First Woman in Space, Valentina Tereshkova, 1963

First Woman in Space, Valentina Tereshkova, 1963

The game kerbal space program has a kerbal named after her. My best pilot

Take note, Google.

There is a woman who went to space. Her name is Tereshkova

Absolutely shameless!

Absolutely shameless!

There's a ship in destiny called timeless Tereshkova too

Yeah, talk about westernizing history..

There's a system in Mass Effect called Tereshkova

I remember learning about her in school. Her, Yuri, and Laika the spacedog.







The worst thing is, there's no way they didn't know they were lying.

The woman I was named after ❤️


But that's not a video game reference.

lol she was 12 when the first woman went into space.

math edit

Not only that -- she was actually the third woman in space. The second: another cosmonaut, Svetlana Savitskaya.

Edit: and I don't want this to feel like I'm cheapening Sally Ride's achievement. She beat a completely different set of cultural norms by doing it with NASA, and simply going to space is fantastic and difficult and brave. This is more to do with Google's goof.

More women should actively participate in space flight. There are many well educated women working in the space industry; they are very good candidates.

----Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Kerman

My favorite kind of communism

Wow that's disgusting

Well that's the modern world that we live in. As they say; history is written by the victors. So many Soviet achievements have been dismissed by modern opinion. The first jetliner for example.

Thats something the soviets did do right, give women more rights, especially Lenin. Stalin not so much.

jumping skills as in parachute jumping.

Poor Laika :(

The Soviets believed that women were equals to men, Putin, not so much.

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What are you referring to?

I'm surprised google "fact check" didn't catch it...

Not great at history, but it seems like, around this time at least, the Russians were less concerned with gender than Americans. Like there seems to be more women heros in Russia at this time period.

Google put up a doodle saying that Sally ride was the first woman in space when that is wrong.

Valentina, your smile is beautiful!

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It was a popular theme with Russia: more equal than America. They got a lot of mileage out of it and also the Jim Crow laws effecting African Americans at the time. A case can be made that part of the reason Jim Crow laws were eliminated was due to international pressure and not just the domestic civil rights movement.

That's most of the reason. Soviets had female combat pilots in WWII. We didn't have females in the military in combat roles for a long time.

You mean besides being the very first country to provide maternity leave, childcare, equal rights on voting, divorce, inheritance, custody, employment and all that?

Geez. What's up with all the weird sexist comments?

"Valentina" by Public Service Broadcasting

Equal pay AND 2 years of maternity leave (first year fully paid, 2nd year not..) -- then, there was free childcare until the kids entered school. My family were some of the last Refuseniks to leave the Soviet Union, but maaaaaan, there really were some things that the Soviets did right.

Soviets did achieve quite a lot tbf. List here

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America didn't send a woman into space until 20 years after Tereshkova. Was this because they thought women weren't good enough to go, there actually weren't any American women who were good enough to go, or if NASA simply didn't think including women among spacegoers was a priority because of the cost of spaceflight?

We did it comrades!

One of the earlier reforms of the Soviet Union was a higher level of equality for women, women could get jobs in a lot more places, even in military combat roles. They were light-years ahead of the US in terms of social issues during their hey-day. A lot of that has regressed in the eastern bloc and Russia since the fall.

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yes they also screwed up the Gagarin/First American Astronaut piece.

Thank you kind sir. I've been looking for a forum for this game for a long time.

Well, Soviets aren't people, so what can you do?

Not saying it's uncommon, but it's pretty sickening for them to play revisionist when it comes to important historical events.

Google and the rest of left-leaning Silicon Valley are in full fucking "Red Scare" mode, lately. They're becoming the new McCarthyists.

Communism generally is very much pro-equality in all cases of oppression. Realistically being against the oppression of the working classes but being fine with racial and gender oppression is somewhat contradictory.

Star Trek, baby

I remember taking a tour of the John Glenn space centre as a kid, and having the guide tell our group that the first "astronaut" was Alan Shepard. I asked about Gagarin and was told he was not an astronaut, but a cosmonaut, which was clearly intentionally misleading to someone who was wanting to learn a bit about the history of space travel.

We then went onto learning about how groundbreaking Shepard's suborbital, 15 minute hop was, disregarding Gagarin had basically completed a full orbit on his first go. I didn't learn much.

The initial astronauts all had backgrounds as military test pilots, and of course there were no female military test pilots in that era.

The status of women in the 1950s is pretty well known. What is not so well known is the status of Soviet women in revolutionary Russia (circa 1917)

Long copy and paste, but here we go:

"The legal equality of women and men was established during the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. Lenin saw women as a force of labor, that had previously been untapped and encouraged women to partake in the communist revolution. He stated, “Petty housework crushes, strangles, stultifies and degrades [the woman], chains her to the kitchen and to the nursery, and wastes her labor on barbarously unproductive, petty, nerve-racking, stultifying and crushing drudgery."[27] Women needed to be economically free from men, and this meant that there had to be an allowance of women to enter the work force. The number of women who entered the work force rose from 423,200 in 1923 to 885,00 in 1930.[28]

To achieve this increase of women in the work force, the new communist government issued the First Family Code. This code separated marriage from the church, allowed a couple to choose a surname, gave illegitimate children the same rights as legitimate children, gave rights to maternal entitlements, health and safety protections at work, and provided women with the right to a divorce on extended grounds.[29] In 1920, Soviet government legalized abortion. Labor laws also assisted women. Women were given equal rights in regards to insurance in case of illness, eight-week paid maternity-leave, and a minimum wage standard that was set for both men and women. Both sexes were also afforded paid holiday leave.[30] These measures were put into place to produce a quality labor force from both of the sexes."

