Fetch.boy encountered unexpected fence


And it won't be /u/GallowBoob.

Someday, somewhere, a person will upload a gif that doesn't end too soon.

But the ball went through it, why can’t the dog?


Dogs, like small children, are elastic.

Physics is unfair.

That looks painful - I hope the dog didn't break its jaw.

Fish live in the water, things fall downwards, and gallowboob has lots of karma

That guy has a lot of Karma


Are these Nerf launchers good I want to know if I sbould buy one or not.


At least he didn't beat you with jumper cables

Not really. I saw a dog with broken jaw after he tried to bite into a moving bike.

I have one, they're not that great. I can throw the ball alot further

Shouldn't it be Boy.fetch since fetch would be a method of the class boy?


My dad was neglectful.

I am heavy weapons guy... and this is my weapon