Is this the shit in the Oasis spawn room?


Will this clean my bong?

No, but this will https://www.amazon.com/Cuisipro-Magnetic-Spot-Scrubber-Black/dp/B00CFIKM2Q

Reminds me of the movie "Life"


Definitely better than Will Ferrellfluid.


It's like a lava lamp on steroids

I've always wanted this stuff since I have magnetic implants in my ring fingers. Would be a lot of fun to mess with through jars.

There's no real reason. I enjoy body mods and piercings. I was running out of piercings that I wanted so I looked into body mods more. Ended up with my tongue split and then about a year later I had that itch for more work. Looked around and found magnetic implants. I talked to my guy that did my tongue and he does the implants too so off I went to get them. I can feel electromagnetic waves and shit within a few feet/inches depending on the source strength. It vibrates the magnet so it causes a small tingling on the finger tip. Lots of nerve endings there. I can also pick up smaller objects with it,from nails and screws, to bottle caps and lighters.

Ah yes, the mutant who could change the color of things magenta.

The new graphics on World of Goo look amazing!

Reminds me of that black spiky enemy from the super mario games.

Looks like venom from Spider Man

You're the real mvp


I was thinking more of Arrival with the way the aliens converse with humans..

Toph earthbending a meteor.

I’m intrigued. You mind explaining what the implants are for?

I watched a video once, probably here on Reddit, about these people that were doing underground pseudoscience surgeries with implants and stuff. One of the implants was magnets in the hand and fingers. I think the thought was that implanting the magnets would help give the patient a better sense of the Earth's magnetic field. If I remember correctly, some of them swore they could feel slight tugs under their skin when facing certain directions or around other magnetic objects.

That's the Species alien stuff

Do you want venom? Cuz this is how you get venom.

fucking great question tho. Denatured alcohol and some salt works great, just don't light a flame.

Don't ever call Chad Smithfluid Will Ferrellfluid. It freaks.

He likes it cold

I just had to make sure this was in the comments!