Find the one who has the "mental illness"

Find the one who has the "mental illness"

Yeah that ugly skank looks mentally ill. And the poor guy she's molesting. I wouldn't be surprised if he is driven to suicide one day.

Joy Behar will claim she didn’t have her heavy prescription glasses on and a sideshow clown named Whoopi to know where she was putting her hand.

Remember the words of Devin Nunes—paraphrased: whatever they accuse you of doing is what they are doing. In this case the accuser is mentally ill. There’s no doubt about that in my mind with regard to Creature Behar.

She is a horrible, bitter human being.

A very untalented supposed "comic" and ex public school teacher (now do you realize why public schools have gone so wrong with someone like her teaching kids?) who co hosts the disgusting ABC show The View.

It's truly awful and I won't even look at clips from their show if they are presented.

Who is she?

My money is on Robin Williams.

I couldn't even believe that when she said something so stupid and everyone clapped. And the one idiot who was like "well I'm religious but if God talks to you you're crazy" uh, how do you think the bible came to be written? It didn't fall out of the sky it was dictated to many people.


You might be looking at the cause of it in this picture, in fact.

This will get little traction with Robin Williams in it. Even though technically he had mental illness to the point of killing himself. If you believe it was on purpose...

Robin Williams. RIP