Felt like it should be on here

Why get a new puppy when she's just getting over the death of her best friend?

People deal with death differently. While the puppy won’t necessarily make her forget her previous dog, it’s just the companionship of having a dog that makes her happy

Exactly, I’m assuming her partner or the person who bought the puppy knows her way better than we do

Plus just look at her reaction. I think this was a welcome surprise.

There are so many other subreddits where this would be top comment...

My wife got me a puppy after our dog past away even though I didn't want one yet. It helped heal my heart and loss. I would recommend it.

Very Different Circumstances

Animals bring such joy!!

My amazing Tibbie passed more than a year ago. Still not over it. Not ready for a puppy yet.

Too soon

He gave her the dog, she's gonna give him the puss