Floss company asked for free designs. The artists responded

Floss company asked for free designs. The artists responded

That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen... its really something when people come together!

I can easily see “FUCK YOU, PAY ME” hanging on my wall. It’s a masterpiece.

The "died from exposure" is the best one.

It worked, too... they added a $500 prize for the winner!

$500 is not nearly enough for a design the company will presumably be using widely, like holy shit.

I mean I would by no means complain if it were more, but speaking as someone who actually does design cross stitch patterns myself, I don’t find it that unreasonable. The winning pattern will be listed on their website as one of hundreds of free patterns they offer. I sell my patterns for $4-$7 each. So in order to make $500 off of a single pattern, I’d have to sell around 100 of them. That would take a while for most designers, my little Etsy shop hasn’t even made me that much total yet. It’s not the most popular hobby out there (although we have a really wonderful, active community here on Reddit!) I’m just happy to see a company actually responding in a respectful way to their customers. They owned up to their mistake and were respectful and grateful to the artists whose designs you saw in this post.

Somebody activated a bot swarm for an embroidery scandal on Reddit? What in the hell?

I want top middle and I want three of them.

What's with all of the weird comments in this thread? "DMC is [insert negative critique]. We won't [form of support] them."

Kinda creepy

My wife knits, different than stitching, but similar. Anyway you do NOT want to piss off a bunch of stitchers. It 90% old retired women who literally have nothing else to do all day but fuck your shit if you get on their bad side

I highly doubt that they're bots, because if they were bots they would be able to be a lot more active. Also what is there to gain politically in running a bunch of bots over floss. My guess is that there's one person who's really pissed off who made a bunch of alts for various reasons years ago, still has them around, and wanted to make their perspective more popular by having four "people" backing their exact sentiments.

This is the best one but wasn't included in OPs image.

is the best one but wasn't included in OPs image.

Fuck you

Pay me

This is a really wholesome reply so I thank you for the extra information. From the wording of the original post I thought they were looking for something more akin to a logo rather than one more of many designs sold on their website. In that context you're right: $500 does sound more reasonable.

The bots in this thread are making me uncomfortable.

What the fuck? Most of these accounts are 1-2 years, with this being their first comments.

Yeah, this has bot farm written all over it.

I guarantee there would be no mention of the artist on the Floss website.

I thought it was referencing goodfellas for a moment there

I'm confused, are you referring to the company as being childish for trying to get free work, or the artists being childish for insisting they get paid for said work?

Can confirm it’s a real thing. I make my living with embroidery, and this shit riled up the craft community so hard.

DMC is now offering a $500 prize for the winner, so they corrected their error when they saw the backlash at least (:

Yes. They will be used for advertising purposes later. They're all bought.

Look at their profile, they made a sub to complain about getting downvoted all the time XD

Still fucked.

“Hey, everyone do a bunch of free work, and then we will pay the one we like most”.

Or you know, hire a company based on their portfolio and have them design what you want.

Spec work helps no one.

“You want I stitch? Then pay me bitch!”

It’s a community that likes crafts.

knits, different than stitching, but similar

I see she has you well-trained.

I see that you frequent gaming subreddits. Given your clear interest in gaming, you probably have a few ideas of what makes a good game.

If you give me your ideas, I'll make the games. I'll be sure to put your name in the end credits so you get exposure while I make bank.

Even better, you could make the games and I'll copy and sell them.

DMC is horrible . I can't follow them

just kidding, not a bot

How do you quantify "artistic"?

Karma farming accounts


But they're all 2 years old with no other posts... is this normal?


I'd assume the contest make you give them the design rights for even just entering, so you get 1000 people entering, giving them 1000 free designs to use and they offer a prize of $500 to the winner so everyone else gets screwed except that one person. They don't care though 'cus they get to retain all the designs.

Now if they only retain the right to use the winning design and not all entrants then yeah that'd be at least fair in that 999 people don't get screwed out of the work they put in.

Gambino is a call girl,

Fuck you, pay me.

Omg they've spent hours archiving their own downvotes.

It’s worse because that’s pretty much the only brand of floss available in craft stores, so it’s the default brand all the patterns out there chart for. There are loads of indie companies out there, but then you have to deal with substitutions or making your own floss indexes and making your own patterns.

I wish the link to the Instagram is available, i wanna go read the comments there

You Fuck,

Me Pay

Amazing! I'm still hoping for one of those designs to win... I mean I'd buy it.

$500 is a steal and still not worth it for most professional level graphic designers.

These were the designs judged the best, would you want to feature those with the least votes?

Sort of kills the 'exposure payment' idea.

do you have the slightest clue what the words patent, copyright, and intellectual property mean?

