Comfortabel and secure rabbit behavior.

Now that's the best way to cuddle someone. Forcibly.

This is what my dog does when it's bedtime. He flops down then does a big huff. After that he is out!! I know when I hear that huff, I can get some sleep

Last time they called the police, got any good tips?

As shown in the gif, doing while they sleep seems to be best. Don't forget to sniff them a bit first before you attempt the snuggling

This was how my new little calico kitten announced to the old orange cat that they were going to be best friends. Flop

My cat does this when I go to bed. I lie on my left side with my left arm sticking out straight in front of me and she walks up and flops against me with her head on my arm. I then rub her belly until I fall asleep.

Be cute

Dont be uncute

The the rabbit is just like is this the cat? Oh yes lord it is flops

Haha..after a hard day at work and the SO has a wide-on after watching 50 Shades..