First day with a dashcam and it paid off

First day with a dashcam and it paid off

It's hard to feel super bad for the dude. Bicycles need to follow the rules of the road

holy shit i didn't expect that, thought he dodged a bullet there.

I bet his vision was blocked by OP's car. 100% cyclist fault.

EDIT: ON rewatching this shit the biker must have been high or suicidal.

This situation is exactly why you wait until you get the signal. Just cause you see 1 car and they see you doesn't mean you see them all.

There was actually a ghost car police officer directly on the corner. She witnessed everything and was immediately in position to help. The rider luckily walked away with a sore hip. The driver and his wife were fine.

Edit: Because this is beginning to blow up here is a bit more information from my other comments.

The driver was shaken up but was physically fine, as was his passenger. This is the dashcam that was purchased from Amazon. AUTO-VOX A118-C B40C Stealth Car Dashboard Camera Capacitor Edition Covert Mini Dash Cam Full 1080P HD video No Internal Battery 170° Super wide angle 6G Lens with G-sensor WDR Night Vision Loop Recording

Ghost car seems to be a Canadian term for everyone tuning in.

A young woman was killed in the same intersection last year when a driver ran a red light.

So... As a PSA, please, no matter what your method of transportation may be, be aware of your surroundings and be careful. Wear the correct safety gear, drive the speed limits, follow the rules of the road. This accident could have been a lot worse, but luckily everyone walked away fine.

Edit#2: For everyone complaining about the title, the dashcam was "paid off" by being put to use. It is meant to record events such as this and it did it's job almost immediately. The footage will be going to the police and will also help the drivers of the vehicle with their insurance claims.

Yeah but he's a cyclist. They see themselves as both pedestrians and vehicles depending on which one benefits them at the time. He will try to argue this in court. Hopefully the people gave the video to the other driver.

Edit: Guys we call all see he ran the red light because of the camera. This happens all the time with no cameras around. Thats what Im saying.

Except he is wrong in either scenario since they had a green light. Either he ran the red light as a cyclist or was jaywalking as a pedestrian.

Cyclist ran a red there. Traffic laws apply to them as well right? Who would be at fault?

Yes the cyclist has the same traffic laws in this case. He ran the red light and was at fault.

Yeah he was like - oh there is a car that will hit me for sure if he doesn't break, oh shit there are two cars!!!!

dude just wasn't paying attention lol

Yep, cyclist played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.

ghost car police officer

I've never heard that term before. I've only heard them referred to as unmarked police cars (and incorrectly as undercover police cars).

In this case there is a green lane for cyclists to ride in when the light is green, but his light was red.

Was this guy on drugs? Who runs a red on a bike in a city area. Without a helmet.

Quick work on the brake, good work.

Undercover or unmarked is what I say as well. There is something that people call a ghost car, but they're kind of a shitty police tactic to get around the regulations on having an unmarked police vehicle. Essentially they're marked but the markings are nearly impossible to see unless you're up close like this or this.

Undercover or unmarked is what I say as well. There is something that people call a ghost car, but they're kind of a shitty police tactic to get around the regulations on having an unmarked police vehicle. Essentially they're marked but the markings are nearly impossible to see unless you're up close like or this.

Yes, I believe the officer said that he will be fined for running the red light and causing an accident.

Despite being a cyclist myself I am a firm believer that cyclists are generally the cause of most accidents involving cyclists.

You see far too many skipping red lights, not signalling and generally abusing the rules of the road.

They just think they can get away with it because they're not actually inside a big metal death trap.

Edit: To clarify I am talking about urban areas here.

And got his picture took!

Cyclists cant ride on zebra crossings either, they gotta get down off the bike and walk.

I bike to work and 100% agree. Even if I have right of way, I always let the cars go first because they're the ones in thousand pound death machines and my life is more valuable than a couple seconds off my commute.

And... Does the cyclist have any responsiblity to the damage caused to the car? I know he doesn't have insurance, so wouldn't he need to pay the deductable at least?

I like that "Damn, you hit him." "No, HE hit him!" bit.

Also FUCK cyclists that run red. Few weeks ago I would have run one over myself, if I hadn't aticipated, that he would run a red light. I was raging!

A girl died at that intersection like a year ago. You can see her bike spray painted white at the end of the video tied to the light pole to the right of the car that pulled over.

