Flight of the sugar glider

That is so adorable.

I love the "brace for impact" look it had at the last second.

InB4 “shouldn’t be a pet”

Yes sugar gliders are high-maintenance (diet and cleaning up especially), quite social, and definitely not for everyone. You would need to invest quite a bit to care for them in a humane manner But honestly it’s nowhere near as stupid as having a pet primate/tiger/wolf (as in species that are nearly impossible to keep privately)

I do recommend you talk to people on /sub/sugargliders, you have rescues, etc there as well.

There needs to be an explosion in the background.

Yeah! The way he squints and squishes his face! Squeeee!

Roommate had chinchillas.

Bloody useless little shits. They're like a cross between a rat and dryer lint. Nervous and hyperactive and scared as fuck of everything, they're basically hairy heart attacks. And they shit these hard little pellets. Lots of them. Not just that, but they also bathe in sand. That by itself isn't a problem, except that you need a very tall cage for them with a bunch of platforms, and they spend their waking hours shitting and twitching and tear-assing up and down and up and down the fucking cage, from platform to platform, flinging hard little shit-pellets and sand into every fucking corner of whatever room you put them in, and beyond. And they do it at night, randomly, because they're nocturnal or some shit, so while you're trying to sleep you've got this constant KLANG KLANG BANG KLANG WHANG CHING BONG WHANG of these little pests bouncing off the sides of this giant cage.

Fuck chinchillas. They're not even snack-sized, and you'd get fur in your teeth.

This has to be the coolest dogo?

I want to see what happens after this. I want to watch his whole life.

sky pupper

Owner here. Nothing worse than a ferret, chinchilla, or any other pet for that fact. Depends on the person and the dedication.

I want to see him graduate from college

Full body high five.

I just about laughed myself sick when I read your description of “cross between a rat and dryer lint “.

Here's some basic info; sugar gliders are marsupials and are totally legal to own. They do well in captivity if they get into good hands. However, they are high-maintenance: they need to be at the very least in pair, and require foods that are hard to find/monitor properly and a very tall cage with hiding spots. They are quite intelligent (dog-like: can be trained to do tricks and recognize their names) but are nocturnal and will do messes/scream most at night. If not raised by a very dedicated owner, they *may very well * turn wild and aggressive. A lot of people get rid of them because they can't take care of them properly. Do your own research before getting an exotic pet. Edit: apparently not legal everywhere as someone mentioned below. Check your local laws if you want to get some.

Gotta squint because it looks cute and the landing pad has pointy pink nails.

flying rug rat

I was thinking it should be set to Ride of the Valkyries.

He will make us all proud

They're also exported illegally from Australia

False. There are a huge number of breeders, there is no profit to be made by smuggling them. The only primary sources that state they are trafficked are all by animal rights groups, rather than any conservation or law enforcement organizations.

If you have other sources, please cite them.

The fact that they go into hibernation mode

Sugar gliders don’t hibernate. Where did you get this from?

They will go into torpor (which is different from true hibernation), but it’s a defence against bad external conditions in winter, and they do this only for a few hours at a time.

They also have no respect for personal space and will poop and pee on both you and everything else at will.

This part is true. That’s why they are high-maintenance and often challenging (it’s also why I personally won’t consider one).

I hate to think that for every cute sugar glider video that hits front page, several sugar gliders will get bought by idiots and live terrible lives :(

I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ugh!! Scored.

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With his little graduation cap.

The primary reason are illegal in like 5 states in the US because they’re considered harmful to native species and are classified as exotic animals. They don’t want them getting out and fucking with disrupting the local ecosystem.

Or are you asking what the benefit of them being legal is? I don’t think there’s some big reason for it, they just didn’t have a compelling reason not to. Similar to ferrets and hamsters being legal I guess.

We used to have one when I was littler. In most places where it’s not banned they’re pretty easy to legally obtain with a little searching. You can find some more exotic pet shops that will have them.

The Glider had it lined up perfect until this person moved and messed it up!

Really laid back adult dog.

Magic carpet mouse

Where you from? How'd you get them? Was it legally obtained? As an Aussie who lives within their natural habitat, ive never even seen one in real life. The only benefit I see that other countries haven't banned ownership like Aus, is the fact it boosts the population. Sorry for the nosey q's but that's reddit for ya.

I have some experience with gliders myself. They pretty much have to eat fresh fruits and veggies to maintain their health, in addition to needing vitamin supplements added on top because they have very specific nutritional needs. Secondly, they smell pretty rank if you don't clean the cage every day. I've not had ferrets, but I know very well that they are one of the smelliest pets a person could have. Gliders like to make a mess, they tend to throw things out of their cages a lot. They are also social, so they require quite a bit of attention to be happy. They can be hard to find vets for as well, being exotics. Any specialized pet has usually these same requirements that make them not great first time pets. For the right person who has the money and determination to have them, they're good little dudes. I'm personally kind of scared of them, they always seem like they wanna bite [also similar to ferrets in that fashion..] so they also aren't good pets for kids.

