Florida sheriff sued for requiring background checks for evacuees trying to enter hurricane shelters.

Florida sheriff sued for requiring background checks for evacuees trying to enter hurricane shelt...

Now a man is suing the Polk County sheriff, saying the statements and deputies' attempts to run background checks at hurricane shelters were unconstitutional and, worse, an unethical attempt to get desperate people to sacrifice their rights for safety....

Judd was managing his department's response to the storm and would not be available for comment, said Scott Wilder, the director of communications for the sheriff's office. But in a Facebook message, Wilder said the people who filed the lawsuit "are lying to you."

"We have not read whatever they say they have filed," the message said. "Whatever it is, it's frivolous and without merit."...

Williams also said the sheriff's statements about sex offenders were an attempt to deflect attention from the thorny constitutional questions his statements raise. There are other, simpler ways to check for sex offenders short of running a criminal-background check, Williams said. Under Florida law, the driver's licenses of people convicted of certain sex offenses have the words "SEXUAL PREDATOR" or another designation printed on them. To identify sex offenders, Judd's deputies would simply have to glance at their driver's licenses.

The only "frivolous and without merit" things I'm reading in this article is coming out of the sheriff's office, seems like a load of shit while they violate rights.

We didn't read what they said but it's bullshit

All people deserve to live. History will not look kindly among those trying to divide us. They will only be remembered as the artifacts of bygone ignorance.

Reminds me of the joke where a stranger comes up and stuns a farmer by talking to his animals. He asks them how their owner treats them. The dog says it's well fed and has plenty of walks. The horse says it has plenty of hay and gets brushed regularly. As the stranger approaches the farmers goat, the farmer jumps up and shouts "THAT GOAT'S A LIAR!"

Blatant racism. Him and Arpaio should be sharing a jail cell.

It's nice that warrants for sex offenders aren't a priority, that they have to wait for a natural disaster to round them up, but they're kicking in doors in the middle of the night to search for drugs.

He should have just admitted the truth, he wanted to serve warrants on people who were behind on their fees and fines.

Or maybe they really don't bother with the rapists. Weird thing to brag about, but this is a guy who tries to ambush people seeking shelter from a hurricane, so he probably doesn't have enough ethics to understand them.


Every time some right wing sheriff opens his mouth, the taxpayers lose a bunch of money.

read his posts, he's super cereal

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Your post history is hilarious 8/10 would recommend.

Well from what I read anyone on their state sex offender list has it stated on their State ID or Drivers License, and more importantly you can't bar sex offenders from taking shelter from a natural disaster, its illegal. People misunderstand how the sex offenders list works and how not all areas bar these folks from certain areas, including a shelter from a natural disaster. But lets not kid ourselves, his original tweet said he was going to ID everyone looking for anyone with an outstanding warrant and put them in jail, he only backtracked after he took major flack on social media and then tried to cover his ass by saying he was going after sex offenders. This sheriff is a real douchebag.

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I haven't been able To confirm but...

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No, but if you hear theyre doing background checks at all, wont that make you way more scared to go in?

I saw people scared to go in if they had an outstanding parking ticket, and people telling them they shouldn't risk it. This is the sortof general fear this sortof bonehead statement creates

There you have these link, my friend, if you want to read it


The article goes on to state that this is the foundation of the lawsuit. That these warrant checks, since they lack PC, are unconstitutional.

Many times, undocumented immigrants are from countries other than the United States.

Thanks honest pede. I'm glad you guys share your very true and real opinions with us. This facilitates civil discussion in these threads. /s