Firefighters driving to a scene

I get paid to do this, too.

And probably like these guys, I often swear that activating my lights and sirens puts my truck into stealth mode. Why "pull over to the side and come to a complete stop" is so hard to understand is beyond me.

There are several videos on YouTube taken from inside the cab of fire trucks responding to calls, for anyone who might be interested.

Stop signs are the hardest for me.

How hard is it to go back to normal driving after this?

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For fire engines with air brakes, you have to go through training for air brakes -- similar to what commercial truck drivers do.

For general emergency vehicle operation, it depends. A service I worked for a few years ago put us through a cones course. My current service does computer-based retraining (mandatory) every year. Cumulatively, I've got too many hours in training to recall at the moment -- it's not a small number.

Most of it's what you get in driver's ed, and can be distilled down to one lesson: always slow down, even to the point of stopping, if you're not comfortable with road and traffic conditions.

Legally in my area, it's explicitly allowed for us to go the wrong way down a street if we have lights and sirens on. We can blow through stop signs and traffic lights as if they don't exist. But standard laws of physics apply. Our warning signals merely inform others that we're around. They don't do the job of stopping traffic or moving everyone to the side of the road. They don't make bad road conditions, like ice and snow, magically disappear.

How much training is involved to be able to drive a big truck like this?

I need a few of those. I regularly browse YouTube's recommendations when I'm bored and their algorithm apparently thinks that I want to keep watching more of exactly the same shit I've already watched over and over again like I'm a 3-year-old kid or something.


I hate it so much when people just stop in the middle of the road instead of pulling all the way over like you're supposed to do.

In Boston the emergency vehicles have super bumpers on them to push the idiots out of the way.


Fed Ex driver here. Looks like a normal day on the road to me.

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And if you park in front of a fire hydrant, they’re usually indemnified from any damage caused to your car by accessing that hydrant. A popular one is to smash both side windows and pass the hose through the passenger compartment.

God damn that was satisfying to read.

The only "problem" I saw in the driving was their speed while traveling in the opposing lanes. Just a little faster than what I consider safe.

I am a certified Fire Department Safety Officer/Battalion Chief. 26 years service in an American large metropolitan city.

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I don’t drive a fire truck but after driving my work truck all day, driving my full size Silverado still feels like a go kart.. Plenty of times Ive also hit my brakes like they were my work trucks air brakes. Stopped REAL quick

First responders - thanks.

People literally just panic and freeze up like they’ve never made a decision in their life before when they see an emergency vehicle

I was actually thinking the same thing. A bit more aggressive than the departments I’ve been on would be comfortable with. Saving a few seconds isn’t worth plowing into a car with a family in it.

That's correct.

As you know, the life hazard priorities are:

You (the fire crew) Innocent bystanders Persons hurt or already involved in the incident

Taking undue risks while driving the apparatus shows a lack of an intelligent risk/benefit analysis.

You can't be of any help to the people that called if you have an accident on the way to help them.

Are firefighters ever permitted to use their trucks to move other vehicles?

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They see me siren, they hatin’.

My Dad is a firefighter that drives.

I just asked him, he said it's 2 completely different things.

One of them you're a normal dude in the traffic and whatever, the other time every second longer you take to get there someone might lose their life.

He said you the two don't cross over with each other.



Edit: LA. Much better.

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That’s actually standard procedure for fire trucks to use their bumpers. It says right in the book “use the apparatus’ bumper to force gates or move other vehicles” although, I’m not one to use my $750,000 truck to force a gate or move a $500 rust bucket.

I actively do things to stay calm. It serves no one to get in a crash, and it’s more paperwork than I want. So I’ll hum a tune to keep stress low, and consciously remind myself to keep cool.

Y’know, stuff that would put me out of business if everyone did it.

If traffic is outright stuck, we just hang back until it gets unstuck. Usually that takes only ten seconds or so, but what else is there? I mean, it’s not like I’m driving a bulldozer or anything.

gd some of those people in the LA vid are ignorant, running through the crosswalk crossin in front of the truck 🙄


Heroes every single one! It was a lot of fun to see this!


That reminds me, I should re-watch Backdraft.

One of them is a woman with a stroller too. Like, wtf, don't put your kid in immediate danger.

I mean, it’s not like I’m driving a bulldozer or anything.

Instead of militarizing the police we should militarize our firemen.

If you’re extending that to EMTs, I want my light saber to be purple and say “bad mother fucker” on it.

Wonder how much adrenaline rush is there for these guys when driving to a scene and spring into action right away

As a former EMT, we needed essentially no training for ambulances. Those obviously are a lot less to handle than a fire truck though


Is a.

Best experience? Blowing through a gate in an mrap.


Am I the only one that could hear the sirens while watching this..

In some instances it’s probably better to stay still and not confuse the emergency driver, particularly in tight areas with quick decisions. That being said the best thing to really do is to pay attention and not get yourself into that situation.

Yeah, it’s one of them. I just get a huge kick out of helping people. Blowing some red lights is icing on the top of a big, tasty cake.


new to driving


It aggravates the hell out of me when people don’t get out of the way of emergency responders.

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Seriously, occasionally I'll find a new channel I like (usually through someone else's recommendation or seeing it on a site like Reddit), and then YouTube will run me through their videos then throw its hands in the air and say it gives up.

The first time is always the most mémorable. But after you just get used to it eventually. We know what we have to do and also what the others have to do so it's fine.

The Netherlands represent!

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I was just thinking about this. Do you get road rage when you’re going on a call? Or do you stay calm?

What about when you can’t drive like this?

There used to be a way to disable those. How the hell do I just get the default recommendations back, with nothing based on my history? The ones that were relevant to thr video I’m watching, and not just a list of shit that I just watched?