Fila, pencil on paper, 2018

Fila, pencil on paper, 2018

Gosha...that's a nice drawing

I thought it was called FILS for some reason. Amazing sketch man.

I can't fathom how some people can be so talented at drawing.

It's amazing.

Thank you!

Around 8cm x 6cm

Really? That's such an exquisite drawing in such a small space.

gosha gosha gosha gosha rubchinskiy

how big is the drawing?

This is literally the first time I found out it's FILA. I am certain I will not remember this information. I think it is because the last letter looks like a cursive lowercase "s"

Thank you! I really like doing small drawings

Well then, have I got something for you..

/sub/streetwear would love this

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

You should cross post this to /sub/streetwear. They'd love it as well as your Calabasas artwork as well.

Amazing work OP

If there was one skill I wish I could magically master, it would be drawing. Just the pleasure of being able to put your ideas onto paper and have them look just how you imagined it, and not some crude stick figure with a lopsided face.

With time you will get there! I've been drawing 17 years.

The same way anybody gets talented at anything -- put in the hours.

Really nice drawing. I really enjoy that style of clothing as well.

With time everything is possible

I will never understand how you people are able to do such amazing work with the same tool that I misspell words with.

Fashion designer / photographer

The best time to start was 17 years ago. The second best is now.

Exactly. Thanks op, I'll certainly remember your sketch the next time I see a FILA logo.

Thank you! Yeah thats really my cup or tea

Talent is after all, just pursued interest. -Bob Ross

I have students in my classes say things regularly like "I'd do anything to be able to play guitar." I always respond with "How about saving for an instrument, sacrificing for lessons, and taking massive time out of your life to practice daily for five straight years?"

We all want to be magically good at something. I'd like to learn Spanish, but not enough to actually do it. The things I have wanted to get good at, I've done.

Yeah, I don't have a spare 17 years. Congrats to you though! You're very talented.

Just a hobby at the moment

What does it say? Gosha rubchinskiy? Is that the athlete or something

so how are you coming to terms with your identity as a laser printer

I thought this is a real photography with a black-white filter. Even though I now know it's a drawing, it still looks like a photo. So amazing.

That's basically every layman's mindset. Magically mastering something doesn't work in the real world. If you legitimately care about something you will go out of your way to spend time and effort on it, even if you come up short. I'm sure lots of people would love to be amazing musicians too. But if you look for people that are willing to go through the lengths to achieve high skill, that number will dramatically drop off.

Yeah one or the other. I can't decide if it's my cup or my tea

Eagleman voice

I read that in the

Im new to Reddit. how do i do thay again?

Im still getting used to it

Talent is learning quicker than others.

Same. I always assumed it's french.

Layering is the key. That slowly builds up the depth and creates the texture.

If you're having issues posting on /sub/streetwear I recommend talking to one of their mods. Sometimes they have shitty posting rules

How did you do the texture of the fabrics?! So realistic damn ....

Is drawing part of your profession?

Talent is xp boost irl

Thank you man

If you don't mind, could you post a photo of the drawing next to something to put it to perspective?

Make a post to that subreddit with a link to this post, that's called a "cross post" or x-post

Don't go out of your way, something easy to find around the house. Like, I don't know, a piece of fruit.

I second this!

People can draw like this, then when I go to draw a cat it comes out looking like a moose. You are really talented keep going!

Thank you!

Forever I Love Atlanta

Hmm, I don't know, apples grow in places that usually have varying yearly temperatures. I'm no fruit expert but I feel like that might cause a variance in size, after all, we have no idea when that fruit could have been harvested. No... No, we need some sort of fruit from a relatively stable climate. Like the tropics! Hmm, but which tropical fruit, there's just so many...

I just kept drawing what I liked and slowly built up the slills. I think tutorials are good way to learn too. Thank you!

I did thay but I forgot to add [ART] and now its deleted. It seems that I cant post this again anymore or am i wrong?