Fish tank coffee table!

Cords, power strip, etc on the floor kinda ruin it for me.

I really like the idea of this coffee table, good work dude! But you should really put some real plants in there. Make it natural, it will look way better! Sure it's a lot of work but it will turn out great

It's a fish tank coffee table ... Two things you don't really move that often by themselves placed into one thing ... But yeah the cords do seem like an annoyance.

/sub/aquariums and /sub/aquarium need to see this. Question. How are you doing water changes? And how do you access the filter media? Is the top of the tanker removable? It's hard to tell with the clear acrylic

Thanks! I'm surprised no one asked how awkward it is to eat sushi on it though. Love all the suggestions and comments. I'll probably give the Java ferns another chance. To answer some questions..

Filtration: Besides the main carrier island filter, I have an Aquatop UV + mechanical pump filter along with another chemical + mechanical tube filter in one of the corners with a water circulator. I've had all the fish in there for over a year now with no issues; pH levels have maintained rock solid with regular water cleans. I actually do not use the floor air filters as one redditor pointed out. I have another air pump going to the main carrier filter off the floor which I've made removable with SS screws. And yes check valves are in place.

Nutrition: I feed them through the glass top and acrylic gap that is used to allow for tank oxygenation.

Cleaning: It's a bitch, not going to lie. But very worth it. It's easy to remove the glass top for full access and I have a vacuum I use to extract shit.

Fish: The pleco grew with the infant cichlids so they are in harmony. Photos were not taken in accurate time sequence. Ive never once seen them bother him.

Overall this was a fun and challenging project that I'm pretty damn proud of. Onward and upward DIY'ers!

Really cool but you're going to regret it forever everytime you're cleaning the aquarium

Looks amazing. However, one huge danger with mounting the air pumps under your tank level (and that low to the ground) is that you'll be pumping all the heavy air (with cleaners, dust, and other impurities) straight into your tank. You may not notice the effects immediately, but eventually your water can become toxic (even with regular water changes) and very few water testing kits can test for this. Just an FYI!

Won't the sound of glasses being set on the tabletop travel down and be the equivalent of tapping on the side of an aquarium, which I have always heard was bad for the fish?

Yeah that and the fact that it's not on wheels or legs at all. Must be a bitch to move it.

I like the concept though. I feel like with a little more planning it could be usable.

I move my coffee table all the time, when I vacuum.

I would have loved to hide them all and make it cleaner but it's a coffee table which rests in the middle of the room. Drilling through the floor or running it under the carpet wasn't an option. C'est la vie my friend!