Flat Earth theorists right now

Flat Earth theorists right now

I'm pretty sure they are going to swing it as "If it's not flat, how are we driving to Mars right now?".

God help us all.

They've finally proved that the earth is round

What a time to be alive

If the Earth is round, then how come all of our rockets point upwards toward the same direction during takeoff?

Check Mate, globetards.

There's a Tesla in space at the same time a flat Earth nutjob managed to completely abort his mission to space. It was a good day for science.


If we're driving right now, Tesla is definitely setting some speed records!

What did I miss?

Thanks. I enjoy making fun of flat earthers, but I hope the home-made rocket man survives and my insurance doesn't have to pay his medical bills!

I kinda like obitating better...