EDIT: here's a news article

Most bike riders in the city. They seem to think traffic laws don't apply to them. They ride three wide, blow through stop signs and stop lights, and get indignant when you call them out on it.

Yeah exactly, I always make sure to have my helmet on when I run red lights.

That is in the USA in Canada they are allowed to drive unmarked cars although its often obvious as i think its still the same make of car and there will be shit in the window. I've always heard them called ghost cars here.

one of those fancy new moving pictures!

Here in Ontario, I've seen someone get pulled over by a 2004 Dodge Caravan...and this was this year.

My problem with cyclists is that they want to be treated like cars and pedestrians, whichever is more beneficial to them at the time

It's actually "Failure to obey an electronic pedestrian signal". Jaywalking is crossing corner to corner in a diagonal through the intersection. Crossing mid block is the other term confused as jaywalking.

Source: Got a ticket for failure to obey. Thanks Austin, Texas

The cyclist is absolutely at fault. Who just blows through an intersection while the cross light is red hand? Not me. Dumb cyclist.

My uncle always said "I may have right of way, but they have right of weight."

Everytime this comes up in /sub/canada the cyclist apologists come out in force and try and suggest that vehicles break the road rules as often as cyclists and its frustrating and nonsensical. If cars blew through intersections and stop signs as often as cyclists it would be full blown pandemonium on the streets. Obviously there are good cyclists out there, but it doesn't seem that they're typical.

I think it's unfair to lump everyone into "drivers who hate cyclists" and "cyclists who flaunt the law", when I think the majority of cyclists follow the rules and majority of drivers who are able to drive responsibly around cyclists without flipping their lids. But whatever hyperbole floats your boat.

this is why you get uninsured/underinsured policy

I'm currently being sued by a cyclist and his wife. I didn't even make contact with his greedy ass.

As some one who rides 5 days a week in downtown Denver, FUCK THAT BIKER. You make people think we are assholes.

You shouldn't have a problem with cyclists... You should have a problem with bad cyclists. There's bad people of every transportation method. Don't single out the method. Single out the idiots.

I can scrape up some sympathy as an unrelated observer. On the other hand I'd be pissed as all hell if I was the driver that hit him. Just think of the expense and time you'd have to waste to get that all sorted, all because some dude couldn't follow traffic signals.

taxi police car

Yep, I saw this just two weeks ago, also in Ontario. I've only seen it twice before tho.

The NYPD has a .

Obviously there are good cyclists out there, but it doesn't seem that they're typical.

Am good cyclist, even though I am in full kit and thin wheel. Shitty non-traffic obeying cyclists annoy the EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF ME. Probably bothers me more than it bothers you or other motorists, as IT GIVES US ALL A BAD NAME. Like seriously, fuck those motherfuckers.

which is super messed up because it causes the person who makes the claim to have to pay even more when ever they make the claim. The cyclist would absolutely be liable for the damages and the insurance company would most likely be going after them.

In Vancouver, I see other cyclists while I am biking zipping past stop signs and round abouts in my neighborhood all the time, and it's not just new bikers, it's primarily bikers in full one piece bike suits and thin wheel bikes and all thinking they are hot shit going 15-25 kph on a bike through a residential area.

I can identify that car as a 2016-2017 Nissan Maxima, and that car does have optional Forward Emergency Braking.

-Car nerd

that cyclist was 100% at fault there, he rode out against a red light.

What a time to be alive!!

... did the cyclist get a ticket?

exact reason i put a dashcam in my car. Because of retarded lawsuits.

Good. This makes me want to get a dash for my bike too.

Yes because of the camera.

was a while ago but similar situation happened but it was all cars. there was a car waiting to pull out and go left(had to cut accross traffic). we were on the outside lane and there was another car on the inner lane. So the dude pulls out in front of us and we had to brake hard but the other car that was next to us(and a bit behind) didn't see the car pulling out and the car pulling out didn't see him and he got hit pretty hard in the back of the car. Sucks for both people involved as neither saw the other and we in the middle of it all avoided it all.

He will be billed for damage to the car. He was caught red handed on camera and by a police officer on the corner.

He's not running away from this one like they so often do.

