigating Russian interference in the election and offered testimony for immunity, which they denied at the time.

Because he was going to take full responsibility as sole conspirator and architect, using his immunity to avoid prosecution.

Then republicans would have an excuse to shut down the investigations before the truth could be revealed.

We are now being directed back towards Flynn. I expect the special prosecutor will focus on Flynn, and eventually Flynn will take the fall, saving Trump and the republican party.

All the evidence to incriminate Flinn as the sole architect / fall guy was in place before Trump ever took the oath.

It was yesterday, actually, but your point definitely still stands. And to add insult to injury, the Turks claimed that the Kurds were "terrorists," ironically.

Waiting to see how Trumptards will twist this story as Clinton/Obama's fault.

Still not as bad as Benghazi /s

Reality has become a comedy sketch.

Why was Flynn involved in ISIS attack plans?

It's a lawyer joke. Res ipsa loquitur, which is the guy's username, means "the thing speaks for itself" in Latin. Under res ipsa, negligence is inferred just by looking at the circumstances surrounding a negligent tort, and there's really no arguing any other way.

It feels like binging a Netflix show. So surreal.

He had three in Atlantic City.

His genius plan was for them to compete against each other.

They're not even trying. Too busy rage jerking over Seth Rich right now.

What's even weirder is that things like this that make their way public is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Do we still shoot people for high treason?

It also took Trump 18 days to fire Flynn. Sally Yates (acting attorney general at the time) revealed to the White House on 26th Jan, that Russia could compromise Flynn because they knew he was lying.

Flynn was fired 18 days later on the 13th Feb.

Incidentally Sally Yates was fired by Trump for not supporting the first travel ban on Jan 31st. Flynn outlasted her.

"Obama warned Trump, but he didn't go far enough. He literally should've made it impossible for Trump to hire Flynn by sending Flynn back in time to the Middle Ages! Yeah, that's it! Also, Benghazi!"

I hate nearly all of the characters and the writers just keep dumping more and more scandal in an unbelievable manner while never resolving anything.

Giving the pretty blonde girl a scene leading Whitehouse meetings was pure fanservice bullshit.

Buttery males!

It's what he did.

Might not have been a plan since he just does shit without planning, but that's what he did.

No. There is a third bombshell that dropped. A lot of GOP leaders knew about Russian involvement from the beginning. Ryan, Pence too. They are on tape. They were all in on it : House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump

President Hatch seems likely.

This has nothing to do with Hillary. If she is guilty of crimes, punish her too. The same goes for your neighbor down the street. This is the old "but he did it too" childhood attempt to get out of trouble.

Res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself.

Why does this read like fake news.

Your bias.

Mcclatchcy is the source. Whoever that is.

lol. A 159 year-old company with 9 Pulitzer prizes.

Can you imagine the Fox News shitstorm if Obama's NSA was being paid by Turkey to delay an attack against ISIS? Is Flynn a secret Muslim? Next on O'Reilly

I'm sorry, I mean I get that its obviously possible, but how do you lose tons of money in Casinos? Don't they basically print money?

"I want Immunity"


Because having a private server and not attacking ISIS because you are in the pocket of a radical Islamic government is the same level of awfulness. /s

How is he different

He's got more powerful friends.

Can I binge watch the rest of the season now to see how it turns out?

But her emaaaaaaaiiiiiiiills

Right, he just has huge financial dealings with them related to his real estate empire. Nothing suspicious at all, there.

He should be fired.

Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

It costs to operate them. And if nobody comes to your shitty casinos, you're losing money. But you have to really try.

You spend more building and operating it than you recoup in profit.

I honestly think Trump is going to blow past Nixon, Cater, Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes in terms of the sheer amount of scandals, one after the other. Trump is going to have his own Watergate AND his own Iran-Contra type scandal, all within the first 200 days of his administration. The only thing missing is a Bill Clinton type sex scandal, which obviously doesn't matter and pales in comparison to having your national security adviser delay the fight against ISIS because he's receiving money from a foreign power (Turkey) who would prefer things otherwise.

