Florida House fast tracks legislation Democrats call "union-busting" bill

Florida House fast tracks legislation Democrats call "union-busting" bill
Florida House fast tracks legislation Democrats call "union-busting" bill

You'd think at some point the average republican work a day Joe would ask himself why establishment republicans, you know the "globalists" and corporate fascists they hate so much, are so scared of unions.

Yeah, you're 100% full of shit.

Average republican work a day Joe is told that... democrats are evil, unions kill businesses and end your job and taxes are literally identical to stealing.

Asking himself anything would be frowned upon... he should ask his priest or his fox news...

If workaday republicans were capable and willing to think critically, they wouldn't be republicans.

As a member of a Florida public union, they still do a lot of good, even though we're relatively weak. This bill is absolute shit. Without our union, we grad students are fucked.

Elections have consequences. More people should have voted and more of the ones that voted, should have went with the Lesser of two evils.

Oh well.

Because they watch Fox News where they're told they'll get in blow jobs and millions if they let the GOP finish what they started

Agreed, but it's few and far between, in my 28 years of working in this state the only unions I've come across personally are Disney's and whatever one our electricians are in that work at this casino

Florida is a right to work state anyways most unions have no power.

That website horrible. Advertisements everywhere; pop up ads, scroll ads and regular ads..ew!

That said, is there any reason it would change from last time it failed? It's also silly, it's not like the union can steal someone's money if they aren't interested in the union (unlike some places) so if the union can't draw benefits it doesn't hurt anyone for the union to exist.