The term "Jay" wasn't created by an ad campaign. It was already an established derogatory term that basically meant somebody was an uneducated person from the country, akin to "redneck". The auto industry just appropriated it and made "jaywalker" to refer to pedestrians in busy cities who were used to walking in the middle of the street from before cars were a big presence on city street.. It would be like if today we started calling people "douchewalkers".

I thought jaywalking was crossing where there is no crosswalk ( though that would include the diagonal).

Doesn't matter how he sees himself. He ran a red light so it's his fault regardless. Court won't fault the driver.

We both knew.

Yeah haha I did mis-speak a bit, but I was watching the other vehicle at that point. It was definitely a bad situation. I am just happy everyone was ok. A young girl died at the same intersection last year when a driver ran a red.

That police cab is awesome. If you are in a rush, it'll get you to the destination in no time. On the downside, you have to worry about the driver charging you too much. Also the cabbie is kinda weird — he's so much into kinky shit that he handcuffs all his customers.

I mean I can still feel sympathy for the dude to despite him making a stupid decision. Everyone has off days, everyone makes stupid mistakes.

My grandpa says, "There's right and then there's dead right."

Me too! Human laws will not protect you from natural laws. If the person driving the car decides to ignore human law and run a red light, I had better be following natural law which dictates a 1 ton hunk of metal traveling at 40 mph wins every time against 160 lbs sack of water + 25 lbs aluminum bike.

I thought you were fucking with me because there's the white bicycle lane painted, then I actually saw the bike tied to the pole.

Ghost bikes. They put them up whenever a cyclist is killed.

Thank you. Now can you come to London and preach this, it works be so kind: No helmets or high visibility/safety gear at all. Not obeying any rules of the road. Not thinking traffic lights apply to them. Disgusting disregard to their children in or on bikes with them (no helmets on the kids, or no helmets on them - 'my kid will be fine, but I might leave them an orphan'). Oh and those Dutch bikes with the big bucket thing on the front they just chuck their kids in, no protection at all, and, bonus, bumper height!.... Lifetime driver and resident of London, medical professional.

He came Ottawa no where

Ex-London cyclist here. Always stuck to the rules, obeyed the lights, made hand signals and wore appropriate visibility gear. STILL I was knocked clean off my bike by a moron driver who didn't indicate left or check his mirrors, just turned directly into me sending me flying across the bonnet of his car. Then there were the asshats who would deliberately speed up behind me, passing mere millimetres from me and almost causing me to come flying off my bike on more than a few occasions. Please don't tar us all with the same brush.

Hey maybe nobody is getting out of the way because he's in a FUCKING TAXI.

It's like my grandpa always said, "Matlock's on, shut up."

Yeah, I was like 'pft, this barely warranted uploading' and then he got taken out by the next car.

precisely why everyone hates bikers. and then bikers say “fuck the laws, everyone’s a dick, lets do what we want” and it’s a vicious cycle and then this shit happens. and when police actually enforce laws on cyclists they get stupid videos from casey neistat

I can not see how he would argue this either way (pedestrian or vehicle) as he was going against the signal at the time (straight, from the cam POV had the green, left to right had a red). So just a dumb ass that got hit.

"He had the Right Of Way"

1990 - 2017

I wonder if the car that hit the biker had that pedestrian sensing automatic brakes. It looks like it slows down without giving the driver a chance the slam on the brakes.

It's funny how easily people forget how killy cars are. That thing weights a literal metric ton and is made from metal. You, on the other hand, can die from an unlucky sneeze or by stumbling upon your own leg.

Does "But I had the right of way!" sound like a good thing to put on your tombstone?

you can pursue thought civil courts even without the officer

Hey bud, French Canadian here. We say Ghost Car too, like, translated litteraly. Voiture Fantôme. Just thought you like to know.

Actually assuming the car sees you, just because you see it, is a major mistake in itself.

ghost cars ghost bikes

He didn't even look at OP's car.

If the cyclist was cited by the officer they could pursue a remedy through the civil courts.

Yeah, but people love a good "us vs. them" and misrepresenting reality is the only way you're going to get one.

The derogatory term "Jay" was created during an automobile advertising campaign. Automobile companies created this term, which came to the meaning to something along the lines of a country folk who does not know pedestrian traffic laws. Thus a Jaywalker is someone who walks around on streets ignoring the "civilized" rules of city folk. We now interpret this as crossing in intersections, and walking on the sidewalk; failing to do so makes you a Jaywalker.