How does this not end in a prison term? You chase Snowden for what he revealed to world but you do nothing to a President and his team who make decisions based on personal financial gain which are directly contrary to the nation's interests?

I think it's pretty clear which is the greater threat to the nation, and, indeed, the world.

Bigly Big League. The bigliest.

For fuck's sake tell me he didn't actually say that. I can't tell if this is satirical.

Yeah, they're trying to "Ollie North" him, so he takes all the blame and Trump gets off scot-free

Doesn't really matter. Any time there is more than one Armenian or one Kurd present it's a terrorist organization, according to the Turkish Government.

I'm too dumb to understand how probability works, but it's easier to blame the media than learn something.

There are reports that the Trump administration knew, Pence being one of the people who knew that Flynn was a danger. It was another one of the bombshells that came out tonight

Don't forget Pence led the transition team. They're all fucking complicit.

Cold pizzas are in the basement, I repeat cold pizzas are in the basement in small boxes.


Yeah just like the Hobbit movie trilogy and ISIS both suck, so it doesn't matter which one sucks worse!!! TIL that you don't need any sense of proportion or nuance as long as the Internet (slash Russian propaganda) tell you that someone sucks.

There's "sucking" in the sense of "being an uninspiring and disappointingly non-liberal candidate who wouldn't be any better or worse than Bill Clinton was" and there's "sucking" in the sense of "literally not being able to form coherent sentences or manage any project or company without bankrupting it."

Buttery males!!

If this had been under Obama the shit storm would flow from coast to coast.

Sally Yates could have stayed longer if she only took bribes from foreign autocrats.

All those fast food restaurants wouldn't normally be owned by the same person.


Mi llamo T-Bone, la araña discoteca

Yeah, much better idea to do what Erdogan wants. He's got America's best interest at hand after all. Like today when his guards helped protesters learn what it feels like to be kicked in the head while laying on the ground.

I'm normally 200% against the death penalty.

Flynn needs to be executed. What the fuck. He literally sold out his country. For peanuts, no less.

Wow "He put up little of his own money, shifted personal debts to the casinos and collected millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and other payments. The burden of his failures fell on investors and others who had bet on his business acumen."

And Trump is about to finalize a 100 billion arms deal to the Saudis?

"Today will be partly cloudy with a high of 83. This evening the temperature dips to 72 with an 80% chance of shit, literal human shit falling from the skies. Now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods." - Al Roker probably

Technically, it's espionage.

However, if we're at the point where we're splitting hairs over the semantics of how someone sold out their country... that's not great.

Heres an ad for Bayblade

"I was elected to lead, not to read"

I thought they were YPG flags?

I didn't say she should be "let off the hook."

But the widespread implication before the election that both candidates were "equally terrible" is one of the most absurd talking points to come out of internet echo chamber culture in a loooong time.

A reasonably centrist candidate with decades of political experience and a boring email scandal is not equally "terrible" to the literally sociopathic and completely incoherent dumpster fire of a human being currently in the White House.

The fact that anyone could have looked at these candidates for more than two seconds without thinking "well duh she's a better choice than he is" sort of breaks my heart for America. I don't care what the DNC did, we all had a duty to make a good choice for the country, and not enough of us did it.

This was the wrong election to "stick it to the man" and rebel against the two party system. We had one job - keep him out. Sorry the DNC hurt Bernie's feelings tho, hope it was worth helping to elect a manbaby who tweets completely incomprehensible rants while on the shitter at 3am.

If only someone would have warned the Trump administration about him. Oh wait...

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How are you more outraged by a crooked private citizen than a crooked president?

Seriously who cares about hillary. She is irrelevant now. Trump isnt

Put Bush to shame? Dude, get real. Bush started an unnecessary war on the scantest of evidence, while already in the middle of another war. It cost thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and others' lives. Get out of here with that garbage.

Edit: And I wasted this comment on a 56 day old account.

