Finally made it all the way to the bottom of the left left border!

Finally made it all the way to the bottom of the left left border!

No bamboozle!

But what would be the point then? Who cares if he built it in minecraft if he didn't struggle for it.

I remember reading a comment saying if you put a pixel down every second, it would be equal to a full time job for almost a full year.

That's why you have friends and a lot of free time lol

Isn't there some kind of script that could read the image and do this faster?

No point!

Absolutely, can you imagine if /sub/place was painted by mostly bots and automated programs. That would be just the worst.

Let him internet how he wants to.

You're right. I suppose it goes against the spirit of Place.

Yea it's mesmerising

Either I'm wrong or they were wrong.

This is every Reddit comment I've ever read.

Op post history is interesting ;)

Erm, u might have wanted to use a throw away account to post all those NSFW photos...

That's why you have friends stay in your mom's basement and have a lot of free time.

Yeah but someone already did that and it's not as cool


1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000,000 tiles

If you work 40 hours a week, then:

40 hrs * 60 mins/hr * 60 sec/min = 144000

1,000,000 / 144000 = 6.944

Around 7 weeks of full time work at one second placed a block...

Either I'm wrong or they were wrong.

The answer is however seconds it takes you to place a block, times 6.944 (repeating 4).


Seconds to Place Weeks to Finish Days to Finish 1 6.944 48.61 2 13.88 97.216 3 20.83 145.82 4 27.77 194.43 5 34.72 243.04 6 41.66 291.65 7 48.61 340.256 7.508 52.56 365 8 55.55 388.86 9 62.49 437.47 10 69.44 486.08

7.508 seconds a block to finish within a year, given that you work on it for exactly 40 hours a week.

E: added table, fixed things

Is he doing the 3D one? There has to be a way to program and script this also right??

Well I wanted to see that.

The joke here is that it was, right?


I feel ya, is he doing like a live twitch stream or anything as proof, or we just taking his word we dont get bamboozled for free karma

He forgot the 3rd option: They're both wrong

He was streaming when he first started the work in the top left.


Yeah, there is a world download for the entire map somewhere. But this guy promised he'd build it by hand, and my god, is he delivering. You go, OP.

Nah, the render distance only goes so far.

UCF represent

Just pointing out so everyone doesn't see them.

How a normal person solves the problem. PMs OP


Or the fifth option: they both exist in quantum space and are both wrong and right at the same time

Wait, it was?


I think OP is showing off in the bathroom.

He could milk it and try streaming it. It could help a little with bills and if for some reason it gets a lot of viewers it could make him quite a bit.

Nice, good job to the op, hope he can make it in less than two years time, hopefully we'll have another place to drawl on soon I wish they did it constantly and took snap shots day / week so they could change with what's popular at the time.

Hilariously mixed content.

I think the real crime here is him spamming the same picture with the same caption in 6 different subs

Or the 4th option they're both right.

Maybe he doesn't want everyone to know he plays minecraft

All about that larger and clearly superior UF artwork

Your dedication is admirable. It'll be nice to see this done in 2020.

OP has pretty good taste tbh

Nah. I guess people like to overreact.

next is in survival

I've got nothing against him, just pointing out that he might not want everyone to see that...

Schrödinger's Place


You're gonna need some help, by the time you're done ppl are going to lose interest. If you don't first

Or does it?

Go gators!

Ehh, you have less progress now than you did before?


Spirit is one thing. The reality is another :)

That would be a lot of sheep


Dudes got that karma game on lock down. Has a whole system and everything



Say what

Blocks and boxes


maybe this one is his throw away acc /s

I just need to know the OP is suffering.

Too late

I didn't Know I wanted to until I did


Not really. Most of it was build by humans. Later on maintenance was often done by bots and scripts, and some people tried to use bots and scripts to take over others space but it usually failed because humans are better than robots(because the way most scripts worked it was faster to do it by hand, but they at least let you keep your area clean if everyone in your group went off to sleep or smth)

So by the time OP is done, no one will remember or care?

Go gata

I ate there once. Best pi ever.

Neither, the guy doing the math was estimating a few seconds per tile, not a second per. I don't want to hunt it down but, if we say it was 7 seconds each, that's your year right there.

Free time: Check.

Friends: Gentle sobbing.


I might have mixed this person up with someone else doing this too. but went to their post history and if you're that interested there is a 17 minute timelapse of their work.

SKI U MAH! UofM represent.

Now I want to wake my mom up for milk. Thanks.



Not really. Doing something inefficiently isn't impressive, it's just stupid. He could write out the works of Shakespeare manually in Minecraft, which would be horribly inefficient, but nobody is going to do that because you can't cash that in for karma easily on Reddit.

Trying to make place exactly how it is

It's beautiful. Shoutout to /sub/floridagators for making it and keeping it pristine up until the very end.

i say take it a step further, and instead of building it in creative mode; build it in hardcore.

I didn't see you there. My B.

Go knights!

There are so many UCF students/grads on Reddit.

I knew I recognized that username.

I wonder how long until the admins shut down the sub. I mean, they could have done this with /sub/thebutton, where instead of shutting down the sub, they would shut down the button instead.


This is what's so spectacular about /sub/place. Even after the experiment has ended, it's still a major part of Reddit and these projects will continue on for months. Thanks mods, you've really created something magical here.

He's found himself a pretty mesmerizing girl.

Fuck that noise. The dirtyness is a result of it being a collaborative effort of thousands of induviduals. To clean it would be a disservice to the beauty of it.

Or give up

There is, and people have already done that. OP's claim to fame will not be the fact that he made a minecraft version of /sub/place. It will be that he made it by placing each individual block.

It is great to know that you're working on the place canvas while simultaneous posting porn

Ayyy go gata

That's cause there's about 64k students enrolled at UCF at one time - which is just rediculous

Maybe he likes Jenya D

But the internet points

We can thank Alexander Parks for the modern day material known as "plastic".

Hell yeah!

Go gators!

Yes but I forgot what it was called I used it a couple years ago when I was bored so if you look hard enough it should be there