First Person Perspective

First Person Perspective

Or it's just an optimized, cropped perspective of something with a much wider and taller field of view than can be reproduced by a 16:9 rectangle.

I don't know why you showed me this, but I'm glad you did.

This is dumb and inaccurate.

crazy talk

it's not really bad, it's close enough


Because the best way to run with a gun is with your arms stretched out?

While the pic is obviously an overexaggeration, that also rubbed me the wrong way when i played Left 4 Dead 2 the first time, the weapon was so giant in the standard fov, it felt like the character was holding it right next to the eyes.

Just to note: these blade products usually come greased.


Look at the perspective in the screenshot, then look at the perspective presented in that preposterously shitty MS paint hogwash. Its not even remotely presenting the same POV in relation to the gun.

You don't always fire a pistol with your arms fully extended out in front of you, in fact if you look at the way the hands are placed on the gun, you can see that the arms are bent and not fully extended.

FUCK YOU CUNT ... is that enough effort ?

How am I supposed to feel self righteous if I do that?

It could be rendering properly from the head and zoomed in for all we know. Have you seen the size of gun models these days

I was hoping for why you think that

If you hold your hands out in front of you as if your holding a gun you see you all of your forearms if not more. No obviously this would take up way to much of your screen for a game but the OP is just trying to illustrate that the eyes seem to be way to close to the wrists and I think they did that just fine.

Lol I put the same amount of effort as you did

Idk about you but usually when I see something on Reddit that I think is dumb, I just scroll passed it. I think you should do the same.