It's what Andrew Jackson would have wanted

Pence was in charge of the transition, Flynn came forward during the transition and admitted he was under FBI investigation, Pence was completely aware when he hired him into the administration.

Probably helping elect America's very own wannabe version of Erdogan and Putin, was his worst act.

Like sharing state secrets with a hostile country?

Disclaimer: I don't know if I buy this. However, do you think he will get his own show on FOX news? I really hate when I see that fucker Oliver North on FOX.

Can't wait to read a transcript of Trump's speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia... was real, but it wasn't as big a part as I remembered.

Read it and weep.

So is he a businessman or the president? He can't be both.

I would love to lose the two party system, but that's not how it works right now. We need to take small step steps.

The scandal was Hillary kills americans which of course was ridiculous. There were plenty of embassy attacks during the Bush administration but nobody's ever talked about them. It was political theater. We got caught unprepared and some people tried to hold Hillary singularly responsible. I hate Hillary but BENGAHHZZII!!! got way out of hand.

They've partnered with 4chan to harass doctors now.

Edit: lol, they deleted the juicy bits. They'd listed the names of a dozen or so doctors to go after for "information" on the Seth Rich diversion.

Be realistic. Rich white men in suits don't go to jail.

Joke here is he had his sex scandal Before he got elected

Ahhh the McConnell defense

At what time? Erdogan has been in power since 2002 and turkey hasn't been "democratic" since 2011 when the military was castrated under false cases.

Stop talking nonsense please.

Nah, he got all of his money from the Russians.

Why is Trump making this deal? Are you saying that if Hillary made this same deal it would be evidence of pay-for-play but if Trump does it that means it's in America's best interest? What happened to Trump standing up to SA?

Serious question: Would Pence be in trouble for any of this if Trump gets impeached and people put in jail?

It's not like he wouldn't be aware of these things. Does that mean Paul Ryan is next in line? Would people allow him to sit 3 years?

I'd still say to string him up, but $500k is just not worth the risk he took.

I've got a friend who lives in washington who has basically been acting as my personal curated live feed. She sends me everything that's been happening and I'm at work and I'm getting like 3 hours tops of real productivity a day because she'll send me something, I'll take five minutes to get back into the flow of things I was just working on... and then something new happens.

We're hitting some kind of doubling rule where even 24-hour news channels can't afford to recycle headlines because by the time they're done telling you about one thing, everything has changed.

What are you talking about? Broke up the EU? Please. The dots you're trying to connect from Hillary to these made up conclusions aren't even on the same page, on the same desk, in the same room.

Thousands of American lives lost in Iraq. How many American lives were in lost Syria or Libya? Hillary's, and any state civil servant's, first priority is to protect the interests of their country. Stop trying to muddy the waters covering up your garage equivalence between Bush and Hillary.

Take your 56 day old Reddit account back to Russia. You've got another hundred bot accounts to tend. I'm done with you.

Don't go claiming shit is fake news in a public forum without a basic google first

source I'm using Donations from Saudi Arabia did not go directly to Clinton or her campaign, it went to a foundation that she is closely involved with that shares her name, which makes it different from how Flynn was directly paid. That is also her actions were not illegal as the money did not go to or through her.

These people are pathetic little cowards. They were given great trust and responsibility and traded it to basically party hard a few nights. If they had been paid millions it would be wrong but an understandable temptation. Nope, a few nights of hookers and blow was all they charged for their dignity.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn pushed to delay a plan to retake ISIS stronghold Raqqa that Turkey opposed, according to a new report.

Obama's team informed Trump because while the plan would be approved under Obama, it would likely be executed after Trump took office.

The report follows the revelation that Trump knew about Flynn being under investigation weeks before his inauguration, but appointed him at national security adviser anyway.

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No, the shock is that he's the president. He should have put his business in a blind trust during his presidency.

I'm actually enjoying it. It's like doing a binge of the last few episodes from a TV show leading up to the show's finale.

He should be fired. Oh wait...