Fighter helps opponent relocate shoulder

Ok, but wtf is a professional fighter doing throwing such a stupid windmill punch. That's some recess level bullshit.

Master forgive me... For this one punch... I must go... ALL OUT.

Winndaaamilllll - APUNCCCHAAAAA!

The worst part of it wasn't even the windmill, the other shoulder dislocated. How did that even happen?

Thank God it worked lol think if it didnt... guy drops in pain while crowd thinks he just ran over there and yanked on his fu.ked up arm haha

Well he could have hypermobilic muscles, like me, and they need to be trained. Don't train and that happens. I've had it happen when I was pulling a cart.

You don't need much of a workout, forming the habit is enough

Ehhhhh. It’s awesome but damn, if that went wrong it would’ve looked bad.

Like my Dad trying to fix the neck I hurt while jumping on the bed as a kid. I couldn't hold it straight or move it towards the left, so my Dads solution was to jerk it suddenly to the left. Ended up in a neck brace for a couple of weeks :P Lucky for him it was just muscular, but it probably would have sorted itself out much more quickly without his 'help'

Can you provide the sound effects for all gifs in the whole world?

I will take up this burden, yes.

I see how it makes sense, but using relocate for the opposite of dislocate kinda throws me for a curve

That doesn't sound good at all. How easy is it for something like that to happen (the dislocation)? It seems like being a fighter would be among the last things you'd want to do if you have a joint that dislocates that easily.

Probably previously dislocated, possibly multiple times. After so many dislocations, the tendons, ligaments and muscles get stretched and become loose. Then this happens fairly easily.

I too have hypermobility, and before I had surgery when it was at it worst I could have a particularly hard sneeze and it would come out.

They fixed it by taking a bit of collarbone breaking it and angling it over the front of the rotator cuff to physically stop the joint from popping out, after pinning it together with 2 screws.

Other issues with hypermobility I have are Osgood Shlatters syndrome in the knees, achilles heel, acid reflux hernia, etc. It is only just being recognised by the medical profession as a thing. I only write so much here in case other people have these kind of symptoms and don't know why.

I was originally located. He dislocated it, so it had to be relocated.

Yeah, you absolutely do not want to start messing around with the neck like that. So many things could go wrong.

How did his left arm get hurt?

An oldie but a goodie!

What good sports those guys are.

A hero has emerged.

This was done in 2013 and I haven't had a dislocation since. I had the latarjet procedure. As long as you respect the hell out of the recovery period you will have a stronger "normal" shoulder back! I actually went from hospital straight to backpacking around Australia for a year and so didn't do a proper recovery like I should have, but it's still fucking amazing having working shoulder again! Good luck with yours, I hope it all goes well :)


Is there a subreddit with more gifs like this? Showing athletes with good sportsmanship?