Fire Emblem Heroes Daily Lives of the Heroes - Vol.1 Ch.13: Create your team however you like ♪

Fire Emblem Heroes Daily Lives of the Heroes - Vol.1 Ch.13: Create your team however you like ♪

Running an all red sword team? How brave.

I see the artist hasn't gotten any green orbs either.

Yeah imo isn't the last panel

"hey Alm it's alright to shoot your teammate if it's just once right"


All sword team?

We have Lord emblem, Dragon emblem(And Sophia) and Alm's harem emblem.

Guess this means themed teams are canon.

Faye is one crazy bitch

Also ninian looks so cute, cant wait for olivia to show up in the manga

Isn't this translation kinda off?

no Fae ine Dragon Emblem .... How can this be possible Oo

Even in the comic it seems green orbs are rare af.

Alm’s harem

Poor Clive and Boey.

sophias are dragons too :(

This wasn't edited and translated by someone from Serene Forest, as what we usually get, but from some personal blog.

Keep an eye on the Heroes subforum on Serene Forest if you would like their translation.

Coolmanio said their typewritter wasn't available today so I tried typesetting their translation and sent them a PM but I don't think they saw it yet.

Here's Coolmanio's translation.

Coolmanio said their typewritter wasn't available today so I tried typesetting their translation and sent them a PM but I don't think they saw it yet.

Plot twist: 2 Sigurd and 2 Joshua with DC

Faye is starting to become a recurring character in the FEH manga. She's my favorite bow unit in the game so I'm not complaining.

That smile.... That damn smile...

It gets me. Every. Single. Time.

Excuse me?

Giraffes are nature's dragons.

Oooh more Faye comics.

No luck in summoning her yet?

I mean, I've been playing since launch and I still havem't gotten Young Tiki. Probably the same thing here.

Granted, Young Tiki is 5-star exclusive, while Fae can be summoned at 4-stars.

Funnily enough, that's basically all arena was during the first few weeks.

Those lucky enough to pull Takumi used him, but it was mostly Lucinas, Marths and Roys due to the two active banners at the time.

On the other hand, it's definitely possible to have never pulled certain base 4* units. I've been playing since before Eirika and Reinhardt were released and I've never pulled either of them.

Lord emblem

I was thinking more "Falchion Emblem, and also Ike for some reason."

I wonder which red unit they were trying to get through all of those pity breakers?

Yeah, already read a better translation (from the one who mostly uploads this comics) and it makes way more sense. Especially the last panel

Careful, don't jinx yourself with a 5* Merric pitybreaker. It may be a rite of passage in this sub, but it's still better to not go through it.

Is Tiki carrying a basket of dragonstones? or are those blue shards? I need answers


Yeah, that is way better/funnier.

Dudes-with-Legendary-swords Emblem!

This makes a lot more sense, something felt off about the punchline in the posted comic. Too bad this won't get any good visibility though because someone's already posted a variant.

That's how you know the comic is realistic.

Each one is a differently refined Lightning Breath+ because Kiran doesn't have any other weapons to farm Divine Dew from.

Or that one Zanbato Deflect Magic Lloyd build some madman made once

Because no-one's said it yet, I will: Sophia looks absolutely adorable in this comic.

I remember seeing a lot of Takumi early on because he was one of the first OP units, and since he was on a banner there was actually a decent chance of getting him unlike Hector.

Alm's Haremblem

Bravery won't help them win against THE REINHARDT

Takumi was on the launch banners too, so same (or better really) chance as Lucina. He just wasn't as waifu.

Well, and Claire is noticeably absent too. She also has a crush going for our brave heroic protagonist. Should have swapped her in for Mathilda.

I have been playing since launch yet never gotten a Merric, can you believe it?

Said the Veronica.

That's because the translation is off.

laughs in green unit that is built to counter your blue unit

Ike is my favourite falchion user

Ahaha Faye is a total canon meme

This is why we need Kliff

Dragonstones break with use in battle eventually so it normally makes sense... but she probably forgot that weapons don't break in FEH.

both Dire Thunder hits

rein is running swordbreaker 3

Now you're moving the goalposts, I've never actually seen a Rein running Swordbreaker.

But fine, Fir with a Slaying Edge, Shield Pulse, Aegis and Deflect Magic, though Deflect Magic alone on a high res sword might be enough.

No! Bad Faye! We don't shoot allies or Celica!

Seeing all these unbalanced teams hurts me so.

Also, Dragon Emblem but no Fae?! BLASPHEMY!

I want to protect that smile.

Geez, those Youtube comments tho... poor Faye. She's far from a perfect character, but I think it's unfair to compare her to Tharja or Camilla. (BTW if you like Tharj or Cam, there's nothing wrong with them, but Faye doesn't belong in the same category) The way how her obsession with Alm dominates her life is interesting. It's nice to see it from an outsiders perspective, because its more different from what you're used to. And she's not possessive like the other two girls I mentioned, she respects Alm's relationship with Celica and doesn't rub off as being creepy like Tharja or doting like Camilla. The juxtaposition in her design really helps differentiate her too. Of course, I think they could have improved her in some aspects, but she's a decent character. I'm not entirely sure why people write her off as fanservice.

damn they really replaced clair on alm's harem emblem

She never does. There's like one line in her support with Alm that comes off as "crazy" (something along the lines of "I'm ready to kill in your [Alm's] name!") but mostly she just has a pitiable obsession with Alm. I don't know why everyone ran away with the assumption she was some murderous stalker.

Laughs in caeda

They have blue tongues, that has to be draconic.

Aha! But can it beat my red unit specifically designed to counter your green unit?!

Can't use Fae if you don't get any green orbs


She should know her place