FlipSid3 Tactics vs Team Liquid / ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 - The New Challengers: Round 2 / Post-Match Discussion

FlipSid3 Tactics vs Team Liquid / ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 - The New Challengers: Round 2 / Post-Match DiscussionFlipSid3 Tactics 0-1 Team Liquid

Cobblestone: 10-16


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MAP: Cobblestone


Team T CT Total F3 8 2 10 CT T TL 7 9 16


F3 K A D Rating WorldEdit 20 1 16 1.23 markeloff 21 4 18 1.18 B1ad3 13 5 18 0.90 wayLander 13 5 21 0.81 seized 11 6 23 0.61 TL Twistzz 23 8 15 1.49 EliGE 20 6 13 1.39 jdm64 22 6 14 1.29 nitr0 19 3 16 1.17 zews 12 5 20 0.84 Cobblestone Detailed Stats


This thread was created by the Post-Match Team

So f3 has won a grand total of 3 ct rounds so far (out of 26 ct rounds played), including a 1v3...

Also I wish we could see what Liquid's capable of with steel playing instead of zews :(

I enjoy Flipsid3. It is my favorite team in CS:GO

When they get a round, I think to myself ”yes”.

When they die to pistols, I think to myself ”no”.

not gonna lie, 15-9 didn't have me convinced

Just watching the match if steel was in the same positions zews was in he would have excelled. So many rounds zews had a chance for a double kill or more and he was lucky if he got one. No hate, he is a coach standing in and doing the best he can for his team. I did like seeing how much he was on a cz to ensure his team mates could have rifles. That and being willing to jump out through smokes and be first in so your guys can trade frag is the way you want your coach to be playing.

Really sad to see Seized to perform like this... He lost almost every 1v1 he faced.

Might be worse with steel atm.

zews at least can call and unleash nitro and has a good idea of what the team's strengths and weaknesses are.

once steel gets situated with the team and develops chemistry/habit he'll obviously be better, but I actually think this is a blessing in disguise for team Liquid.

Maybe they already mesh well with steel from practicing, but they haven't played much together for me to say that's true.

zews playing the good old entry death role

Back at the PGL Krakow qualifier, F3 decided to play Mirage against C9 after not playing the map on LAN in 2017 at all and after having a 9-long loss streak on Mirage (online+LAN). They proceeded to win a grand total of 3 rounds against C9. I laughed, and then F3 knocked Liquid out of PGL Krakow on Mirage, on the same day.

While that makes me want to reserve judgment on F3 playing Cobblestone on LAN for the first time since October 2016, I can't really do it. NICE MAP PICK BLADE LMAO


It's really smart and cheap to use zews as first-man with CZ. New meta incoming?

If Liquid had steel, I think they would have a legit shot of making the playoffs of the actual major.

...But they're playing almost 4v5 -- zews is simply nowhere near a T1 player (not his fault, but it's the way it is.) Can't expect more than making the major and then a group stage exit imo.

Might be able to upset a team or two though with how well elige and twistzz are playing -- if nitr0 shows up too then they can be exceptionally dangerous.

Also, twistzz is just as scary with a CZ (if not more so) than with an AK/M4 lol

They give people cobble drops though.

Even on 15-0 there's a chance for a choke

In game coach meta incoming

The best moment of the whole match was when the UI showed WorldEdit twice and no Seized

Agreed. He's trying to do his best creating space and getting information for his team

he's showing pretty poorly yea

In terms of pure positioning maybe but you have to remember Zews is the igl for this event and doesn’t have nearly as much input as a coach.

Flipsid3 is looking pretty weak this tournament, Im curious to see how lucky they get in their losers matches, because they obviously will still make it to the legends stage...

Zews mentioned in the pre-match interview yesterday that we will see him dropping guns and being on pistols a lot, but it really showed this game. He was constantly on CZ or UMP buys, and I think thats quite an interesting strat. For someone always on these half-buys, with 11 frags, its pretty good. JDM and Nitr0 seem pretty good today, everyone is firing on all cylinders. I think depending on tomorrows match-up, they can go 3-1 pretty easily.

flipsid3 straight up don't have the firepower to compete


Liquid were still looking strong with nitr0 as IGL. There is a reason these guys want to coach, they love the game but most no longer have the ability to frag out at a high enough level. If having the coach be your IGL in the server is such a boon then why do no teams do that? I would rather a coach be your stand-in but no one would rather have their coach play than their 5th player.

Even when Liquid gets to 16 rounds you never know if they'll find a way to lose

Twistzz is insane and zews is actually doing well as entry bait and gun dropper.

I just remember that absolute cancer game of mouse vs f3 that went to like 50 odd rounds and the team that had man advantage kept losing the round over and over. Decided that both those teams should never play cobble again. This one

He had some really nice impact kills, flanks and whatnot. Dropping the bomb in b halls is the notable example

Hope he bounces back, he was great before having to IGL in NaVi. Its been downhill since then...

They really are playing 4v5, which sucks because I want to see the complete team compete at the major (and with the next one so far away who knows if the lineup will be the same), but yeah not zews’ fault.

Even with that, there are some high quality teams in this stage, so if liquid can beat teams like G2, C9, Mouz, Vega, (Renegades & Navi?), I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to take maps or beat Gambit, BIG, fnatic, VP and even north (stretch). Also with 200T not attending it likens their chance they make it into the major, and even out of groups.

This whole major has a bit of an asterisk when looking back at teams placements, due to the stand-ins and missing teams (tyloo, 100T), not that judging a team on their major performance is really a good idea.

E: Also liquid has made it out of groups every time they’ve had a stand in, sooo liquids gonna get NAs first major.

seized and not winning gunfights

Elige wide swinging top of drop to kill seized pretty much summarizes this game, flipsid3 straight up don't have the firepower to compete with Liquid.

Takes some skill to let Blad3 outfrag you.

That first half was just a series of failed anti-ecos, smh.

Liquid recovered as Ts though, which is a relief

*wipes brow at 15