Flamie choke to lose pistol round

Flamie choke to lose pistol round
Flamie choke to lose pistol round
Ustilo remembers

Watching navi play brings my depression back

That spot is cursed wtf

kick him and add s1mple

You hate to see it, but it happens to us all

Also Xyp9x at Eleague Atlanta vs NaVi.

F*** shooting ppl from behind.

its been commented on all the time. it's literally so difficult to shoot someone who doesn't know you're there. Their movement is never what you expect, on top of heads being smaller


Xyp9x does too

Imagine how I feel.

assuming you support the 2 biggest slavic teams, youre an alcoholic anyway

This is the first step towards alcoholism.

???? you're acting like he's a god at the game. No one "predicts" movement, unless you're talking about peeking/repeeking. You think he's flawless, but he's human. Everyone does this, and I wonder why. It's impossible to "predict" movement.... You're thinking it's as though he thinks to himself in the moment "oh yea, this guy is gonna press A right now, oh now he's gonna spam AD"

Being a VP fan first and a Na'Vi fan second is hard


I know exactly how he feel

even to the silvers!