As a visual, the description is great. But irl rats are actually amazing pets and a gajillion times better than chinchillas.

I’ve had both and ferrets are a lot easier IMO. They aren’t so moody or needy but they can still be pretty affectionate. Mine use to just lay in the back of my neck like a fur scarf while I’d play video games 😊

Just don't get one if you aren't going to love it forever. They're fairly dependant and are prone to separation issues. I'm no expert but my sisters boyfriend did some extensive research on them.

Rats. Hear me out, they're extremely clean, sweet and docile in nature, very easy to care for, cheap, and bond quickly and easily to their owner. I owned 13 over the course of my childhood (2 at a time and then 3 at once, because they're extremely social animals), and it was one of the best things in my childhood. Mine used to be so attached to me that I could leave their cage open so they could use the bathroom, but they'd follow me around the room and snuggle underneath my hair on my shoulders or camp out in my hoodie pockets and sleep/groom my fingers (something they do between pack mates as a bonding exercise. If someone's pet rat licks your finger, it considers you a friend!)

Except when you have a clumsy one like mine who used to miss my hand and land on my face.

That’s a weird dog

An older female donkey. At least that worked for me. She raised me, as much as anyone did. :)

Not legal in Australia. I don't get why people want to keep 'exotic animals' as pets. They are difficult to look after because they are not domesticated. Why do we have to bend everything on earth to our will? Why can't we just let wild animals live their lives in their native habitat?

Those cheeks!

No one is mentioning that they are nocturnal. They sleep all day, and stay up all night barking. Not a good pet if you work a 9-5. Or if you're in school.

Do not get one as a pet unless you are 110% committed to thier needs. It may look like a cute hamster, but it needs a lot of care

Rats are awesome! almost dog-like in their intelligence. However they do not have long life spans. You get attached and then they die in like 3 years. Its rough.

No you dont, trust me

Diet and cage maintenance seem to be the two biggest issues around keeping these animals, so that sounds about right....

What animal even is a good pet for children?

To be honest this applies to pretty much any social animal, not just sugar gliders.

Though it does apply to sugar gliders

I adore rats and think a rat would be a great pet for my daughter once she turns 8.

Pretty much all old animals, that are nearing their end. Tend to be very low maintenance.

The big draw back there is that kids will get attached very quickly / easily. So when they pass away it will be difficult. Especially if you haven't dealt with that before (kids I mean). What I would do in the kid situation is have a long talk about it before acquiring an old animal, so they know that fhey will pass. And it's up to you (them) to give the animal the best life before he passes. Surrounded by friends, family, and most importantly happy.

I'm a crazy autistic person who greatly dislikes children, so feel free to dismiss everything I said.

Frogs are easy pets.

What about wombats?

Up dog

Actually legality depends on location. They’re not legal everywhere, so check your local municipality/state etc. And cannot agree more tho: do your research before getting ANY pet, especially an exotic! Source: PhD in animals.


Eh, I never much minded the stigma. Half cause I never had friends growing up, half cause... why am I gonna let other people dictate my life? Lol. If you want a pet rat, go get one. If a friend is gonna avoid you if you own a "weird" pet, then are they really even your friend?

Plus, they make the best cuddle buddies. You can't buy them in the pet stores like you used to be able to though... I'm not sure how people are supposed to get pet rats now :(

Beware the smell. Ferrets are the stankest pets next to straight up skunks. Like a high school boys gym locker. And they steal everything.

Sky pupper

What is up dog?

Rats too. The difference being that you can train a rat to use the bathroom somewhere besides your shoulder or pocket.

Please be sure to get at least two of the same sex if you ever do! It might sound like more work but it'll actually mean less. Having two means they'll keep each other entertained when you're busy and you don't have to worry about it getting lonely and depressed. Check out /sub/rats if you get the chance.

They're one of the most rewarding pets I've ever had. They run up to us whenever we come home and beg to be let out, ask for treats by licking our hands all over, and take care of each other whenever one's not feeling well.

Only thing to keep in mind is that unlike dogs, they may take a couple weeks - months to warm up to you depending on their personality (there are some that open up right away though), but once they do, you'll get so much love from them.

That's more so what I thought. One day when I have the time for one, maybe a fox too.

I've read a decent bit on gliders so I felt like that was a slight over reach. They seem like they need a good deal more attention.

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could be so fre-eee-eee!

Wombats are massive compared to chinchillas and other small rodents, not a house pet

He will be a better president than Trump

Breeders outside of Australia? They are illegal to export. Therefore breeders outside of Australia are using animals illegally trafficked in the first place for breeding stock.

“Hairy heart attacks”. XD

love it!

Nothing much. What's up with you?

Woah, there. That better not be a rip on rats. Me, my four rats, and the entirety of /sub/rats would have something to say about that.

A Batman theme. The Nolan one, perhaps

He goes back to work at the carpet shop after that

I want one.

kind of like

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