More floss per square centimeter

I wonder what they were expecting hosting a competition like this... seriously, they had it comin


Not my first thought. This is the first thing that came to mind - a guys teaching small business owners how to deal with non paying bad customers. 10/10 recommend:

You’d be surprised to learn that there’s much more to maming art

People buy and sell ideas all the time. What do you think a pitch is?

Still better than "fuck you, eat shit, please enter"

Brand new whip

This is so great, on so many levels.

Stitches for riches, bitches.

I wonder which grandma wrote that.

You seem to be on a lot of gaming subs.

Where would those games be if ideas were worthless? They'd be non existent or just a worse version of the game we already have.

If politicians are not good enough, then they do not get paid. Oh fucking wait.

Even without the typo, this is one of the stupidest things I've read in a while

Yeah, anti-corporate posts are probably the easiest comment karma there is.

Though making 10 almost identical, but oddly phrased ones, at once was poor planning heh.

Can you even grasp the intellectual concept this higher minded person has to offer?!?!?!

I'm guessing he means the composition doesn't look the most skilled, at least compared to the others. The others are also really nicely photographed. The joke is top notch though.

At first I thought, "Why are they using cross stitching as a way to make a statement?" I had to Google DMC and see who they were. TIL

So consumers should boycott to protest the right for consumers to boycott? You've got some serious cognitive dissonance going bud, is consumer reflection on business good or not?

Threddie Mercury is a great handle.

That was an unexpected nostalgia hit and a great joke. I loved it.

Someone at subway is making $7.25 an hour right now. I don't expect everyone at the fanciest restaurant in town to be paid the same rate because one person in a fast food joint is paid that amount.

Yep, I doubt there's anything stopping them not using the designs that didn't win either, so it's a once off payment of 500 quid for a bunch of designs with only one artist getting compensated. Still sucks.

I'm sorry, was I supposed to actually peruse your profile and get timestamps? You're fucking petty, and butt hurt, and if you actually had this "higher intelligence" you claim you wouldn't give a shit about your fake karma points and how much the Hivemind downvotes you. When apparently every single other person is a jerk / stupid / whatever else people like you claim, maybe you should look in the mirror. Meditate, do some introspection, realize that maybe you're a twat and not a victim nor superior to everyone, like the rest of us have learned to do.

I automatically think of Goodfellas when I see it.

If people buy something, someone else is making a living off it. This could also just be part of their income.

You don't have to be poor to beg

Now the guy's got Paulie as a partner. Any problems, he goes to Paulie. Trouble with the bill? He can go to Paulie. Trouble with the cops, deliveries, Tommy, he clan call Paulie. But now the guy's gotta come up with Paulie's money every week, no matter what. Business bad? Fuck you, pay me. Oh, you had a fire? Fuck you, pay me. Place got hit by lightning, huh? Fuck you, pay me.

Lol what? Is this a joke?

sry,,, looking for free religious designs ONLY for my church group ...... NEXT!!

sleeper agents

If someone is not a good enough artist, then don't commission them for work in the first place. Don't fucking try to get them to work for you, and not pay them. If you aren't willing to pay them, don't try to """hire them""".


Maybe the bots mistook DMC for DNC?


No, they're almost certainly alts of someone else already in the thread commenting.

You do know where you are right? Do you just come here to be mad about artists not accepting exposure as payment?

How are any of these comments valid to this post

Are you from that Faming Gorum?

This is clearly the best one. And it wasn't even in the original image.

is clearly the best one. And it wasn't even in the original image.

Tell that to Van Gough

:) :3 OwO XD

He references good fellas too though.

Yeah, it's weird. Most of the accounts are a couple years old but don't have anything but that one comment on them. Then there's a couple that actually have a regular posting history.

Soldiers are worth nothing more than the weapons they use. Guess this will make pay a little weird between standard infantry and B2 pilots.

There's a lot more to any occupation and value of said occupation than the tools of the trade they use. I find it funny that we don't cheap out the same on electricians and other tradesmen.

What??? You’ve “always wondered what’s going on in” the heads of people who enjoy crafts? Of all the people you could be puzzled by it’s crafters and not like, serial killers?


No, doing shit like that is gonna ruin them and other people on the long run.

They're begging for free wotk, though...

All these kinds of contests are a freaking scam, but people fall for them all the time anyway. And they'll argue with me tooth and nail that these contests are great.

Could bots be targeting something else that uses the letters DMC, with this collateral damage? (Eg misspellings of DNC?)

So it’s just like crocheting?

Edit: /s

So I can go to ten builders and say, “Hey, I want all of you to build me a house. Who ever builds the one I like most, I’ll pay $500,000. The rest of you get nothing, but I still get to keep the houses! Good luck, and thanks for competing!”

Competitions are for school. If these are professionals, then they should be paid as such.

Lol, you could be an amazing artist and people would try and get your work for free

As someone who loves to embroidery, that shit takes a lot of time and cash, pay me!

Nicholas Pileggi & Marty Scorsese, IIRC.