[FIXED] See these people far too often in the service industry.

[FIXED] See these people far too often in the service industry.

I have check id on my card and I say thanks everytime someone asks.

Oh man I hated this sooo much. Also when they get declined and they're like "Declined??! I have a 50k limit on that card!" I'm a bartender man not your credit provider. You can't argue your case with me. As the great Ray Liota once said in Good fellas "Fuck you, pay me!"

I had this happen to me years ago. I was a sales floor manager running a register as back up. My boss that day was always a take-no-shit-from-customers has my back lady. I turn off my lane light and get ready to leave when this douche canoe on his cell phone throws his stuff on my counter. I decide to just ring him through since I like my boss and I don't think she would enjoy dealing with this guy.

We get to the payment and he gives me his card. "SEE ID" is written on the back. I ask for it, he flips his shit. I void the payment, hand the card back and tell him I cannot accept it. He's getting really pissed now and starts making a scene. He demands to know why I refuse to accept his card. I tell him that it said "SEE ID" on the back and his refusal to show ID indicates that this is either a stolen card or that he is a moron, but we aren't allowed to call our customers morons so I have to presume that his card is stolen.

Now that I have helped him go from angry to furious the front end manager calls my boss up to handle the situation. He explains what happened and I confirm that, yes, I really said that. I can't explain the joy of watching his smug you're-in-for-it-now grin disappear as my boss asked him, "why would you write 'see ID' then refuse to show ID? Are you really that dumb or did you steal the card?" She then refused to accept anything other than cash payment from him and he left without buying anything.

I was told to go on break and when I got back I was to refrain from pissing people off fit the rest of the day. I miss working for her.

Working in the industry for as long as I have, there is very little that bothers me. One of my major pet peeves is when the customer does something blatantly wrong and gets upset when called out on it. The example I am going to give happened last week and is still fresh in my mind.

A 3 top walks in the door, a mother, father and daughter. They take one of our booths and is greeted by our server, let's call her Becky. Well, Becky greets the table and takes their drink order, the mother orders an alcoholic mixed beverage and the dad a beer, the daughter a soda. Becky, being a good server ask for there ID's because our policy is if they look 35 or younger. There daughter clearly not of age (guess around 16 or 17) is not carded because she only ordered a soda. Becky stops by the table a few times through out the night, refills there drinks when needed and when she is bringing out their bill, notices the daughter sipping out of her mother's alcoholic drink. They spot Becky and quickly try and hide it. Becky being the good server she is asks to see the daughters ID because we don't serve minors. The mother loses it and has a fit. Screaming at the top of her lungs "SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO SHOW YOU ANYTHING, SHE IS OUR DAUGHTER, WE'LL GIVE HER A SIP OF ANYTHING WE LIKE. SHE"S NOT GETTING DRUNK ITS A SIP. HOW DARE YOU EVEN ACCUSE US OF DOING SUCH A THING. YOU DUMB SLUT." Becky of course starts crying and comes to grab me. As I am heading out to the table to politely ask them to pay their tab and leave, they are already gone. They left $20 and their bill was $50. This pisses me off.

Requiring ID, even if the card has 'see ID' written on it as part of a credit transaction violates the merchant agreements of all major credit card companies.

A card is required to be signed though; if it wasn't signed you could refuse on that technicality. I mean, the guy is a moron of writing it and then being mad when the cashier requested.

According to the Consumerist, your card is not valid unless you sign your actual name on it.

In some states (Wisconsin last I checked) it is perfectly legal for a parent to purchase a beverage and give it to their child, even at a bar or restaurant. This does not mean it is legal in other states. This does not mean your restaurant can't have a contrary policy in that state.

I don't have it on my card and I still say thank you when someone asks.

I always say thank you when they ask. I appreciate it.