Of course, some of this was reversed under Stalin, but there are reasons women were being sent into space in the USSR and not the United States.

Google lied.

Google lied.

Astronaut and Cosmonaut are the same thing and if google are trying to make a distinction they can go fuck themselves

Don't forget Belka and Strelka!

Valentina Tereshkova, 1963

What does it mean that she was "relatively selected for her excellent jumping skills"?

Why relatively?

And, did they know that you don't have to jump, there are rockets that take you up.

The first left handed woman with red hair and size 6 shoe in space? psh

First thing I thought when I read it too...My favorite Kerbal too. :D

equality is not the proper term to use here. "equality" is more of a western propaganda narrative. What Russia Empire/Soviet Union had going for them was more of a "gage" of opportunity. Like my Soviet grandma said, "You wanted to be an engineer, you could be an engineer. You wanted to shovel shit, you got to shovel shit. Everyone paid the same for the jobs they performed." Plus Russia had history of strong women rulers such as Catherine the Great, etc. So equality is not part of the vocab, rather part a cultural norm and fairness. Might be hard to explain it to a westerner, you guys only recently started to accept people of color as people.

cool to be a legend

Out of more than four hundred applicants, five were selected: Tatyana Kuznetsova, Irina Solovyova, Zhanna Yorkina, Valentina Ponomaryova, and Tereshkova. Qualifications included that they be parachutists under 30 years of age, under 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) tall, and under 70 kg (154 lbs.) in weight.[6] Tereshkova was considered a particularly worthy candidate, partly due to her "proletarian" background, and because her father, tank leader sergeant Vladimir Tereshkov, was a war hero.

Yeah, the space dogs have some tragedies. But I think Yuri adopted one of them, can't remember if it was a lady space dog or male earth dog.

Russians are Cosmonauts.

Well, not outside outside...

Silicon Valley is liberal, not leftist. They are very much into capitalism.

You have to parachute out during reentry, not while you fly into space.

The first 'real' jetliner was the Tu-104, the comet was taken out of service after it kept exploding in mid-air, while the Tu-104 was flown uninterrupted since introduction and was the first jetliner to be exclusively given a route and thus likely the first to be truly profitable.

We might have had to send women into combat too if we were fighting off a full-scale Nazi invasion.


alt-reich kids who needed more hugging

If you this is bad, I suggest you stay out of all reddit threads having anything to do with race.

wow that's some west-ist propaganda... Cosmonaut is a Russian word for Astronaut..why do they need to differentiate between the two.... Gagarin is a Russian or Soviet Astronaut.

Our astronauts in the early space program were all very proficient jet pilots. Were there any women that were in such military programs back then? Maybe we failed to include women in our space program early on, probably because they weren't as welcome in our military? I don't know the answer, I'm just as curious.

Pls clap.

Good to see women are doing well at the moment. Peggy Whitson recently broke the record for the most time spent in space for a NASA astronaut.

The lost cosmonaut myth is anti-soviet propaganda with no actual evidence behind it whatsoever. You think that the Soviets could launch people into space without America finding out about it during the height of the cold war? It would have been beautiful propaganda for America. Not to mention that since Perestroika Russia has opened up a lot of old classified information and there's been no mention of any lost cosmonauts whatsoever.

I met Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya (the 2nd woman in space)who did a space walk for nearly 4 hours.

She told me that she was an avid parachute fan (she apparently had her own parachute at the age of 17) but her Dad ( a fighter pilot) was totally against her doing anything risky.

When she entered the Space Station, a man said "at last, someone to wash the dishes". She was not impressed but instead of retiring to a "safe space" got to walk in space. What a living legend!

She also got to meet female NASA astronauts who said that they wish they were cosmonauts as their was evidentaly a huge amount of sexism in NASA.

Don't be i saw a documentary where it escapes from the Collectors collection during a blast,it's alive and doing well last i saw.

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You're thinking of the teacher, Christa McAulffie.

That is the scariest thing about fact checkers: People tend to trust them unconditionally.

I'm still waiting for the day when Snopes and Wikipedia disagree.

Beware though, once you begin you can never stop.


Good thing too, because one of those women turned out to be extra good at Nazi killing.

Yuri didn't live all that long either :(

What's with the downright atrocious comments on this article?

Communism was such amazing thing, even for women rights they were first to accept them.

Quite true!

And how is this relevant to the above post.

I was as confused as everyone else until I read your comment. Thank you for explaining.

Any tips for this sub? I don't want to look like a newbie...

By government I'm assuming it means one that isn't a monarchy and instead, a democracy. Further information here.

I thought it was The Boss?

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Americans continue being jokes

Any Historians here? Was Russia more evolved on women's rights at the time than America?

I don't think the culture was feminist at all. I only remember the late 80s, but i can say that for example, it was always women who were expected to cook. Child care, house cleaning was also often delegated to women.

Edit: Lets be clear — I'm talking about the CULTURE, not POLICIES. These are two very different things. If you have questions or arguments, I'll be happy to continue the discussion.

Actually Lenin was a little more Conservative. In the early Lenin years Alexandra Kollontai was a younger Marxist Feminist who advocated for many gender reforms as well as 'free love'. However when she gradually lost her influence in the party some of her reforms were reversed by more conservative Bolsheviks like Lenin. However Lenin can be given credit for legalising abortion among other things.

The first jetliner for example

Ooo. What was that?

I'll be saddened if the Comet loses the top spot, but ah well. I got to fly in a Nimrod once which is the UK's submarine hunter variant of it. Felt weird flying in a plane that was over half a century old.

I guess they're not sending their best.

He crashed while flying a fighter jet.