[Feldman] SOURCE: UGA OLB coach Kevin Sherrer is expected to be the Vols new DC under Jeremy Pruitt. In addition, Tracy Rocker and Chris Rumph are expected to join that D-staff.

[Feldman] SOURCE: UGA OLB coach Kevin Sherrer is expected to be the Vols new DC under Jeremy Pruitt. In addition, Tracy Rocker and Chris Rumph are expected to join that D-staff.

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This staff that he has built in about the last 6 hours is fuckin incredible

Fuck Tennessee.

A lot of people on /sub/cfb feel bad for Tennessee for what the past several years have been like... but that’s just becaus they don’t remember what that fan base is like when it’s on top

Money was never Tennessee's issue. Just competence

0-8 in the SEC

I don't know what to do with my hands


Youre not exaggerating. We're even bringing in a decent OC as our OL coach.

That damn song...

Unreal. Absolutely unreal amount of progress in this past week.

That’s what I like to hear.

Start jerking it my dude this is actually a really good staff, now all you need is Freeze.

It's a good day for Tennessee when people are going out of their way to tell you fuck you. I mean a week ago we were laughing so hard we couldn't get the words out of our mouth.


But unfortunately also 0/8

5.0M. Second highest budget in the nation behind Alabama's 5.4.


Helps that we have a Tennessee guy and former coach as an AD instead of a polished suit

Already started my dude.


Well done UT.

That's the pot calling the kettle black right there.

I mean, somehow they pulled this out of their ass. They’re great hires, I just wanna keep my coaches damn it! We’ve only been good 3 months!

Do the Baker Mayfield. One for flag stabbing and one for jerking it

Getting a good one in Rocker... that man can recruit and players love em. Gonna miss Sherrer but I'm kind of oddly happy the SEC East is sorta coming back to life.



Haha that's the sad truth

Chris Rumph is a fantastic DL coach but his recruiting leaves something to be desired. That's a good get

I don't hate UGA, but you have to understand how awesome this is for the Vols fan in me.

Wish it were two years in the future. I'd like some dominance for at least a little bit.

DARE I SAY IT nextyearisouryear

Hell I don’t remember what the fan base was like! I was 8 last time we won a championship!

What a huge step up from getting an RB coach for our QBs

Last in the SEC?

May they have 2014 UGA's success.

I am glad the laughing is over, but the preseason hype will be back again, and I am not too happy about that...

Rocker makes up for that.


He was given 5million for staff.

How much cash was allotted to the hiring of the rest of the coaches? All of it?


Rocker is one of the best DL coaches in the country so I think rumph is just there to be coDL coach

From everything I hear Pruitt is also a top notch recruiter. Hopefully the balance works out

Yeah, I think you guys are on the right track.

Like every other large fanbase when they're on top?

Fuck that


Hi Kettle, my name is Pot.

Congrats TN bros, from the callar to Dilly Dilly in a few days!


wanna just conclude this with a Fuck Tennessee?

Rocker's not a great recruiter. He just overlapped with insane DL talent in Georgia while he was at UGA.

Pruitt can definitely recruit, though.

Rocker was let go because he couldn't land top-tier DL, fwiw.

Mirror mirror on the wall. But to be fair, I'm sure I could use one too

Pruitt is using those Alabama connections well so far. Coach Rumph (who like Sherrer also worked with Pruitt at Alabama) is a good positional coach. Rumph isn't a good recruiter, but he is still a solid coaching assistant. He probably won't be a huge loss for us, but it's still a loss.

These are some solid hires by Pruitt.

Yay. This actually might work out for us on a recruiting front too!

Pruitt putting together a spicy team.

I'm pretty excited that Gillespie is staying on.