First day on the job

First day on the job
First day on the job

He’s not joking at all though, this pup means business.

Twitter Source for anyone who absolutely needed higher res photos of Joker like I did.

He’s part of the secret K-9 unit, that’s a serious matter

ill take a bullet for joker

Looking cool, Joker :)

met a police dog in training in Glasgow

Yeah. It's unfortunate, but the "My police dog signaled on you" is basically a blank check to cops to vilolate the 4th amendment.

Last time I checked, here in Glasgow, we don't have even one amendment, let alone 4.

Little fella looks so keen

I don't know why but I want to cry too.

You are a god. Thank you.

You wanna know how I got these treats?

I feel so good for this rookie police doggo

If you are good at something...join the police force