Please stop. Yielding your right if way is unpredictable and causes accidents. Just follow the rules and be careful.

"I know, I know"

"I know"

Can confirm. She was my cousin. All our family members wear helmets now.

This stuff happens in Ottawa daily, just no accidents. Ottawa is quickly becoming known as a cyclist city but I have seen many cyclists ignore traffic laws here expecting everyone else to give them leeway.

I fully respect their place on the road and always drive with their (and others) safety in mind, but when I see people from all walks of life, whether wearing some crazy outfit for aerodynamics or just out for a stroll, ignore traffic laws and put others in danger... it makes me second guess if it really is safe to have them on the road.

Main street by Riverdale did it right and added onto the sidewalk a separate bike only pathway. I think that should be the normal now and installed everywhere.

I think you can be rationally pissed about someone else's behavior causing your car harm and you trauma, but I would find it weird if as a driver who hit him one wouldn't feel more terrible about hurting another person than they are pissed that it was objectively the other person at fault for it happening.

I would know I was not at fault, but I would feel mortified and so guilty if I was a driver who hit someone in any scenario.

People, even if you don't wanna shell out, you can get a dashcam for like $20 Canadian pesos. It's not great, but one witness is better than none.

He learned a valuable, but painful lesson.

Why does this have so many likes? lol... Those green lines? Those are bikes lanes. You don't have to stop and walk your bike across. You do have to stop at red lights but this dickhead clearly fucked that part up.

Edit: Apparently the pedantry of this site knows no bounds. Upvotes instead of likes.

Didn't even bother looking both ways too. Just imagine that same adult just gunning it on foot running through 3 lanes of traffic without even looking. Who does that??

It is even a “talkie”.

Canadian pesos


As a cyclist, knowing other retarded cyclists, probably not.

I really hate when cyclist switch between sidewalk and road rules as they please.

You wanna ride on the road, sure but follow all the same rules as the rest of us. otherwise hit the sidewalk.

Good luck getting witnesses to court.

... the guy in the video was doing neither though. He was jaywalking if he's a pedestrian, and running a red light if he's a car.

The car had a green light, doesn't matter if he was a "pedestrian" which he wasn't.

Yeah fuck that guy no helmet either.

I almost blasted a cyclist in my quiet neighborhood because he blew through a stop sign at the end of a downhill going about 30mph, while I was trying to cross the other way after stopping. Like if we had collided he would have been seriously injured at minimum, dead at worst.

This is exactly what that other poster just said would happen by the way. Cyclists come out and say 'I don't do it except...' or 'I always check so...' which completely miss the point in an attempt to absolve themselves personally without recognizing that it's only adding to the problem.

I've lived in both rural and metropolitan areas. Bicyclists make up reasons to ignore the laws in both places somehow. Either it's so crowded they have to do what it takes to get through, or it's so empty it doesn't effect anyone else when they do it. Neither of which make it OK of course.

Obviously there are bikers that follow the rules too, and I wanna give them a shout out. I saw you guy who stopped completely at the sign and used your hand signals. You rule.

People are dumb and argue over stupid shit, especially when they are the ones at fault.

This. Living near Portland, this is what bothers me the most.

It is green for us. Heading south. The cyclist had a red light heading west.

I think it's easy to feel bad for the guy, he's clearly at fault and he ain't bright, but it's going to suck having a broken body for two months. I don't get a sense of justice out of him being severely injured just because he's being an idiot.

He is, riding against traffic through a stop sign (esp. during rush hour) with ear buds in.

Yeap, he could well be billed for damage to the car.

Ghost car common here - Canada

So what if a cyclist blows a red light and does 20k worth of damage to some guys rolls Royce? Obviously they won't be able to afford the damages. That's why they need insurance.

This is the logic I apply as a motorcyclist as well. One of the biggest problems I have with all the cyclists riding up Carling in the street instead of the bike path or side by side in a lane of traffic instead of single file is that no matter who was in the right or who was in the wrong, it's always 100% the cyclists who will come out worse.

Why risk it?

You should visit Toronto. I swear half the cyclists on the streets have a death wish.

As someone who is both a cyclist and a motorist that lives in a large city, fuck cyclist who run red lights. The dude deserves it.